Carbon fiber spoiler status

Carbon fiber spoiler status

I took delivery of my P85 on March 24, 2013 in Orange County, CA and was told that the spoiler would be coming soon. Now, 3+ months and still no word on when it will be available to be installed. Does anyone have any info on the status of getting the spoiler installed.

jnb | 2013年6月28日

Call the service center. my car was delivered on 6/1 and had the spoiler on it. Seems like they should be caught up now.

rchiang | 2013年6月28日

I'm still in the same boat. Except I received my car on April.
And still have no word yet.

cfOH | 2013年6月28日

I test drove a P85 on Monday at a service center in Chicago and it had a CF spoiler on it, so they are producing them.

mhg | 2013年6月28日

The service center told me that the new cars cannot be delivered without the spoiler, but they had no idea when they would catch up with the previously delivered cars that were "owed" the spoiler. Something doesn't seem right with the situation.

sandman | 2013年6月28日

Received mine in Jan and didn't get the spoiler until april. You have to stay on your local service manager to get it. They get them in batches and distribute to the squeakies in my experience which is fine. I didn't push too hard and so wasn't the first to get mine.

BTW, they changed suppliers and went with a matte finish version that they said held up better over time. Saw the new ones in the shop this past week and asked the service guys(and girl!) about the new ones. If you were hoping for the glossy finish I think you are out of luck.

tranhv68 | 2013年6月28日

2991. Finally got our spoiler on 6/27.

carlf9121 | 2013年6月28日

Had my P85 in the Fremont Service Center for some warranty items last week (Jun 19). They just happen to have a carbon spoiler in stock to mount on my car. I took delivery of my car Mar 17. The glossy finish one looks better than the matte finish but maybe too many workmanship issues with suppliers trying to meet Telsa standards and long term reliability. Still looks cool.

optimistic | 2013年7月17日

Took delivery mid January 2013, P3393. After 5 phone calls since then, received 5 excuses that went something like 'will be there soon, but can't exactly say when', still no spoiler.

This simply isn't a priority for Tesla IMHO, and it certainly doesn't qualify as the kind of customer service Tesla claims to offer.

AmpedRealtor | 2013年7月17日

I asked my delivery specialist if they could just leave the spoiler unattached and give it to me separately, so I can give it to my friend, but they said no - it has to be mounted to the car. Oh well :(

Aleksandyr | 2013年7月17日

i took delivery in Dec, still no spoiler. I have asked several times. Last call I made they said they will make it happen, but I havent been able to schedule yet.

royce1981 | 2013年7月17日

Well, they have changed the design. Perhaps this is the reason it is taking a bit longer?

cfOH | 2013年7月17日

@royce1981: In what way have they changed the design? Pics? | 2013年7月17日

Saw a spoiler on an SP+ -- It is significantly larger than the one available when I got delivery (& I passed on it)

santafenews | 2013年9月13日

anybody knows where I can get a aftermarket spoiler ???

mpacked15 | 2013年9月13日

If you search for "tesla model s carbon fiber spoiler" on google images, you'll see a variety of spoiler types. Here's the link I'm seeing.

Does anyone know if this is the new or old spoiler? Based on the comments here, it appears this would be the new spoiler being offered since it's lacking the glossy look.

Personally I like how subtle it looks.

mpacked15 | 2013年9月13日

Link to the other thread thread on this very same topic.