Countdown to Design Studio Opening!

Countdown to Design Studio Opening!

With 20 days now left in "This Winter", and TM's tab button statement of opening the remaining stations of the Design Studio "This Winter", I predict there are 20 days to go before the remainder of the studio opens.

erik | 2012年3月1日

They are either taking the maximum time to get the best finished product...or there's a delay coming our way.

I think i will only have true confidence in TM if they manage to indeed produce the 5000 esses in 2012 they said they would.

mvbf | 2012年3月1日

the additional scoop thread says 10 to 12 days from the 29th. That makes the 12th of march as the later date. Maybe you should count to that date?

stephen.kamichik | 2012年3月1日

I'll believe it when I see it.

discoducky | 2012年3月1日

Ides of March FTW!

Tom A | 2012年3月1日

You beat me to it, Disco...

Brian H | 2012年3月2日

Would that be "For The Win", or "F*** The World"??



Slindell | 2012年3月2日

Did TM say which hemisphere "Winter 2012" applies to?

silenus136 | 2012年3月2日

Just looked at the design studio page and it now says "coming soon" rather than the prior "coming this winter." Safe to assume this is an admission that they are not going to make the self-imposed "this winter" deadline? Bummer, since I am a Signature reservation holder and am anxious to see the final interior options.

silenus136 | 2012年3月2日

I should also note the "Options" tab still refers to "coming this winter."

brianman | 2012年3月2日

"coming soon" / "coming this winter"

This is almost as repeated as the Optional/TBD of 60 kWh supercharging.

coming this winter

It's been this same look for as long as I've been looking at Model S Design Studio.

No change here.

BYT | 2012年3月2日

*Watching Water Boil* ;)

silenus136 | 2012年3月2日

The "coming this winter" boxes do seem to have re-appeared... still agree with BYT, difficult to be patient with the slow process.

Robert.Boston | 2012年3月3日


My daughter has updated the old adage

"a watched pot never boils" to

"a watched file never downloads" :-)

prash.saka | 2012年3月3日

@Robert, Lolll!

Mycroft | 2012年3月3日

And when she's a dating teenager, it'll be "a watched phone never rings". :)

EdG | 2012年3月3日

@Mycroft: You're dating yourself. Those under 30 watch phones 24/7 these days. Facebook, texts, etc. But I'm sure there's some equivalent... ("A watched wall never gets posted")???

Mycroft | 2012年3月3日

"Mycroft: You're dating yourself."

Ha! At my age, that's quite easy to do. :-)

Timo | 2012年3月3日

@Mycroft Aargh...must resist....success.

Teenagers today don't wait for phone to ring. In fact they don't use phone as a phone. My (much younger) coworker said he pretty much doesn't use his own phone for actual phone calls, his work phone is for that. Two completely different worlds apparently.

jackhub | 2012年3月3日

At Santana Row today I heard that a new 'event' is going to be announced in the next 3-4 weeks. Don't know what.

Robert.Boston | 2012年3月4日

I hope it will be, "come to the factory for a test drive on our track!"

Crow | 2012年3月4日

I wonder how fast they will let us go.

BYT | 2012年3月4日

For the test drive on the track, I assume they would offer it at certain times/dates and we would have to reserve it in advance? Can you imagine the line of people if they just opened it up for a test drive on a close track? It will be better then a ride at Disneyland (or Great America if your a local).

BYT | 2012年3月4日

@Robert, I like that! "a watched file never downloads" especially being a computer monkey myself!

Brian H | 2012年3月5日

I don't have much trouble with downloads at 15mbps, but TM forum pages often take ½ to 1½ min to load. Each. Every time I change pages.
Curse you, Mickey Mouse servers!!

Timo | 2012年3月5日

Problem for that slow page load is not with the Tesla servers, you need to look closer to your end of the chain for the problem. I get every page in less than a second.

Brian H | 2012年3月5日

In Finland? You must be getting feeds from a caching or mirror server farm there. Try running tracert or the NeoTrace utility.

Timo | 2012年3月5日

We have here very fast tubes to net. In several cases sites in NY answer faster than site next town.

Brian H | 2012年3月7日

Yeah, I get about 11 nodes, of which 2 time out, on tracert pings. From Vancouver, just up the coast.

Timo | 2012年3月7日

19 hops, one timeout, about 200ms. I expect my home computer to be slightly faster.

