Deferring configuration until a later date?

Deferring configuration until a later date?

I thought I read somewhere that once you place your deposit and it's your time to configure your vehicle...that you have the opportunity to defer the configuration until a later point in time (you can do it once). Does anyone know if I read that correctly and if so, how long that differal might last?

I placed a deposit down for a Model X and may want to use this deferral if it turns out I:

1) Need more time to save up money for the purchase
2) Find out the early builds have significant bugs to work out
3) Am between a 2014 and 2015.


celtrog | 2013年2月12日

I believe it is a "reasonable" time...
This was defined to me as being 2-3 months......
BTW Model X looks fantastic

David70 | 2013年2月14日

I was told I could defer indefinitely. Of course, that did result in a $2500 price increase, and who knows if it will go up even further next year.

Benz | 2013年2月15日

I think that one should wait as long one needs to, just because one must find out if that certain vehicle (Tesla Model X) really does fulfill the needs that one wants. And therefore, it is better not to rush into it. Just make sure that you are buying the vehicle that suits you best.