Do anybody know if the center console design in the current beta version is going to be what is in the final production car? This is the biggest disappointment for me with regards to the interior of the car. That empty space in the center makes the car's interior look like a minivan and cheap in comparison to other luxury cars. I really hope this is not the final design for the center console.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月20日

Talking about center console options: I'd like one with a built-in fridge! :-) (But provide separate storage for my smart phone, please.)

Brian H | 2012年2月21日

I'm afraid you'll have to convert the frunk for your fridge. Unfortunately, that will interrupt your Drinking While Driving somewhat. But as the saying goes, that'll probably help in avoiding the danger of spilling some!


Liz G | 2012年2月21日

You can always get a plug in mini-fridge and stick it in that space between the front seats. I got one that holds 6 whole cans of soda.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月21日

Liz G, is it USB-powered? ;-)

Liz G | 2012年2月21日

The one I have is more primitive than that...requires a cigarette lighter or standard plug. But I'm sure somebody will make an adapter.

Course you could always go really low tech and stuff a cooler with ice in there.

robert | 2012年2月21日

I would love to know the reason why the Alpha interior (which I thought looked fantastic) was abandoned for the Beta, which IMHO looks awful. It does not seem like there is any technical reason, but, could there be one. I'm waiting, with bated breath, to see the final release version in the hope I'll be able to live with it.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月21日

Liz G, I was kidding. There will probably never be a fridge that runs on 5V/0.5A. But a cigarette lighter plug is just fine, one of those will be available in the Model S, too.

olanmills | 2012年2月21日

I've mentioned this before, but my current car is equipped with a two-pronged 110V outlet, and I find it invaluable. Of course it's intended to be used to power small devices.

Robert.Boston | 2012年2月21日

@robert@i: have you sat in Beta? You should. The car feels very different (in a good way) than it appears in pictures. Frankly, I'm most concerned about the seat design, and whether my aging tush will be happy. More bolstering and padding would be greatly appreciated.

The Froq | 2012年2月24日

In the folder of the Model X there is a nice concept design of a centre console. It would be the perfect solution for the Model S....looks very nice.
It is in the brown brochure Tesla handout after the event on 9 feb. Tesla, please put this in the option list of the Model S and everybody is happy!

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月24日

Can someone scan that and put it online?

The Froq | 2012年2月24日

I wanted to put the picture here.....but...?

David70 | 2012年2月24日


You've done it, so what is the way to attach an image or pdf here?

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月24日

If you don't have a way to store the image online, I could put it into my dropbox to make it public. To send me the image, you can contact me via TMC private message, I'll reply with my private email address. Sorry for the detour, I just don't wont to ruin my email address by putting it up on a public website (forum).

The Froq | 2012年2月24日

Are you VolkerP on TMC?

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月24日

No, I have the same user name there as I have here. Sorry for not being explicit in my above post.

Brian H | 2012年2月25日

You have to have it stored online somewhere, like flickr. Then use the IMG tag and insert the image URL:

<img src="image URL">

Note; I think Flickr now provides a specific link for such insertions. It's the only one that will work.

David70 | 2012年2月25日

OK. Thanks Brian.

The Froq | 2012年2月25日

The concept drawing for the center console Model X is on the TMC


Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月25日
Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月25日

That sketch (simply linked from the TMC image source) really tickles my fantasy... The console frame could be matched with a variety of special purpose bags... an office bag designed to hold folders, pens and a laptop... a picnic bag (including a cooled compartment, obviously)... a travel bag with multiple departments of different sizes, including two bottle stands... People who share a car could have their own bags and take them with them when they take the car. Model X and Model S center consoles should be compatible and should take the same bags, giving an additional edge to owning multiple Teslas...

I hope they pursue and refine their ideas and come up with something unique and original that provides great practical value for all the different kinds of users (formerly known as "drivers" ;-). They are onto something, definitely!

Volker.Berlin | 2012年2月25日

I forgot to mention the obligatory diaper bag option, obviously... :-)

Leofingal | 2012年2月25日

I like the concept as described by Volker.Berlin. Will be interesting to see when this gets announced.

brianman | 2012年2月25日

[For those having trouble reading it, here's my attempt at captioning...]

[bottom/left column, progressing right/down the column]

centre console

bag fits right in + finishes off

(What looks like a lid/cupholder)
-> would need to slide

(legend, box with blue and solid lines)
visible part of bag

(legend, box with light blue and dashed lines)
potential invisible part of bag

-> would you ever reach so far forward? probably not.

[top/right columm, progressing right/down the column]

szenario [sp]:
- you get in the car
- you place your bag somewhere
- you connect your mobile phone to the car
[-] where do you connect your phones?

- shouldn't rattle
- strap no tangl [sp] around

(last diagram)
[-] soft top
[-] bottom of bag = hardshell (vacuum formed, covered with fabric or leather)

[I'm sure I messed it all up, but gave it a shot]

Soflauthor | 2012年2月25日

Interesting concept, but I'm not sure I like it. If the primary driver is a male, the handbag space becomes a big hole into which he would drop "stuff" -- sloppy. On another thread way back when (no time to search), I proposed a different design in which the space for a handbag is in the lower part of the console, the upper part reserved for conventional folding door storage and a recessed tray(s).

