California tax credit gone for higher income investors as of July, 2015

California tax credit gone for higher income investors as of July, 2015

New regulation in July passed in CA removed the $2,500 tax credit for higher income bracket individuals. Given those who reserved early likely lost the credit due to extensive delays (2yrs+ now) making the purchase price effectively $2,500 higher would Tesla consider a credit to offset for qualified individuals?

- John

DTsea | 2015年10月8日


DTsea | 2015年10月8日

Tesla cant possibly commit to paying your taxes, effectively.

NumberOne | 2015年10月8日

So what you are saying is that higher income investors in CA cannot afford to pay the extra $2.5k? This is a tax credit which no one in VA and many other states were ever able to get. Count your blessings while you can still get the $7.5k Federal tax credit.

pvetesla | 2015年10月8日

You'll have a chance to take larger tax deduction on your 2015. Try to bring yourself into the bracket needed to qualify. If you are too far off from the max to get the $2,500....then you need to ask you really need it? Shoot. Do any of us buying these cars REALLY need it.


Lubdub | 2015年10月8日

does anyone know what the cutoff is for the Ca deduction?

deeageux | 2015年10月8日

$250k for single person.

$500k for married couple that file jointly.

Up to $340k for head of households with dependents.

BTW The $2.5k CA rebate is for buyers of electric vehicles not investors.

davidahn | 2015年10月8日

That's what I'd read too, but I took delivery of my MS 85D in August, I applied and got my $2500 from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. It never asked for my income stats, and the state didn't have my info yet (late filer).

Tâm | 2015年10月8日


Now that you alert them here, they'll make sure income requirement will be listed on the form soon :)

oragne lovre | 2015年10月8日

@deeageux: +1