Bike/Ski rack option mandatory

Bike/Ski rack option mandatory

As for the 2 rear facing seats option available on the Model S, there must be an option for either a roof rack of hitch rack to be able to transport skis on the roof rack to go skiing as transporting ski equipment in northern countries is rather the rule than the exception. It is also more than common to transport road or mountain bikes on the roof racks as you can see on half the cars going to the countryside roads to enjoy the peaceful unpolluted nature, exactly the reason to go with Tesla.

It has to have a compatible roof rack or hitch rack for bicycles else you'd have a 7 seats car with no sportive utility.

If you don't have a family who practice sports every week-end you cannot understand how important this option is. The ultimate option to have a 0 emission family sized 7 seater performance 4WD Crossover with sportive utility is the definition of No Compromises.

Do it Tesla. We all no Elon makes no compromises.

Make the Model X perfect.

Brian H | 2014年4月27日

The MX is a crossover, not an SUV.

barrykmd | 2014年4月28日

My current "SUV" is a crossover and it has a roof rack.

scoosba | 2014年4月28日

This is not a hard issue. Simply have one door stay closed and put the rack on that one side. This way you could still carry the vast majority of gear without issue and the falcon door on one side would still allow ingress and egress with ease. Hitch mount rack for everything else.

toby_wan_kenoby | 2014年4月28日

NO Elon makes NO compromises
does that mean
Elon makes compromises ? ;-)

But seriously.. do you guys really think they are not considering all of this. If it is possible they will come up with a solution. If not they won't.

I don't think they care for your DEMANDING something being fixed that is not broken.

So relax, wait for the product presentation. Make up your mind and then buy or don't.

I know I would like to have a good towing capacity. My Cayenne can tow a ton. But I also know I will buy the MX even if it does not come with any towing. I just hope the seats are a lot better than the MS. They are sub standard and not worthy of a Tesla.

lalo | 2014年4月28日

It is my understanding that the Tesla X will be delivered with trailer-hook which also can be used for a bike-rack holder.

For skies and other long items there is a compartment under the floor.

Brian H | 2014年4月28日

Those who do long distance in the MS find the seats exceptional.

toby_wan_kenoby | 2014年4月29日

Just compare the seats to the Porsche Panamera ones. Unfortunately there is no comparison. There is always the option of getting custom seats made... but Tesla should up their game and try to match the German high value brands now that they are taken seriously by the suppliers that they did not have access to before.

Tiebreaker | 2014年5月5日

Maybe the German high value brands should up their game and come up with an acceptable EV.

To each their own...

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月6日

Idunno... Maybe other people have butts or lower backs that are shaped differently from mine or something? Most 'racing inspired' bucket seats kind of suck in my opinion. They aren't exactly comfortable, for short or long trips.

People keep talking about a need for lateral support. My points of contact in a car are both hands on the steering wheel, my left foot on the dead pedal, my butt in the seat... That keeps me in one place in a car sufficiently.

Maybe I don't treasure drifting as much as other drivers? I tend to think that driving forward is a bit more efficient than sliding sideways.

Maybe this is a leftover reflexive attitude that comes from from driving manual transmission cars exclusively? Left foot on the clutch, Right toe on the brake, Right heel on the gas, Left hand on the wheel, Right hand on the shifter or handbrake... So no way to really brace yourself in the seat without prominent sidebolsters jutting out on either side during high risk maneuvers.

Yeah. That must be it.

NEWSFLASH: The Tesla Model S does not have a clutch, floor shifter, or handbrake. Try holding on to the wheel with both hands. Put your left foot on the dead pedal, and leave it there. You may learn that the seats are just fine.

TeoTeslaFan | 2014年5月11日


I was watching the following video and somebody ask Elon about skis on Elon said they have some innovative solutions. To me it sounded like the solution will be a special ski compartment in the car.

Watch 42:00 minutes

Maxxer | 2014年5月13日

The Model S now has a roof rack

The Model X even if crossover should have that option they added on the Model S.

It's just logical.

Brian H | 2014年5月14日

Different structure. The MS with pano has room for the rack above the sunroof. A MX has to deal with upswinging doors. So there's no way for a standard rack to fit.

DieAbetic | 2014年5月14日

+1 Brian H

I personally don't think a roof rack is 'mandatory'. Nor do I think a 'side rack' would work.

