Continental ExtremeContact DW Max Performance Summer 245/35ZR21

Continental ExtremeContact DW Max Performance Summer 245/35ZR21

Any P85 users with these tires got 20-30k miles (after regular rotations)?

Alex K | 2013年12月4日

I replaced mine at 17,500mi because I wanted to switch to Aero Wheels and LRR Michelin Primacy Tires. The tires had about 4-5/32" tread left, although they were wearing unevenly on the rear inside. I had the tires rotated at 7,500mi. At 15,000mi I had my annual service done and the service center would not rotate the tires because they stated that they didn't want to place the rears (which were showing inside wear) on the front since it would be unsafe. Their reasoning was that if the tires were to blow out, it would be better to be in the rear. I don't really believe that reasoning, but since I was planning on switching out the tires later, I didn't argue the point.

Front tire after 17,500mi (rotated at 7,500mi)

Rear tire after 17,500mi (rotated at 7,500mi)

If I had to do it again, I should have rotated every 5,000mi, but even the way the tires were, I think I could have eased out 20,000mi.

pramod1969 | 2013年12月4日

Thank you for your comment and pictures. I am definitely going to rotate them every 5K miles and also going for wheel alignment check next week. New continentals are $300 each so I will do everything possible to get the most out of them.

I drive 30k miles/year and if I have to change tires twice/year, I may end up downsizing them to 19 or 20" like some other owners.

jefflieb | 2013年12月6日

I rarely had alignment issues with my bmw's for 25 years. I this what I have to look forward too?

ziggy | 2013年12月6日, the inside wear on the rear tires is normal. The rear wheels are cambered or biased this way on purpose for better cornering.

I live in the mountains and love the way the car handles so I am happy with more tire rotations.

Captain_Zap | 2013年12月6日

I had those tires on for a year and rotated them once at 6500 miles. I just took them off to put on 19" wheels and tires.

Mine look like they have plenty of tread left and they will be good for well over 25k miles, which is far more than I expected from a performance tire.

kwoo4424 | 2013年12月6日

Since you switched to after market wheels , what are replacement 19" wheel sizes?
On Page 19 of MS Tesla Owners Safety Information booklet indicates Tesla Front 8.0 x 19"
and Rear 9.0 x 19". Would this affect front to rear tire rotations? Just curious and thanks for
any info in advance.

pramod1969 | 2013年12月6日

jefflieb, It is exactly my fear too!
I amt saving money for new tires every 6 months since I put lot of miles.
I guess I shouldn't have gotten the 21" wheels but I heard similar problems even with 19" tires.

Once 20" wheel owners post their experiences that would be another option for me.

Jewsh | 2013年12月6日

So far my 19" tires have plenty of tread left at 28,000km!
The 21s are definitey softer, better performing tires. (No surprise there.)

P85D | 2013年12月6日

I bought Nitto's for my 21"s and they were awful. I switched to DW's last week and love them. They did pretty good in the snow we got this am. I recommend them. However I have a 60 not a 85.

Brian H | 2013年12月7日

You heard wrong.

pramod1969 | 2013年12月7日

I definitely heard wrong about 19" tires and I wish I did my research more before buying 4K extra for 21". Now I am sadly looking forward to all my future troubles with 21" tires.

I was curious about the alignment and took to a tire shop yesterday and they said the wheel alignment for the back tires is way off.

I sent the copy of the report to Tesla Orlando service and they offered to do the alignment for ~$130. I may drive to the service center next week before it eats up my back tires.
My main fear is even when they do the alignment, how long it is going to last?
I love MS, but I wish they have a fix for 21" wheel alignment issues!

Alex K, how did you post pictures below your message on this forum?
I would love to share my alignment picture.

Below is my Google drive link for the picture for experienced users in wheel alignment.

Captain_Zap | 2013年12月7日

You might find good help here for tires:!

There are other threads in the forums there specific to different types of tire configurations, wear and alignment experiences in the Model S section.

JonathanL | 2013年12月7日

I have 21" Conti's and the rear tires were worn to the cord on the inside at 7400 miles. Put new ones on the rear while waiting for local SC to get their alignment machine up and running. Got the alignment done at 9400 miles. After just 2k miles, there was clearly more wear on the inside at that point so had them rotate front and rear. The original fronts looked great at that point, however, after less than 2k miles in the rear position, they have started to show uneven wear. I also noticed the car was pulling to the right even though just aligned. Took back to SC to have 4 Pirelli 21' snows put on and recheck the alignment. They told me they spent most of the day trying to figure out what was wrong and had the car on the alignment machine 3 times. They finally got it steering straight again, although now my TPMS light is coming on for the first time. Btw, love the snows. Most importantly they don't look like snows and I got to keep my 21' rims so the look of the car has not changed at all. They are very quiet and provide a smoother ride than the Conti's. I will be checking the wear every 1k miles.

