Charger Location Apps

Charger Location Apps

I found a charger location app for my Android today, "recargo". Nice little app. There are a lot more chargers than I thought there would be altho many are at Nissan dealers with a note on the details about the charger that Leaf drivers were prefered.

I noticed that the Tesla locations in Florida did not have a pic or details and the one in Chicago was not showing for the Tesla store. I am sure someone out there with an Android product could update these locations. It looks like the users of the app can upload photos. I will try and update the ones in my area. Can't do any harm.

AndyM | 2012年3月14日

Recargo has an iPhone app too. I've been enjoying trying it out, and finding out the Tesla-specific charging stations along the I-5 corridor in Oregon.

the bonnie | 2012年3月17日

I use three iPhone charge location apps:
- Recargo
- ChargePoint
- EVCharger

I also have AllStays Camp & RV loaded - good source for 40amp charging.

DHrivnak | 2012年3月30日

I have been using PlugShare and I like it a lot here in East Tennessee. Recargo left me searching going from one non-existent charge station to another. So far PlugShare has been spot on.

frisbin | 2012年4月27日

DHrivnak, I will be traveling to East Tennessee to visit family late next month. Would you be interested in meeting another Roadster driver? and do you know of any 70A level2 charging in this part of the country?


frank_landfield | 2012年5月20日

There is also an application called, PlugShare. It is very usefull. Anybody needing a charge in the palm springs, California area can call me, frank, 760-617-7666, I know most of the places to charge, and I have a nema 14-50 in my garage. Thanks. Peace. :-)
Between tesla HPC chargers, RV camps, Nissan dealers, GM dealers, and public chargers, I find there is a charger about every fifty miles or so. And more being added daily. :-)

Volker.Berlin | 2012年5月21日

Just in case someone from Germany is reading this, you may want to consider joining the Drehstromkiste network:

Epley | 2012年7月27日

Along these lines, there is another iphone app called Car Stations. Until I start using these, it will be hard to know which is best.

Do you Roadster owners use the Chargepoint pay stations very much? I'm curious about the cost and how useful the Chargepoint network is. Seems like there are plenty of free stations out there, but that could be my naivety.

Brian H | 2012年8月15日

At last! A jenyus who has not only produced a perpetual motion machine, but can drain energy from it without it coming to a halt! We're all saved!

Or not.

rodshears | 2012年8月15日

Before you redicule it, this is not perpetual motion, although if you think about it, perperual motion is as old as the universe, The machine will produce power at 19-1 overunity. It can be built for the price of a generator + $4000 estimated useing material prices in Thompson MB.I need only a large Mlling maching and a large lathe to prove it.I will disclose the design to anybody with a machine shop after signing an ironclad nda.

Brian H | 2012年8月15日

If you can't spell, I doubt you're a jenyus.

There is no power output equal to unity, much less over unity, unless you're tapping an existing pool.

And the universe is not a perpetual motion machine. It is running down, and will end up as a cool thin soup, the same everywhere.


Brian H | 2012年8月15日

Get off this thread. It's about charging stations, not charging delusions.

rodshears | 2012年8月15日

Depends on what you mean by perpetual motion, a few billion years is close enough for me. The only thing we have to lose by trying it is big oil's monopoly, unless you are a menber of the above sect you have a lot to gain. By by the way, I do know how to spell GENIUS.

Timo | 2012年8月16日

Either he is lunatic or scam artist. If latter this is matter of law enforcement, if first then there is nothing we can do about it except maybe offer some education.

@rodshears, google "first law of thermodynamics"

Vawlkus | 2012年8月16日

Given his request for an nda, I'm leaning heavily towards scam myself.

J King | 2012年9月1日

Any way to report and have removed inappropriate content?

@rodshears, you need to try your con some where else, or get an education in thermodynamics. Best both, but leave us to our dreaming.

Timo | 2012年9月3日

@J King, there is a invisible link to flag post as inapproriate under each post, just hover your mouse over the end of the post and you can see it.

J King | 2012年9月4日

Thanks for the Hint. I had to convert to compatibility mode, as the boowser at work is very old. Could not see it previously. Work is in Kazakhstan for the next 8 days.