Chattanooga Supercharger at the airport

Chattanooga Supercharger at the airport

Al1 | 2014年5月21日

Does this bring superchargers to Tennessee? That would be excellent news for the state.

jai9001 | 2014年5月22日

The first TN supercharger!!

Interesting choice of locations.

I think in less populated parts of the US, superchargers are more likely to be in metro areas.

Surprised no rumors of Nashville supercharger.

Webcrawler | 2014年5月22日

Love more SC, but I think airports are some of the worst places to put them....

Tâm | 2014年5月22日


I haven't heard any complaint from JFK airport Supercharger.

What's the difference here?

bigd | 2014年5月22日

@Tam What do you do at the airport for 30min- watch the searches ?????

Koz | 2014年5月22日

Airports are not typically the easiest places to get in and out of for just charging. For long term parking if flying out, Superchargers are superfluous.

SamO | 2014年5月23日

Chattanooga airport is pretty quiet. Not sure you'll have the same problems you might have at JFK or lax.

Plugged In | 2014年5月24日

The JFK supercharger is off-airport by a couple of miles, very close to the junction of the Belt Parkway and the Van Wyck (I-678). If I ever go to Lawnguyland, that Supercharger spot is very close the ideal route that I would take -- only a couple of minutes on the way. While there doesn't seem to be anything to do there, that's a sacrifice I would make for having a convenient location.

Webcrawler | 2014年5月24日


Hard to get into and out of. Traffic s usually heavy around them. Food options are usually horrable and expensive...

Anyone who park in the spots and flys is usuall there fir days.... So ICEING can be a big issue...

Brian H | 2014年5月24日

Choo-choo, carry me home!

tonysled | 2014年5月24日

had no issues at the Savannah airport charger. It's a small airport so not much chance of icing. Also parking lot was patrolled and guard drove by to check if I was actually using the charger... food was available but it was late and I had been driving all day, so I used the opportunity to take a stroll to stretch my legs. Just glad to have the opportunity to use a supercharger. Not sure why there is so much complaining about airport locations as long as they are convenient to major interchanges so multidirectional travel is facilitated. I would love to have Chattanooga as an option for north/south travel.

gdubcobra1 | 2014年5月24日

Was at Marietta Ga SC today. There were trainees for an SC grand opening for Nashville, TN. They told me, "40 orders already and 85S can travel there in one charge at 62 mph ". Great to have a station in Chattanooga because I speed around 90 mph. Also, was told their SC will be one of the nicest, possibly because all high end auto dealers are in the area. Can't wait to go see it.

hsadler | 2014年5月25日

This is great!!! When I take my 3 week trip to Europe, I can park my MS at the charger and send a command on the way back to start a charge!


And that's what' wrong with SC's at airports - unless every parking space in the lot has an SC (or L2).

Now an SC near an airport (20-30 miles) where you can charge after a trip will work.

SamO | 2014年5月25日

These superchargers are in short term parking so icing is unlikely.

hsadler | 2014年5月25日

I stand corrected - but still believe the early deployment should focus on long distance travelling. Placing along major routes, or major highway intersections, would seem a priority.
Then focus on decreasing distance between, adjusting capacity of each for demand, and perhaps destination location where destination is isolated - such as a National Park, beach town, etc.

Most airports are neither on major traveling intersections nor an isolated 'Destination'.

There are still other locations 'begging' for SC's.

jai9001 | 2014年5月25日

If you are going to put superchargers within cities, which seems like the strategy in the southeast, shopping malls seem like a much better choice then the airport. Huge parking lot, lots of shopping and food options.

SarahsDad | 2014年5月25日

+1 Tony

The Savannah Airport SC is one of my favorites - covered lot, 5 min from Interstate, quiet airport lobby/atrium with food available (during normal airport hours), parking fee reimbursed.

Steve1501 | 2014年5月25日

@gducobra1 - I am in Nashville and guess that I am one of the pending orders with a delivery scheduled the end of June. Do you know when the SC in Nashville is suppose to open.

hsadler | 2014年5月25日


Parking fee reimbursed is good. What's the max time that they will reimburse? Excessive time will prevent car charge/storage/ICEing issues.

