Delivery Checklist and Owners Guide Google Doc for your use

Delivery Checklist and Owners Guide Google Doc for your use

Latest Update:5 Apr 2014

Hi All,

When my delivery time came in January 2013 I thought I'd pull together a delivery check list. I've been updating it since then, and its now a 20 page buyers', delivery and owners' guide. I present it here as Google Doc for your enjoyment:

It includes the list of things to check (optional things that you've ordered, plus delivery problems that others have reported), and a list of things to learn about during the delivery (mainly based on @Soflauthor's list), plus a list of other useful references including the official Tesla Motors walkthrough video.

The document contains the following sections:
- Before You Buy
- Your Delivery Date Can Change - Be Warned
- Before you take delivery, get the charging solution installed
- What about insurance?
- The big day!!!
- Make sure all the bits and pieces work properly
- Delivery Questions
- What happens if I find something wrong (hopefully not!)
- Things you might not realize about your car
- How far can I really drive?
- Long Distance Driving and Charging on the Go
- Cleaning
- User serviceable items
- Customizing/Other things to do
- Other Interesting Links
- Superchargers
- And when accidents happen...
- For anyone interested in the engineering and patents behind the batteries...

If you want to add anything to it, please add a comment below and I'll update the doc within 24 hours.

April 2014 NEWS: See this thread for exciting info about the checklist and delivery guide

RobS | 2012年12月16日

Thanks for posting.

nickjhowe | 2012年12月16日

The first pass at the list is this:
Correct paint color
Correct Leather
Correct Trim (especially if CF)
Correct Wheels
Spoiler (if ordered)
Make sure VIN matches paperwork
Temporary tags
Printed manuals (in glove box)
Optional Items
Parcel Shelf
Child Seats
NEMA 14-50 240V adapter
NEMA 5-15 110V adapter
J1772 adapter
Front tag holder
Slacker username/password
Potential problems reported on TM forums
Bubbles Under Paint Armour (should go away on their own)
Dirt under clear coat
Scratches in paint
Frayed headliner
Windshield jets pointing to low
Tire Pressures too high
All doors close properly (door misalignment reported)
All handles work properly (various handle problems reported)
UMC latches and unlatches without problems
Potential Problems - can only be found when driving
Wind noise due to misaligned windows
Things that might be problematic - make sure they work
Homelink setup
iPhone syncing
Other things to check
Do you have the latest software version?

Tâm | 2012年12月16日

Hi Nick:

"How to display rear view camera video while I’m driving?"

There are static menus both above and below the edges of the 17" display. On top from left to right=Media, Navigation, Energy, Web, Camera, Phone.

You can touch the camera icon on top at any time while parking or driving!

Tâm | 2012年12月16日

I wouldn't call electrical adapters are "optional". They are "included" as a standard.

For those who ordered High Power Wall Connector, NEMA 6-50 adapter should be included with no extra charge while waiting for HPWC arrival.

Per O | 2012年12月16日

on checklist, need to add cargo net
was missing in my car together with the printed manuals
also I still only have v1.15 software

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 2012年12月16日

I see wifi on the list. Is WiFi enabled yet? I don't see it as an option anywhere in my car... and I have v4.

DouglasR | 2012年12月16日

Wifi is not enabled yet.

jat | 2012年12月16日

@Per O - I thought the cargo net was not included (it is an accessory orderable from the store). At least I hope it isn't, as I ordered one separately and I doubt I will need a spare :).

Tâm | 2012年12月16日

If cargo net was an option, then it would be listed under OPTIONS & PRICING page and again when we order the car such as Paint Armor, Parcel Shelf, HPWC...

TheAustin | 2012年12月16日

I thought it was standard, but it looks like it's an after-market option, like the car cover...

DouglasR | 2012年12月16日

The cargo net came with my car, and I didn't pay extra, unless it was bundled with some other option (e.g., Performance interior).

jat | 2012年12月16日

@DouglasR - thanks, I'll see if I can get that cancelled from my order.

nickjhowe | 2012年12月17日

@Tam - I put the connectors in 'optional' because I think you can choose which connectors you get with the car. But I see your point. I'll fix it.

Does the J1772 adapter come as standard also?

DouglasR | 2012年12月17日

The J1772 comes standard, along with the NEMA 5-15 (110 volt standard wall outlet) and a 220-240 volt adapter of your choice. Most people get the NEMA 14-50, but as was mentioned above, those who were waiting for the HPWC were given a NEMA 6-50 adapter to use while they waited for the HPWC to arrive.

JThompson | 2012年12月17日

nickjhowe: Thank you for sharing! I pick mine up this Saturday so your timing is impeccable!

nickjhowe | 2012年12月17日

The list is getting the odd update here and there, so make sure you grab the latest when you take delivery.

nickjhowe | 2012年12月17日

@DouglasR - thx for the confirmation. I've updated the doc.

RobertMontreal | 2012年12月17日

Thanks for the list, I'll check it out when I take delivery in a few months.