I'm not a design pro, but I would hope that if TM decides to provide an add-on console, it looks more like mine (obviously cleaned up and more aesthetic) than like the concept presented.

Here's my version, overlaid on a photo of a beta (apologies for repeating it, but it seems relevant to this conversation):

brianman | 2012年2月25日

It's worth repeating. I *still* like what you did there.

gjunky | 2012年3月15日

Late reply on the fridge idea from earlier. There is a little USB Fridge :-)

Those mockups are pretty amazing. I am still hoping we get something standard, preferably removable IF it won't rattle.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年3月15日

gjunky, how cool is that?! ;-) Thanks for the link. The system requirements are a bit irritating, though: 32 MB of system RAM; 100 MB available hard disk space -- for a can of beverage? WTF?

gjunky | 2012年3月15日

I guess it remembers what you store in it :)

Brian H | 2012年3月16日

How cool? 8.5°C, 47°F. ☻

Larry Chanin | 2012年3月16日

From the Tesla Motors Club forum, a reservation holder interviewed George Blankenship and the Model S Product Manager.

George told me "we listened, and are definitely going to offer a console as a Tesla accessory down the road" -- or words to that effect on the video.


ddruz | 2012年3月17日

Since it has been confirmed by Ted Merendino (in the great video posted by ENGLE on the TMC site--thanks!) that there will be no console in the standard car and that the open console is to be a Tesla trademark, that leaves only the glove box for in-car covered storage. IMHO this is a significant mistake, but of course time will tell and admittedly I'm just a person who drives a car, not a knowledgeable car guy.

What about pockets in the doors? Do we know for certain they will also be non existent?

It now becomes important, to me at least, to know whether there will be pockets on the back of one or both front seats. Does anyone know? They could pick up some much appreciated storage. A pocket on the passenger's seat is easily reachable by the driver too. I use it all the time in my current car.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might know the answers to these storage questions.

Soflauthor | 2012年3月17日

I agree with @ddruz—no center console (at least as an option) is IMO "a significant mistake." I'm one of many Sig owners who want a center console (for storage, for aesthetics, for convenience). I was hoping to have it installed as part of my configured Model S at the factory before delivery. If that cannot be done (and it appears it cannot), I'm disappointed.

There's a problem with "negative space" (as Product Manager Ted Merendino put it). You can't put sunglasses, a wallet, a mobile phone, TicTacs, whatever, in it without a visually sloppy interior. Reaching across the passenger seat to retrieve items from a small glove box is inconvenient and ergonomically questionable. I'd argue that the "negative space" is a negative for the interior, but I realize that others disagree. That's why the CC should be optional, but available from day 1.

I think it's incumbent upon TM to tell us what "down the road" means with respect to the center console. If a CC will be available a few months, I'll wait and buy the TM version. But if it's going to be a year or more or "indefinite," I'm going to have a CC designed to my spec, fabricated, and installed locally.

DrJ | 2012年3月17日

I am the same. I am a sig holder (371) and to quite honest am very disappointed by this lack of center console issue. What the problem for me is if I have issues with it to the point that it dampens my enthusiasm of taking delivery, then that spells trouble for future car sales after the 8-10k of us fanatics buy our cars. Great example - my buddy ordered a Fisker, but declined delivery after it showed up. Why? He had doubts about the company's viability and didn't want to get stuck with a car with no future. And he LOVED the car. Tesla is needing to sell 20k of these a year. Things that make the car less attractive i.e. lack of storage make people who aren't fanatics move on to the next choice. Another great example - my wife declined me buying her a Model X for that reason. She thinks electric cars are "neat" but is much more level headed than I about this. She sees lack of storage and our two kids and realizes it isn't "functional" enough. She likes the idea of Tesla, wishes them the best, but is going with the BMW 550 GT b/c it "will work better for our family.". So Tesla, if lack of a center console and storage is keeping the wife of fanatic, who can counter most of the EV arguments easily, away from your product, how is that going to bode well for the general public who is trying to decide on a car/SUV?

Sorry for the rant, this subject and Teslas stubborn, short sighted stance on this has me bewildered....

The Froq | 2012年3月17日

At the end of the movie is George Blankenship talking about the center console.

He told me the same thing on the event on 9 feb.

Brian H | 2012年3月18日

Dr. J;
So the console has cost TM one X sale, at least -- and this from the "purse-carrying" market segment!

I think TM is too damn proud of the lack of a driveshaft tunnel. Instead of trying to hype nonsense like "negative space", they should have touted their Deep Center Console Storage!

h8young | 2012年3月18日

I am also very disappointed about the lack of a center console in the final interior design. I am now leaning toward exercising my option to postpone my purchase hoping Tesla will listen to the majority of the reservation holders and re-design the interior to include one.

