The car shows

The car shows

I don't think it is worth Tesla's time or money to have a formal presence at the car shows. That being said, I am annoyed with this discussion "Green Technologies" at the web site for the upcoming Denver car show.

I think I may need to park my S near the convention center (or drive around it a few times) when it happens in Denver. This might be a fun local EV club activity (Tesla & others) when it comes to your town. Just Sayin...

jk2014 | 2013年1月10日

Reading the EV section was hilarious. Maybe you should set up your own booth around the MS. Show point for point how wrong it is. Tesla should then give a free Model X for bringing a few hundred new reservations after.

Wbrumfiel | 2013年3月14日

It doesn't sound like Tesla will be there which is disappointing to me. I think they should do a better job of advertising. Relying on word of mouth is great to a point but even apple relied on advertising for its iPod to take over the music player market. With that said, are you giving test drives during the auto show? :)