Put your bikes on a back hitch mount, put your skis in the car, or get something to tow for bigger items.

Maxxer | 2014年5月14日

Anything useful on a 100k car is mandatory

DieAbetic | 2014年5月15日

Agree to disagree EVolution. If that were true, there are a lot of different cars out there that would never sell lol (including the Model S)

Maxxer | 2014年5月15日

They added the option on the Model S after inquieries. Why wouldn't they on a Model X which production has already been delayed for 2nd half of 2015?

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月16日

Most off-the-shelf bike racks have a version that can attach to the sloped surface of a hatchback lid, or to the rear decklid of a vehicle that has a trunk. They are lightweight and effective, easily removed and replaced as needed. I can't see having a permanent, fixed bikerack as an absolutely mandatory requirement on any vehicle I'd own.

As for skis... As mentioned already, they can fit inside the Model X. They can fit mounted to the roof between the falcon wing doors. They can fit on the sloped surface of the liftback.

When it comes to cargo... There is SO much space inside the Model X both behind the third row and in the frunk area, that I would never need anything more while traveling with any six people I would let in my car.

All bets are off if it's just my Mom and I. She could fill any vehicle with a single trip to a local thrift shop. I think people like my Mom are the reason why LTL truck shipments were invented.

erici | 2014年5月18日

"For skies and other long items there is a compartment under the floor."

I live in Santa Barbara where it is fairly common to see a surfboard on top of the car. Am I going to fit that under the floor?

How about a kayak under the floor?

Brian H | 2014年5月18日

Skies are above the pano roof. Sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy. Skis go in a rack or in the back.

Maxxer | 2014年5月18日
Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月18日

The Tesla Model X is a Crossover, not a Sport Utility Vehicle.

Skis they can fit inside the Model X. They can be mounted to the roof between the falcon wing doors. They can fit on the sloped surface of the liftback.

A surfboard could be turned on edge, mounted between the falcon wing doors. The five rear seats all fold flat. You can put the board on the inside.

A kayak can be towed with a trailer hitch.

A gun rack can be mounted in the frunk, or behind the third row of seats.

EVolution: The SeaSucker products all look pretty awesome.

Maxxer | 2014年5月21日

Yeah I guess with the SeaSucker i don't give a crap about the falcon doors. They gonna be awesome!

danielccc | 2014年5月21日

I've posted this image on a previous thread. I think that there is a better way to do what the Falcon Wings do while allowing for a smallish rooftop storage solution or kayak.

This would also reduce the rain issue and allow for a glass roof as well. The door makes essentially the same movement as with the falcon wings, but without breaking up the roof.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月21日

It doesn't allow one to stand up in the vehicle the way the Falcon Doors do though.

danielccc | 2014年5月22日

Well, no. By definition any solution allowing a rooftop carrier would not allow that. Is standing up in the vehicle a useful feature?

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月22日

It's always been useful for me. But I've been taller than my Mom since before I turned eight. This feature will be fine for the GIII Minivan or SUV. No kayaks, canoes, or toboggans on the Model X rooftop.

ian | 2014年5月22日

@danielccc - Standing up in the vehicle is one of the major selling points according to Elon. Have you actually seen the reveal video? If not, I highly recommend it.

He says it's to allow you to get your children into their car seats without having to reach into the car. You step in and place them in the seat.


danielccc | 2014年5月22日

I did see the reveal the day it was done. I vaguely remember that part. Having two daughters I never had a hard time reaching into the car. I suppose a third child in the middle (Musk had triplets so he would know), would be kind of far from either side. But it seems like a corner case to me. How many people need to put three baby carriers in the back seat?

To me the key points of the falcon door are that it is wide, which allows comfortable access to the third row, and that it swings up, getting out of the way in tight spaces. That and it does not slide back, to avoid the minivan look.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月23日

Daniel: I forgot to ask... What do you call this configuration of slideup, tilting doors? Gull? Falcon? Eagle? Sparrow? Kite?

danielccc | 2014年5月23日

Ha! Good question. No idea. Floating? The structural element is meant to be a single aluminum box section, so the door would almost appear to be floating in the air when open. I think it would look every bit as cool as the falcon wings. The opening motion would be very similar.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月24日

Owl Wings...

Maxxer | 2014年5月25日

Stop calling them wings, they don't make the car fly at all.

Brian H | 2014年5月26日

Wait till you see them flap!