cold weather question

cold weather question

I live in Minnesota and have a model X (reservation #13566). I am excited about getting the vehicle and have researched most issues to the point where I have very little concern about the car or the future of the company. One area I am still looking for more feedback on is parking the Tesla outdoors in the winter. I have never used the garage (one stall which the wife claims). Winters here are cold and stay cold for a long time. I'd appreciate anyone sharing their experiences and or tips for consistent cold weather parking/charging. Thank you!!!!!

evaandmarty | 2015年9月18日

This upcoming winter will be my first,in Quebec.My plan is get home and plug in ,charge to 70% and program car to start charging the car to 80% just before I leave for work.I will park in my garage for the first time in my life(unheated).This will require that I manually set my car for the morning charge but I think this will be best for me as the car and battery will be warm and I should be near 80% for my start.
Pray for snow

Khagge1 | 2015年9月18日

The more snow the better! I don't expect to see my X till spring or summer, so my first experience will be next winter. | 2015年9月18日

Owner's manual says don't park outside at -22F or below for more than 24 hours.
It says a portion of the battery symbol will turn blue when the battery is cold meaning that a portion of the battery's energy is not available until the battery warms up but this is nothing to be concerned about.
The battery has its own climate control system and will heat itself up if necessary,
If the ambient temperature is low, regenerative braking may be limited.

To learn more, plan a vacation to Norway this winter. There are many Tesla owners there to advise you before you get your car.
It is cheaper, however, if one of those kind owners would post to this thread.
I live in Florida. Not my problem.

Khagge1 | 2015年9月19日

Thank you George. There will certainly be a few times a year when I will be flirting with -22F but hopefully for not over 24 hours.

CarlE_P439 | 2015年9月19日

I live in Connecticut (not nearly as cold as Minnesota but fairly cold) and have had a Model S for almost 3 years and park outside (no garage). Have an outdoor (weather proof) 240V outlet. Charging outside is not an issue. Primary issue is when taking long trips in the winter battery range is reduced quite a bit in the cold so planning is advised.

Khagge1 | 2015年9月20日

CarlE, Thank you. That's precisely the info I was looking for. Frankly, My family and i look forward to the challenge of planning road trips in different conditions.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2015年9月20日

My only experience was a week at Mayo Clinic during the "Polar Vortex" of February, 2014. We parked our Model S in one of the Rochester, MN parking ramps (exposed to the -18F ambient temperatures) that had a Chargepoint 208v/30 amp charging station or a 120v/15amp outlet. We were able to charge just fine and keep the pack relatively warm using the 240v outlet the 120v barely kept up.
The only issue we ran into was when we were competing with other EVs for the 240v outlet. Even during cold soaks when we couldn't plug in, the car warmed up when we left for errands during the day. The range was significantly affected as a lot of battery power was used to warm the batteries until they got to their happy temperature.
I do, recommend garaging the Tesla during these cold snaps to save on electricity costs but it isn't completely necessary. You should, IMHO plan to have a minimum of 240v/30 amps for charging available at your home but I recommend 40 amps or more with an HPWC or NEMA 14-50.

krissu | 2015年9月20日

EV has good winter benefits, preheating, faster heating. Of course the range drops, this is the same as for ICE, consumption goes up. I do have to say that it's much better to have a garage, energy efficiency is much better, also the car is clean, less hassle to plug in, for X also the snow and falcon doors do not match. My garage is not heated, it does not need to be heated. Just build a very simple garage, weatherproof only, will cost not more than 10% of your X.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月21日

Keep in mind also that if you set charging in the garage to finish just before you leave each day, the garage will be warmer due to heat from the battery conditioning system.

vandacca | 2015年9月21日

Great idea @Red Sage. That's one way to get a heated garage! :-)

Khagge1 | 2015年9月21日

We will likely either use our one stall garage for the Tesla on the coldest nights, but she's likely an outside vehicle for the majority of the year. At least it won't rust :) Building another garage isn't a money issue it's a space issue. Our current garage isn't heated (tuck under) so i like the idea of completing charging in early morning to get some side heating benefit. Thank you all for the advice. I have to say after seeing the launch photo that I am more excited than ever to get my X.

Khagge1 | 2015年9月21日

Earl and Nagin, I hope the experience at the Mayo worked out in your favor! I'm having a NEMA 14-50 installed inside and outside of the garage so i have options. I've been married 20 years and my wife has alway gotten the garage. Might be in for a change :)

TonyInNH | 2015年9月21日

I'll be a cold weather user as well (New Hampshire), but have been waiting to hear what charging capacity comes standard and what's available as an option before I decide to go with a 50A or the HPWC.

deaconwp | 2015年9月27日

Is this the right place to ask?

Why should we, regarding heating in the seats, add the Option Cold weather package, to an Model X Signature?
It seems to me, that heating in the seats is included in all Model X signatures.

I realise the other benefits regaring heated stearing wheel, and wind screen wipers/nozles.
But in my view, theese are not worth buying the full package.

jordanrichard | 2015年9月27日

Khagge1, does it get down to an ambient -22? Wind chill is not a factor here. Just leave the car plugged in. You will see an uptick in range loss (vampire drain), even while plugged in because the battery will heat itself when it literally feels that it needs it.

deaconwp, I live in CT and I didn't bother with the winter package. Not too often do we have people sitting in the back seat, to warrant heated seats. The "heated windshield wipers" is a misnomer. The wipers are not heated, it is where the wiper sit that has a heating element in the glass. There is the heated steering wheel, but the way I look at it, if it is that cold out, that you can't stand the cold touch of the wheel, you should be wearing gloves.

deaconwp | 2015年9月27日

Thank You jordanrichard. I came to the conclusion, that even though I like the idea of electric heated seats in second row in a Model S, I can not seem to find the logic in buying Model X Signature, adding the cold weather package, and then allready having the ventilated seats all over the car, with heating and cooling allready installed and paid for.
I will save the money.
And still have the heated seats for myself, when I am replaced to the back seats, and for the other nice family members, sitting there frequently.
Have a nice Sunday.

TonyInNH | 2015年9月27日

A question to all you cold weather folks. Did you go with all season tires or did you get the 4 wheel w/winter tires package in addition to the all season?

johnse | 2015年9月27日

My understanding from the forums is that by default only the front seats are heated. Cold weather package adds heated seats all around.

My experience with my CMax Energy is that heated seats use much less energy than the cabin heater. | 2015年9月28日

@Khagge1: whether you know it or not you just solved your problem: wife gets garage; wife gets Model X : therefore Model X gets garage. :-))

Brian Vicars | 2015年9月28日

@TonyInNH. In addition.

TonyInNH | 2015年9月29日


Thanks, a friend of mine was telling me that generally speaking winter tires make a big difference. I use all seasons on my AWD BMW and those have always sufficed. I guess I'll see how the X handles with the standard tires and decide during the winter if I should upgrade.


FelixMendeldog | 2015年9月29日

Do you value stopping and turning on snow and ice? Or just accelerating? Get the damn snow tires for snow.

John D | 2015年9月30日

We live in Pittsburgh now, but wIll never forget an important winter driving lesson learned while living in Idaho: USE SNOW TIRES!

deaconwp | 2015年10月3日

Maybee someine can clarify for me: Are alle Signature X seat with the ventilation, cooling and heating?
Is there any reasin to buy the cold wheather package when seat comfort is the consideration?
Isn't it just paying for something, which is allready installed?