Do anybody know if the center console design in the current beta version is going to be what is in the final production car? This is the biggest disappointment for me with regards to the interior of the car. That empty space in the center makes the car's interior look like a minivan and cheap in comparison to other luxury cars. I really hope this is not the final design for the center console.

Leofingal | 2011年12月30日

I think on the nose, we didn't offer any real suggestions of our own. They improved it over the Alpha for sure, or you would be hearing about it a lot in here! I just wish they would improve the forums (search, edit, private messaging, oh and SEARCH).

Brian H | 2011年12月30日

Yeah, search and edit would be good, too. ;)

Did you see the (horizontal) 19" screen design in the SIM video? Not projecting, embedded in the dash. Of course, it's a small cockpit, so reaching it isn't a problem.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 2011年12月31日

Will it please all of the people all of the time? Of course not! Should it? Nope.

These forums do act like a small sample focus group, but they also are a little bit extreme in cases. There will be limitations which we simply are not aware of; safety, manufacturing, cost, reliability, weight, etc. Nonetheless, I like to think they do mine these for reactions. However, that a suggestion is posted here doesn't make it a good idea or a viable idea. They need to make that call.

Besides, if it were up to the forum community we would have a wind turbine under the grill with a small petrol engine in the boot, solar panels on the roof, doors that open up like a Delorean, a self destruct mechanism, flux capacitor, dilithium chamber and an iPad docked in the center console. Oh, and it would have a vegan interior and zero carbon footprint exterior.

So far I'm impressed with the results of whatever their method is for developing the product. Seeing as they are Silicon Valley based I'm sure they are doing many iterations starting with a minimally viable product option then incrementally improving to a final product. It is how modern product development is done.

Leofingal | 2011年12月31日

@Mike - I do believe that the forum self selects the good/bad ideas too. Each wind turbine, solar panel thread gets addressed by the group, and while ejection seats did seem to receive a pretty good group response, they might lead to losing the 5 star safety rating, so I think that trumped it in Tesla's view.

brianman | 2011年12月31日

I'll opt out of the self-destruct, and then my hobby project becomes learning how to tell other Model S vehicles to engage the feature.

There can be only 1!

Jason S | 2011年12月31日

The good ole "[Alt-F4] clears all viruses from the computer" types of educational program, brianman?

brianman | 2011年12月31日


cerjor | 2011年12月31日

Getting back to the topic, I just sat in a beta and found that if I had something in a cup holder, I couldn't rest my are on the center console. Also, the holders seemed too far back to easily reach the drink.

Jason S | 2011年12月31日

Bingo. Hate those. Am very much looking forward to a real interior.

Mycroft | 2011年12月31日

IMO, until the production cars are out, it's almost counter-productive to even consider the beta interior.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年1月1日

I just wish they would improve the forums (search, edit, private messaging, oh and SEARCH). (Leofingal)

Sign here:
("private" thread)

Leofingal | 2012年1月1日

Did so long ago - thanks

Brian H | 2012年1月8日

Hyundai's honeycomb concept "Concept Car":

8 seats, any and all of which can fold flat (even the driver's for overnite camp-outs). Not an electric, but would be compatible with a Model X frame. Smaller and narrower. This image from the Gallery in the article gives a good overall idea:

No center console. Target market is Asia, large family daily transport.

Maestrokneer | 2012年2月12日

Went to the tech talk at Tesla Menlo park yesterday, and had a Tesla rep adamantly say that the center console is not coming back. So for those of you holding your breath for the return of the alpha/prototype dash, I think you can exhale.

Personally I like the beat interior, and lack of center console so I'm not disappointed by that. But I agree that a third-party removable "tray" that goes in the space could be cool.

One other thing I noticed (this has nothing to do with the center console): There isn't much headroom in the back seat. I'm only 6'-0" tall, but if I sat up straight, my head hit the pano roof very uncomfortably (and I can imagine what would happen if we hit a bump unexpectedly). In fact, my 5'-4" wife who has a bad back and sits perfectly straight also had her hair grazing the roof. Not something that's going to get "fixed", but just a head's up that you'll need to slouch to fit in the back seat pretty much whatever your size.

Maestrokneer | 2012年2月12日

that's "beta" interior, not "beat" interior. Damn you Tesla forums and your lack of "edit" functionality.

jbunn | 2012年2月12日

Talked to the Tesla rep in Bellevue the other week, and he chuckled "well, maybe aftermarket". So I might have to pimp my ride. It's a shame.