RFD | 2014年5月25日

The Chattanooga and Nashville SC's are shown on Tesla's SC map as coming at the end of 2015. Clearly Tesla is keeping it's SC plans secret. I wonder why?

Sudre_ | 2014年5月25日

RFD, Tesla keeps their supercharger plan a secret because when they used to show people their plans there were a few that would cry and cry at no end if Tesla missed installing a few by schedule.. or if they switched a few around. That's why Tesla stopped sharing.

hsadler | 2014年5月25日

+1 @Sudre

Plus, probably not a good idea to forewarn naysayers who may cause permitting to go at a snail's pace.

Brian H | 2014年5月26日

So it goes. A privilege and benefit morphs into a claim and "right". I wonder how soon TM will be sued for SC outages ....

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月26日

...and whether said suit would be brought by The LEMON KING!

Pungoteague_Dave | 2014年5月26日

SC outages could be a serious issue with liability attached. For that reason alone, TM should provide a real time status web page, like is available for Blink and some of the other charging sites. As there is no alternative to an SC in many locations, and travelers may have safety or business reasons to maintain a schedule, an inoperative SC could be quite costly. Not to mention the "price" of missing a family event, prepaid hotels, etc. if TM effectively puts a traveller on notice that a SC isn't working, they can avoid claims. We are already seeing spotty reliability on the existing chargers, but so far I haven't seen an entire location fail. Rather, it has been a stall or two that won't operate. I don't know what we would have done if the entire site was down, but it would have been serious.

In remote Africa we experienced many gas stations that had not had fuel for weeks. However, there were always shifty guys hanging around with yellow jerry cans stashed in the bushes for $20/gallon. Completely illegal, but you have no choice when motorcycling back roads hundreds of miles from anywhere. Loss of a SC location wouldn't be so dire, but I could see legitimate claims arising.

SamO | 2014年5月26日


gdubcobra1 | 2014年5月26日

@Steve1501 I'm not sure about the time line for the Nashville Grand opening. Can you get some construction pics for us?

tonysled | 2014年5月26日

I believe it will be two weeks tops before Nashville is open. could open as early as this week.

Steve1501 | 2014年5月26日

@gducobra1 - I drove by the Nashville SC a couple of weeks ago, and it was very close to completion. They were taking over a former dealership in the Westgate Center off Moores Lane in Brentwood. I believe that the HPWC are already operational, so it should open very soon.

church70 | 2014年5月27日

Very cool one step closer to seeing our friends who live on Lookout Mountain on the way down to Florida from Toronto. Very happy to see this great people great place

rmbod | 2014年5月27日

I live in chattanooga. the airport is a terrible location. if traveling thru, do not expect to eat while you wait. the only restaurant in the airport is after you pass thru security. There is also nothing within walking distance. just one exit away (less than one mile) is one of the busiest malls in tennessee. not sure why tesla did not put something closer to that area. That being said, If I'm traveling thru another town that has a similar supercharger, I would happily plug in for free and then stop at the next exit for food with a smile.

osceola84 | 2014年8月18日

I know the airport must the most cost effective choice for Tesla to build but they are very inconvenient. I was not even aware the station in Chattanooga is open, is it? The one in Savannah is also not particularly place to eat later in the evening. The Macon charger is in a great location. A supercharger in Chattanooga regardless will be a huge help.

bevguy | 2014年8月18日

no doubt there are multiple reasons for Supercharger site choice. One would be availability of the 480? watt current they use.Others might include how much rent they had to pay, in snow areas whether it can and will be cleared easily, permitting difficulties, likelihood of stalls being ICEd and importantly, security. Security is usually great at airports. I am so desperate for locations East of Chattanooga that I will be happy with any location I get. Eventually the space will be filled in between these, I expect a SC every 100 to 110 miles..

bevguy | 2014年8月18日

Sorry, meant to say West and North of Nashville. A veritable SC desert at this time.