Tracert doesn't really tell much about transfer speeds, just how many hops it takes to reach the server. It is like the name says just trace of which route connection takes.

cerjor | 2012年3月7日

Might the delay (in our opinions) in getting the rest of the design center mounted be related to the fires in the Volt which require additional crash testing. As I understand it, Chevy is adding some reinforcement to the battery pack to prevent a fire problem. Maybe the safety people are looking more closely at TM's battery packs and finding they too need some redesign.

discoducky | 2012年3月7日

@cerjor, maybe, but not likely as just about everything having to do with the design, parts and process are most likely vastly different from the Volt.

toto_48313 | 2012年3月9日

expect March 17th and 18th as target date...

mvbf | 2012年3月9日

I do not blame Tesla for taking their time to introduce the rest of design studio with how thoroughly we scrutinize each of their decisions while impatiently waiting for our car (me included).

wtrask4 | 2012年3月9日

New Design Studio to launch March 17-18 during the Santa Row display of all four Signature paint colors.

BruceR | 2012年3月10日

Predict March 16th - just in front of the stores......

Volker.Berlin | 2012年3月12日

At the Geneva Motor Show (detailed report will follow) there was a version of the design studio on display that included interior options and aero wheels, but otherwise was very much the same as the public online version. It was running on a big touch screen next to the Model S Beta display, and was available for public (ab)use, and I'd guess that was kind of a beta test for the official design studio that is about to be released on the website.

Not too exciting though: There was only one interior perspective (as opposed to 4 exterior perspectives), and -- unsurprisingly -- the choices seemed to be the same as on the Options and Pricing page. Notably, there were special versions available for "Model S Performance" and "Model S Performance Signature", in addition to the "Model S" and "Model S Signature" varieties that are online now.

Even though it was nice to see another perspective and just a little more detail of the aero wheels, it was still obvious that they were synthetic renderings, not photos. For me, the actual look and shape of those optional aero wheels is one of those things that remain shrouded in mystery (I have been looking carefully for an opportunity to use that expression ;-).

BTW, the Ampera (European version of Volt) apparently comes with aero wheels that don't look too bad IMO. They use a combination of black and and silver aluminum which from further away gives the impression of relatively normal aluminum/sport rims:

discoducky | 2012年3月12日

Well something is going on as TSLA has hit a new high this morning ($26.24 right now)

discoducky | 2012年3月12日

oops, $36.24

ThomasN | 2012年3月12日

@discoducky Short positions were announced Friday

stephen.kamichik | 2012年3月12日

According to Stephen Smith of TM.......TM is in the process of beginning the build of the model S release candidates. When TM is confident that they represent the customer vehicle exactly, more information will be put on the website. The design studio is under construction and should be completed by the next 4-6 weeks.

Mark K | 2012年3月12日

Stephen, is that new? It seems to diverge from TM's official email to customers advising that Design Studio goes live on the 17th.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年3月12日

Mark K...I just received the email thirty minutes ago. I am very surprised also.

Brian H | 2012年3月12日

Maybe that revision what what crashed TSLA by $1.50 to $34.75; it's since recovered back to $35.50, and holding. Wild day!

David70 | 2012年3月12日

$36.00 a few minutes ago. 1:14 PDT. Unless there's a big sell of in the next 45 minutes we have a new 52 week high.

Brian H | 2012年3月12日

3:39 PDT, $36.01! But back down by $0.01 after hours. ;( -- ;)

ViewAskew | 2012年3月13日

The Facebook page heralds 4 Signature colors being shown at Tesla Santana Row this weekend. They say swing by to design your very own Model S in our brand new Model S Design Studio. That went live 15 hours ago. Is it safe to assume we'll see the update this weekend then?

Robert.Boston | 2012年3月13日

@Alan Askew: maybe. It may be that the Design Studio will only be available at the Santana Row store, just as Volker.Berlin reported it was available last week at the Geneva show.

HaroldS | 2012年3月13日

I couldn't find the "Options and Prices" page tonight. Unless it's just my machine, I would think that is a very good sign of progress toward finalizing the offerings.

HaroldS | 2012年3月13日

Darn -- I had the site set on Canada. The U.S. version still looks the same. False alarm, alas.

BYT | 2012年3月13日

Tesla Motors has a Facebook page? I had no idea! Then again, who doesn't have an FB page?