Buying a Tesla in all states - what is the truth?

Buying a Tesla in all states - what is the truth?

I am particularly interested in stories about how "Tesla can't sell cars in Texas" - but I can't seem to find a source for these stories that is unbiased and reliable (a "reddit thread" does NOT count as a reliable source). But in my searching, the rumors seem to indicate that this is an issue in other states as well.

Basic gist of the story/rumor is that "some states require auto sales to go through an independently owned dealership". Ok, I can buy that - Tesla can't run their own dealership in those states.

But the part of the rumor that I am having a hard time believing is that people can't order a car directly from Tesla over the internet and have it delivered just like any other product. Last I checked, states cannot regulate INTERSTATE commerce (this is regulated by the federal government - which has no such requirements for independent dealerships).

So - I am looking for an OFFICIAL statement (someone working for Tesla) as to this question:
Can I, a person who lives in Texas that has state laws restricting car sales to locally owned dealerships, *somehow* buy a Tesla car?

ian | 2013年8月23日

Yes, you most definitely can purchase a Model S in Texas. Many folks already have...


DarrellH | 2013年8月29日

Any Texas or Virginia residents that can fill TxFig in on the issues in these states? I know North Carolina is OK now but expect the dealer organization to start pressing for not allowing Tesla to sell starting next year again.

bosansoc5 | 2013年8月29日

hey guys, so I went ahead and created a petition so the united states allows tesla to sell directly to the consumer ! can you please sign it and help me pass the word around? I think we can do this! Electric cars are the future , we might as well start promoting it now!

byoung71 | 2013年8月29日

My understanding is that the problem is with titling directly in these states.

I've got a Model S ordered in Georgia, which just recently changed its policy to allow Tesla to do direct sales.

But before the change, I was told by Tesla sales that what they would do was "sell" me my car in California, title it there, and then transfer the title to Georgia. Georgia can't stop residents from doing that - it's no different than if you moved from Florida and brought it with you.

I presume this is the process for any state that doesn't allow direct sales.

ian | 2013年8月29日

Welcome to two months ago!

We've already signed one of these. I believe it got about 110,000 signatures but no response from The White House.

I admire your enthusiasm though.


Brian H | 2013年8月29日

A petition to do this already passed.

Dreamknightmanga | 2013年8月29日

I know minnesota was one state that had attempted to block Tesla. Of course tesla said they never had a dealership so its not costing any jobs with their sales models.

jackhub | 2013年9月1日

My car was bought on-line in California, a temporary license and registration issued in Illinois, the car was delivered to my driveway in Kentucky by truck, and I applied for registration and licensing in Kentucky (helped through all of the steps by an enthusiastic County Clerk's office), transferring everything using the Illinois issued forms which showed the sales tax paid at the Kentucky rate. The Kentucky Department of Revenue confirmed that the tax had been paid. No sweat.

I think all of the hullabalu in Texas and elsewhere makes the dealers feel good, but it doesn't seem to be slowing things down.

JZ13 | 2013年9月3日

Texas has the 18th highest "Tesla sales per capita" ratio in the country. So their arcane laws aren't preventing many sales of the Model S.