Boeing and lithium ion battery tech

Boeing and lithium ion battery tech

Do you think Boeing would contact tesla regarding their battery tech to get the 787 back in service?

bbryant | 2013年1月19日

Having dealt with Boeing...
It is likely that they would "look down their nose" at Tesla and what a loss that would be!

Brian H | 2013年1月19日

If the 787 looks like it is going to "crash and burn" (or burn and crash), they may lower their noses.

GoPrag | 2013年1月19日

Elon has said Boeing is after all a 0 in being. I don't think relationships are any good between the two companies.

Elon is making fun of them and assuring investors of Tesla batteries with his statements IMO. Nothing serious.

Whity Whiteman | 2013年1月19日

...on the other hand, Tesla is a symphatic startup, who fights against the big guys and has execute very well- so far. Everyone knows that and: shortage of the MS maybe increases the interest ... doesn't it?

Whity Whiteman | 2013年1月19日

wrong threat uups