Just in passing -- some of us don't have iPhones but still have smartphones. :)

nickjhowe | 2012年12月17日

@Robert - I'll make the change. :-)

nickjhowe | 2012年12月21日


nickjhowe | 2013年1月5日

bump for new owners

Liz G | 2013年1月6日

Nick love the list. Will definitely use ut when my S arrives.

Was wondering if you could add to the "potential problems that can only be found when driving" section, the issue around buffeting caused by the trunk screws not being properly adjusted.


RobS | 2013年1月6日

@nickjhowe - thanks for bumping this! I was searching for this yesterday with no success. My car is coming in 2 hours. Thanks again!!!

Schlermie | 2013年1月6日

Cargo net is standard with Signature models but optional otherwise.

DouglasR | 2013年1月6日

@Schlermie, no, my non-Sig came with a cargo net.

jjaeger | 2013年1月6日

DouglasR, given all the traffic and input on this item here and on TMC, I suggest that you are an exception to this. Someone made an error and you got the net is how I net this one out (pun intended).

DouglasR | 2013年1月6日

My mother always told me I was exceptional.

jat | 2013年1月6日

My car was delivered this morning, no cargo net as my delivery specialist had indicated there wouldn't be. So, it was a good thing I had already bought one.

RobS | 2013年1月16日


nickjhowe | 2013年1月18日


nickjhowe | 2013年1月23日


bp | 2013年1月24日

Got my car last night - missing cargo net, parcel shelf, HPWC, CF spoiler and rear trunk well cover.

But the car is great!!!

bp | 2013年1月24日

Also - since I'm in Texas - and couldn't have Tesla present for delivery - I put together an 8 page inspection checklist that helped me go through everything, and identify a few minor problems to be addressed later (probably after the Houston Service Center opens).

nickjhowe | 2013年1月24日

@bp - would you care to share and add to my much shorter version?

Longhorn92 | 2013年1月24日

What ever happened to the lighted vanity visors? George promised them eventually (, but I don't see folks discussing these on due bills (or on this checklist). Did I miss some change to that promise? Thanks.

bp | 2013年1月25日

I'll try to get my checklist posted somewhere, when I get time (later today?).

nickjhowe | 2013年1月25日

If you email me at nickjhowe at gmail dot com I'll add it to the google doc linked in this post. Or you could do it yourself - you should have edit privs.

mbcaffe | 2013年1月25日

is this list still valid?
I picked mine up at the factory on Wednesday. Delivery specialist said that light vanity mirrors are coming soon. no definite date.Apple/Android app about two weeks.

Only missing item was metal logo on charging cable.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月26日


dbsteffy | 2013年1月26日

Thank you!

Jewsh | 2013年1月26日

Checklist looks great. Thank you for taking your time in putting it together and for everyone's suggestions.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月26日

@mbcaffe - yes, the document is still current. I just updated a couple of things. Could you add a bit more explanation about the "Only missing item was metal logo on charging cable."

nickjhowe | 2013年2月1日


nickjhowe | 2013年2月4日


nickjhowe | 2013年2月7日


mbcaffe | 2013年2月7日

There was only one item on the due bill. They listed it as "mobile connector badge". it is just a metal emblem to applied the cable.

KendallPB | 2013年2月9日

Interesting about the lighted vanity mirrors; I got my car today and asked if they were lit or going to be lit, and my DS said no, like there were no changes coming.

Corrections for the checklist:

1. If you're getting the HPWC but don't have it yet, you get the 6-50 (if you got that installed as a temporary solution) AND the 14-50--it's not one OR the other. I got both and other people on TMC also said they got both--not all, but it looks like people should get both if they have a 6-50 outlet and are waiting on the HPWC.

2. I had a few paint armor bubbles and my DS said they would NOT go away on their own, when I asked. He promptly added to my due bill that they should contact me to redo the pieces with the bubbles; when I made a comment about them not being very noticeable, he was quick to say, "Well, you noticed them." and reiterated that they would redo it. Very nicely handled!

Some of the items on the list aren't currently available (supposedly, or hopefully, coming in the future), so including them on a checklist/list of Qs seems odd, for example, valet mode or wifi. ;-)

Anyway, if my pick-up was anything to go by, things are much smoother and build quality and inclusion of proper items has improved. The only oddities I had were no parcel shelf, a few paint armor bubbles, the missing metal skin on the UMC...I can't think of anything else off-hand.

I didn't think to check tire pressure--the system monitors it but doesn't actually report the pressure. I'll check it tomorrow.

Overal a very helpful list, although most of it was perfect for my car and my DS, Jake in Rockville, was very thorough in going over the car, screens/controls, etc.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月10日

@KendallPB - I got exactly the opposite info from the a senior service tech about the mirrors yesterday. He was working on my car and looked at the mirrors. He said "oh you still have the ones with a slight magnifying effect" as though he'd already seen some with plain glass and lighting.

I think the whole vanity mirror thing is still in a "promised but not here yet" state.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月10日

Thanks @KendallPB - have updated the doc and added a couple of new things.

Delivery checklist can still be found here