CHAdeMO moving in the neighborhood ... Greenwich, CT North sighting

CHAdeMO moving in the neighborhood ... Greenwich, CT North sighting

This afternoon I was at the Greenwich North, CT SC on the Merritt Parkway. I saw these two lovely chargers when I walked out the door.

Looks they will be placed directly across from the Tesla SC. More folks at the EV charging party!

Bighorn | 2014年4月20日

Wow--who's paying for that, Nissan?

tes-s | 2014年4月20日

That is great! My guess is they will get little use (at least initially), which will make it easier when the Tesla chargers get crowded! That first spot (1A - near the red house) is a lot easier to get into if the spots across the way are open - you can pull in, turn around, and back into 1A.

kenj | 2014年4月20日

I suspect that this is part of a CT program. I thought I saw a ChAdeMO in Darien on 95s right behind the Superchrgers

... two MS 60s came in while was there (my initial plan was to hit the southbound side of the Merritt but the spots were ICEd -- it was a busy travel day. One person just checking it out -- lived in the neighborhood.

The other was a 2 day old White MS 60.

Brian H | 2014年4月21日

Two EVs facing each other, with the owners leaning out the windows yelling, "Charge!"

TFMethane | 2014年4月22日

I want my android app to play the US cavalry bugle call for charge whenever my car starts or stops charging.