Body Work Recommendation Bay Area

Body Work Recommendation Bay Area

Signature Red got keyed first two weeks (at work - NEVER $%#& with a man's car). Just had painting done by Chilton AutoBody in San Carlos - amazing work. Apparently they do lots of one off colors for Tesla special orders. Recommend them highly - hope you never need them.

DTsea | 2013年1月25日

That's terrible! Why do you think they did that- parked funny, or just jerks?

bjm | 2013年1月26日

Chilton also recommended by the Acura dealer for NSX paint and body work. They did an excellent job.

hoffscot | 2013年1月26日

jealous i think.

DarrellH | 2013年2月5日

We also recommend Chilton in San Carlos. They renewed our Roadster after a van took off the back bumper cover and did damage to the suspension. Great job and great people to work with. Highly recommended.