Current wait for new reservations

Current wait for new reservations

Ok, I have a bone to pick with George.......

I'm right in the middle of negotiating trading in my wife's and my car on a new 750. I've got to get rid of mine to make room for the incoming MS so why not trade both in (they are both BMWs) and upgrade my wife as well.

NOW George has gone and single handedly (with the help of others I'm sure) answered a bunch of questions about extended warranty and batteries thereby removing great uncertainty from the product and almost guaranteeing a quality secondary market. I'm loosing my butt on my Zero after one year and, with these latest moves by Tesla, that just is not going to happen with the MS. (BTW, anyone want a 2012 9DS????) Sure there are questions like "can the second or third owner purchase the extended warranty, service and battery replacement options?" and "are the items transferable to future owners?". If Tesla stays on the same path, I suspect we will like the answers to those questions as well.

The problem I have now is that I have to dump two BMWs to make room for two MS. There are those on the forum that are far more informed about deliveries, production rates and the like than I am. Can you please chime in and give me a best guess on where I might land if I sign up for MS #2 in the next week or so?


archibaldcrane | 2012年11月29日

I'd guess September if you reserved today.

ghillair | 2012年11月29日

With 15 to 16k reservation minus maybe 1500 to be delivered by year end and 1500 cancellations there are about 12000 to 13000 ahead of you.
With a goal of 20k production in 2013 that is 7 to 8 months into the new year.
Based on career opening it appears that they are hiring for a second shift. If they reached full production on a second shift it could be as early as April/May.
It is impossible for us outsiders to do anything more than speculate. That said I think you could plan not before Late April and no later than end of August.

Go luck

lolachampcar | 2012年11月29日

Your comments are right in line with the rep who quoted 9 months when I placed the deposit a few minutes ago.

Interesting change in ordering in that deposits now go non-refundable 6 months prior to delivery instead of 3.

GoTeslaChicago | 2012年11月29日

"Interesting change in ordering in that deposits now go non-refundable 6 months prior to delivery instead of 3."

News to me. Is that verified?

skystream3.7 | 2012年11月29日

that is not true, it is only when you sign the paper work

lolachampcar | 2012年11月29日

All I can do is pass on what I was told and it was that the paperwork would come six months ahead instead of the current three. I'm but a single data point and would love to hear what anyone else has experienced.

JZ13 | 2012年11月29日

Is it possible the new job postings are for the Model X production line?

ghillair | 2012年11月29日

@JZ13: Here are some of the openings. With the Model X not due until 2014 I don't think they would be hiring production employees for it. Design and Engineering yes, but not production.

Production Associate - Auto Paint - Swing Shift
CNC Operator - Graveyard Shift
Production Associate- Stamping - Swing Shift

gregv64 | 2012年12月3日

That makes sense on the paperwork. They've said they're planning to send paperwork to all existing reservation holders by the end of January.

petero | 2012年12月3日

lolachampcar. You are my new hero. BTW, is your name symbolic of past-current-future racing endeavors or perhaps you own an Indy car too?