When I saw the X reveal, it kind of finished off any hope. They took the S Beta dash and carried on with the same "floating in-mid air" design. Perhaps it makes more sense in a cross over. I think a sedan would be a bit more driver friendly with well placed storage, and an integrated look to the interior, but I guess not.

So based on what I saw on the X, I'd say, no center console on the S.

Frankly, it would make a nice option. Make it removable. If people would shell out 250 for that rear shelf cover, I think we'd all pay twice that for a console option.

David den Boer | 2012年2月12日

Strangely, I got a difference answer at Menlo Park today. I was told specifically that there would be a change to the center console, and we would get real cup holders.
So I think very few people at Tesla really know the whole truth.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月13日

So I think very few people at Tesla really know the whole truth. (David den Boer)

That's really the only thing I take for granted so far.

Maestrokneer, thank you for your observations regarding the limited head room in the back row. Not surprising, given the extremely aerodynamic form factor, but of course not as luxurious as many would like. It's still an unanswered question whether the panorama roof offers more or less head room than the regular roof. If there is a difference, that may be the deciding factor for or against panorama roof for me.

harryjsommer | 2012年2月13日

At the Florida store, they told me normal roof would have less headroom than pano roof. Sort of makes sense - the padding that a normal roof has would cause less interior space. Probably only talking about 1"-2" - but still less.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月13日

harryjsommer, thank you for sharing!

Crow | 2012年2月13日

Just keeping to the theme of TM reps not knowing 100% what's going on...I was told that the pano roof reduced headroom.
I have also speculated previously that the interiors of the Betas aren't consistent as to fit and finish since the interiors were hand built at the last minute before the Oct event. I am 6'4" and didn't come close to touching my head in my Beta ride or later in factory built #22. My son, all 6'8" of him, also sat in the back of 22 and pronounced it comfortable with plenty of room. The roof does slope to the sides so there is less headroom near the doors than the middle. Plus, the pano support reduced the headroom on the perimeter of the roof. Given that 22 was built on the line, I am thinking that it will be fine.

Robert.Boston | 2012年2月13日

@harryjsommer: I'm sure that that statement is correct on average, but the rear-seat headroom issue is caused by a very specific bulge in the headliner. I would like to know whether that bulge is larger with the pano roof, or whether it's caused by the hinge of the rear hatch.

FWIW, the rep at the Santana Row store was unsure that any non-pano Model S beta had even been built yet!

Crow | 2012年2月13日

Cars with sunroofs typically have less headroom with the sun shade closed. The mechanism to open and close the roof takes up 1-2 inches. So you may get more headroom with the sunshade of the pano open but less with it closed. It's hard to say since they haven't built one yet with a sunshade let alone a non-pano.

The Froq | 2012年2月13日

I meet George Blankenship at the Model X event. He told me there should come some space to store your CD's. We laught about it and ask if there would also be space to store the 8tracks also.

He also told we could pick up our car at the plant or get them deleverd at house.

Very, very nice and smart person, by the way!

BYT | 2012年2月13日

@The Froq, Awesome! I want to pick mine up at the plant and spend 2 days driving it, assuming it is full charged on delivery... :)

The Froq | 2012年2月13日


I wish I could do also, but I won't make it with the car to the Netherlands

Event was awesome, the staff we're helpfull. I saw the new designstudio for in the store.....very, very nice. They HAD to make it work, Elon said before the presentation of the Model X

About two weeks it will be in the store.

BYT | 2012年2月13日

Thanks for all the updates!

Robert.Boston | 2012年2月13日

He also told we could pick up our car at the plant or get them deleverd at house. - The Froq

Aarrgh, you've got me going again on how I could drive an 85kWh Model S from Fremont to Boston. Only 3,150 miles...

DeDe | 2012年2月13日

Also spent time talking with George Blankenship at the Model X event with @the Froq (nice meeting you BTW!) and as much as I really wanted to take delivery at the factory, he made the at home delivery sound awesome...With delivery at home, they would help set up the car to your specs including integrating with your home network. Of course that could be something done on your own, but it would be nice to have at home tech support right away.

Also, re: the center console, George mentioned that it would be customizable...


The Froq | 2012年2月13日

And the cupholders stayed as they are. Didn't the DeDe?

DeDe | 2012年2月13日

@the Froq...Ah, yes! You know what we think about our cupholders!! :)

ModelS3P | 2012年2月13日

@Maestrokneer and @Volker.Berlin

The red beta that was in the Oakbrook store (IL) for their grand opening a few months back had more headroom. I am 6'0" as well, and I had about 1-2" clearance when sitting in the back. I think this has been discussed somewhere before, but it seems that there is quite a bit difference in headroom depending on which beta you are in, so like many other things, I think we have to wait to see what the final design is.