Alex K | 2013年12月7日

@pramod1969 | DECEMBER 7, 2013: Alex K, how did you post pictures below your message on this forum?

Pictures must reside on a web server somewhere. I used in this case to upload the pictures. Copy the direct link URL of the picture and replace URL below with the picture URL:

<img src="URL" width="600">

pramod1969 | 2013年12月7日

Alex, I am giving it a try. I hope it works!

pramod1969 | 2013年12月7日
vouteb | 2013年12月7日

Stupid question. What is rotation?

Bighorn | 2013年12月7日

Rotation is changing the positions of the different wheels in order to change the wear pattern or put more tread to the rear where tires wear more quickly.

pramod1969 | 2013年12月7日

Alex, I guess I messed up the upload of pictures. They are appearing blank.

There must be a thousand owners with P85 21" wheels. Is there a single happy owner with at least 20K miles and no issues with misalignment??

Alex K | 2013年12月7日

@pramod1969 | DECEMBER 7, 2013: Alex, I guess I messed up the upload of pictures. They are appearing blank.

You need to use the "Direct Link for Layouts".

I copied it below. Let's see if it works:
<img src="" width="600">

Bighorn | 2013年12月7日

I had an alignment done at ~4000miles and it was spot on. 20,000 miles would be a stretch given the softness of the rubber, weight and torque of the car as well as the negative camber. Our local tire guy said the Tesla service center advisor mentioned that these tires, the staggered PS2s, were good for about 10,000 miles. I plan to swap rear tires, inside out, to take advantage of the lateral tread. Front tires are doing great. I did notice that most of my tread loss was in the first couple thousand miles and it tapered off significantly in the second couple thousand.

Brian H | 2013年12月7日

You must type those characters in, you can't copy-paste.

<img src="URL" width="600">

Right-click on the full image to get the URL as "Copy Image Location". Not the page URL.

carolinagobo | 2013年12月7日

Mercedes Test demonstrated that a blow up in the rear tires in uncontrollable, if the blow in in the front at least the driver has some control with the steering. There are videos done by MB about this.

pramod1969 | 2013年12月8日

Bighorn, I hope you will get more than 10k miles on your car because you have good alignment.
I will post my Tesla alignment report next week.
Alex and Brian, thanks for your help posting my picture.
I am sure there are other anxious 21" owners out there like me.

I can't believe I spent 4k for 21" wheels and then preparing to spend another 3k to downgrade to 19" next year.
My A 7 and CLS both had high performance tires which lasted ~17k miles.

pramod1969 | 2013年12月8日

Alex, you mentioned you changed to Aero Wheels and LRR Michelin Primacy Tires. Are they 19" wheels?
I am looking at all my options for 19" wheels and wondering if there are any negative aspects;

Is my car made for 21" wheels only??
Will it mess up the charge range??
Will the 19" tires rub on the body when reversing?
Do I need multiple alignments just like for 21" wheels?

If 19" tires last 50K miles like some users are saying, they will be worth every penny for me (I drive 3k/month).

Alex K | 2013年12月8日

@pramod1969 | DECEMBER 8, 2013: Alex, you mentioned you changed to Aero Wheels and LRR Michelin Primacy Tires. Are they 19" wheels?

Yes, they are 19" wheels. The Aero wheels were discontinued for production, but you can still order them after the fact, until the supply runs out. Tesla is now selling them in their store with winter tires already mounted. The main reason for switching for me was to improve my range, which both the Aero wheels and LRR tire do. If I just wanted better tread life, without as much concern for range, I think I would get some light aftermarket 20" wheels, which have a lot more tire choices than the 21".

pramod1969 | 2013年12月9日

Alex, I see 19" wheels improved your range. I am okay with less range as I drive locally. I heard on the tesla motor club that 20" wheels may rub when reversing. I will look into them again if they give me more tread lfe.

gimp_dad | 2013年12月9日

20" wheels/tires will rub if you go for a larger size tire. To my knowledge most people that get a rub have 20x9" rims with 255/40/20 tires. If you choose 245/40/20 tires with 20x8.5" rims you should generally be OK. There are lots of discussions of wheel and tire combinations on TMC under the sub-topic "Driving Dynamics". Choosing the right offset is important too.