Charging Stations (Urban)

Charging Stations (Urban)

Anyone have experience with installation of charging stations in an urban environment (curb side installation)?

Interesting that the TESLA HIGH POWER WALL CONNECTOR is not in stock and not expected to be in stock until end of May (with lots of folks on the waiting list).

Not sure how to interpret this.....An uniquely positioned high-end electric car manufacturer that produces a state of the art automobile that requires charging nightly for optimal battery performance....and the only (please advise if others are known to you) 50 or 100 amp charging station is unavailable?

A limited look only shows higher cost and lower kwh charging units available commercially.

Understandably we can not expect a single car manufacturer to have all the solutions but are there some other alternatives that can be put in play given the Urban setting.

Thank you..
Brett Skolnick

Brian H | 2013年3月7日

High power J1772 can supply 70A (or 90A?).

Brian H | 2013年3月7日

Sorry, I mean 70kW or 90kW.

Alex K | 2013年3月7日

@Brian H | MARCH 7, 2013: Sorry, I mean 70kW or 90kW.

I think you mean Amps, unless you are referring to the J1772 Combo Connector which has a maximum of 200A at 500V DC (100kW). Max J1772 AC current is 80A. See

The only J1772 stations currently support for the Model S are the AC ones which would max out at 80A which would be the same as the HPWC. If you are just looking at providing 50A, then a standard NEMA 14-50 receptacle (used in most RV parks) it the easiest thing to install.

Brian H | 2013年3月8日

Yeah, midnight muddle. Sorry. The point is, the HPWC is not entirely unique. Any source that can make near-full use of both chargers is similar.