Brian H | 2012年3月19日

Blankenship interview: Just at the tail end, confirmation they're working on an accessory for those obsessed with the center console.

splitsec002 | 2012年3月19日

I normally just lurk in the forums but after hearing there is no center console or side storage on the door I had to chime in. I'm also a reservation holder and would VERY much want a center console to hold my things. Reaching over to the glove while driving is unsafe and it is very important to have a center console with the final version of the car. Paying 80k for a car without simple things like this is ridiculous.

jhw1009 | 2012年3月19日

I complained to the Customer Service on this topic and below is his response along with mine.

"Model S was designed to provide the best driving experience without compromise, with unprecedented storage and interior space. Although we do not have a traditional center console, there is plenty of room to place personal items. I believe that our layout leaves our customer with the ability to store items that would be impossible in comparable luxury sedans, and gives customers options in how they want to store their items, rather than having a limited amount of space in predetermined tiny compartments.
The interior layout is almost complete; I do not want to leave you with an indication that we will be adding storage underneath the armrest. I believe most of our customers, even the ones that currently want a center console, will be extremely happy with the design of Model S. I think that only after driving Model S for a week or so, then getting into any other car, will they realize how important our layout is to the driving experience."

My response, Sean, convenience is what I am talking about. I know Model S has a lot of space but am I supposed to put my cell phone, nepkins, cables, wallet and others in the trunk or frunk before I enter my car? Think about it. The glove compartment is too far to reach and has limited space and that is why car companies design the center console for that purpose. I also found out there is no pocket by the doors either. I am not sure what Tesla is trying to prove. This is a 4-door sedan with family members sitting inside, not a 2 door sports car.
The center console design as is right now looks like my father's car in the 60's and in no way Elon claims it is the best car compared to other premium sedans. This is not acceptable. Please forward this note to your designer and top execs. Very discouraging.

ddruz | 2012年3月20日

@jhw1009: I received a word for word response myself on Monday March 19 from a different rep starting with the second sentence "Although..." verbatim through the end of your quote.

Sounds like that's the company line: the standard interior design [that we have seen] is fairly well set in stone and they expect everyone will be extremely happy with it once they've driven the car a week or so, even those who currently want a center console.

Any closed storage they offer later per George's comment on engle's video therefore looks like it would be an add-on option. I sincerely appreciate that the option may be made available down the road. But options always cost extra. As a shareholder it concerns me that customers, not just myself, will need to pay for a protected storage option to get a modicum of storage that is standard on virtually all other cars, console or no console. That would seem to decrease car buying, not increase it.

I remain bewildered by this entire thing. It seems such an easy fix to rework the armrest/cup holder module to offer some standard closed storage beneath the armrests while retaining the negative space open console to boot. I just don't get it. Can some of the senior forum members explain this to me?

Brian H | 2012年3月20日

Not to put too fine a point on it, TM is intending hoping to set a new and different standard, appealing to a different "slice" of the marketplace, rather than trying to fit in to an existing class/stereotype/standard. That's a trade-off; they're expecting long-term to gain more adherents/admirers from being different than they lose by not resembling everyone else.

To a point. Elon is more conservative than some of his designers, and didn't go for a futuristic whiz-bang Star Trek look-and-feel. Like, e.g., the BMW i8.

steven.maes | 2012年3月20日

I don't completely understand the comotion around this topic.
I can follow that TM wants to build a car that "feels" spacious.
As I can see from the pictures, the open console has plenty of room to store my phone, wallet, house keys, little cup with change, etc. All other junk that you use once in a while, can be left in the other compartments. I kind of like the clean-desk-approach TM is forcing here.

I can understand that people want more compartments to store things. Perhaps we need to be an early adaptor on not keeping to much junk in the car. Maybe it is called resistence to change ?

Timo | 2012年3月20日

If I buy Model S I would probably end up using those cupholders to store my stuff. That and passenger seat. That "open console" is practically floor of the car with tiny wall-like structures. You can't really store anything bigger than your cell there because it can get very easily under the pedals.

From my list I absolutely must have some place to put ice scraper / snow brush. Snow brush can go to floor behind driver seat, but ice scraper is a bit too small for that. And because car is probably warm enough that I don't need gloves some place to put those too once I'm inside the car. Anything else is optional, but nice to have.

So: cupholders as storage compartment works for me.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年3月20日

I have lots of storage in my 1999 BMW 328i. I never use the storage space. The open console works for me. My wife can put her purse there instead of my having to hold it for the entire trip.

Crow | 2012年3月20日

Timo, just warm up the car from your phone. No need for an ice scraper. Besides, it's better in the trunk anyway. Cleaner.

steven.maes | 2012年3月20日

Totally agree with Kroneal.

EdG | 2012年3月20日

There's a limit to what warming up the car can do for external ice. If the outside temp is near or above freezing, it would take a while, but it would work. Much below that and the snow/ice cover isn't going anywhere without external help.

Vawlkus | 2012年3月20日

Timo: if you have a snow brush, why does it not have a scraper on the other end, like mine does?

foto | 2012年3月20日

I don't mind the center console as it is other than the fact that it seems low. It will be difficult to reach items without getting a little distracted while driving. I hope the safety of this low center console has been fully considered.