Crow | 2012年2月13日

John & Froq, thanks for the update. I wonder what George meant by customizable. Does that mean that there are going to be various solutions for the console and we get to pick which one we want? That's awesome.

Crow | 2012年2月13日

Bummer about the cup holders though. They suck on the Betas.

DeDe | 2012年2月13日

@kroneal...That's what I understood from would, however, be something that's integrated after production...


Maestrokneer | 2012年2月13日

Great information everyone. Thanks for the updates.

@Kroneal: That's surprising. I can't imagine someone 8" taller than me fitting into the backseat without craning their neck unless they were slumped all the way down.

Two things to keep in mind though. I didn't notice any problem on the factory tour beta ride and was seated in the same position in a different car (and also wasn't consciously looking for headroom). At the beta event, since my wife complained about the back seat headroom, I sat with my back flat against the back seat (no slouching or slumping). Not exactly my normal riding position, but still concerning.

Anecdotally for comparison, though I'm only 6'-0" I have extremely short legs and long torso (30" in-seam pants are long on me). So it's probably a more appropriate comparison for someone who's 6'-4"ish.

I guess we'll figure it out when we all get to test drive the production version.

Crow | 2012年2月14日

My guess is that the back seats in the betas were not consistently set in the same position. Some may have been more forward, some more toward the rear. With the slope of the roof, I think setting the seat a couple of inches a little further back could make a big difference. That is my only reasonable explanation for the inconsistent view points expressed in these forums by those that have sat in the back of the betas. My own experience, there is plenty of room in VIN 22 and I spent a lot of time in it to be sure. Since that one was a production line car and not a car with an interior that was hurriedly hand built before the October rides, I believe it to be more representative of the final interior dimensions. That's just my opinion. We'll see when the RCs come out if I'm right.

TikiMan | 2012年2月14日

Yes, I have also spend some time in the beta's rear seats, and as a 6'1" man, my head touched the top (which is not good). I hope some basic adjustments can be made to at least accommodate someone my size (which is average) for both left and right rear seats. I also hope they can add extra padding to the front seats, as the beta seats all felt kind of hard.

BYT | 2012年2月15日

@John_DeDe, I hope they have a, pardon the nasty word, "hybrid" of the pickup at the plant solution and home delivery. I want to be the one to drive my car home (being that I live in the Bay Area) but would also love the home delivery tech support aspect of that as well.

DeDe | 2012年2月15日

@BYT...I agree! I'm torn with which way to go...In San Jose, so it's an easy drive to factory, and I"m sure when we go to pick it up, my husband would be the one to drive it home, while I'm left following behind in the ICE car...I do, however, really like the idea of having someone show me all the nuances of owning an EV and how it works with my space...Trying not to think too much about it yet ;)

mwu | 2012年2月15日

Couldn't you take a bus / cab (or combination) to the factory so you two could ride back together?

Mycroft | 2012年2月15日

Yeah, pull over at every other gas station and trade places. :-D

DeDe | 2012年2月15日

@mwu and @Mycroft...Good suggestions!! :-)

Brian H | 2012年2月15日

Or have it delivered, then drive it to the factory and back just to triple your fun!

MandL | 2012年2月17日

I would love to go pick mine up at the factory and drive it back to Baltimore but am doubting the availability of the cross country portion of the charging network.

And my husband thinks he's going to be the one driving the Model S too. I haven't figured out how to disabuse him of the notion yet.

Matt (& Larry)

ncn | 2012年2月18日

"Frankly, it would make a nice option. Make it removable. If people would shell out 250 for that rear shelf cover, I think we'd all pay twice that for a console option."

If they make an optional, removable "center console", they can charge a large markup on it (like the parcel shelf!) and profit -- and it makes everyone happy, both those who want a purse space and those who want a console. I think this would be very much the wisest thing for them to do.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年2月18日

If not TM, then a third party will probably design and sell a removable console for the model S.

Brian H | 2012年2月18日

Finally! Jobs for all those B.S. grads in basket-weaving ...


Tim10 | 2012年2月19日

Without a center console of some kind, the USB ports are useless imo and might as well be dropped. Im not going to have my phone sliding around on the floor tethered to a port under the screen. TM designers must be smart enought to realize this so I am expecting some solution besides just a spot for a purse.

Soflauthor | 2012年2月19日

Best solution: a well-integrated center console with appropriate storage. Next best solution: a modular center console that can be installed as an option. Fail: no center console at all. If the "fail" is what we get, I'll have a custom center console fabricated -- doesnt look like it'll be too difficult or too expensive.