Design Studio Opening

Design Studio Opening

Hi all,

Do you believe that the month of July will be the opening of the Design Studio for the Model X as Elon Musk stated.

ian | 2015年5月18日


ken | 2015年5月18日


jpcompetello | 2015年5月18日

Is elon says so whom am I ?? | 2015年5月18日

Since they are hoping to start delivering the MX no later than the end of September, the inventory of raw materials, parts and subassemblies will have to be in house by the middle of September latest. Lead times for stuff that comes from overseas may be a month or more. Most of the materials will be the same for all cars but some fraction will be based on orders received. So they have to order everything for the September deliveries by sometime in early August, probably. End of July is the latest date to have a Design Studio in operation, I think.

raffael s. | 2015年5月19日

I think it will open in retrospective, you order first, then you get your car with a password and then you can look, what the design studio might have looked like. It is commonly known, that with the X, everything will be different and a lot worse, when it comes to customer support ;)

proven | 2015年5月19日

Yes, I think the design studio will open in July. However, it will not list all the features of the car as they want to reveal those at launch. All the options will be available for viewing since that's what Tesla needs to know, but some new standard features will be hidden.

ian | 2015年5月19日

I was going to add that, while I believe it will open, I don't believe it will open for everyone at the same time. I believe it will open for Founder and Signature reservation holders in July. The rest of us, as vperl would call us "the unwashed masses", won't get to see the design studio until after those Founder and Signature reservations actually recieve their X's.

raffael s. | 2015年5月20日

Or, they print out letters with pictures on it what the Design Studio would look like. To tell them what you want, you just take finger paint and leave a mark on the option you want to include. Then you fax it to them. Or they will open it, like every other company, at a certain date for everyone to use. But why easy when it could be so much more complicated?

Brian H | 2015年5月20日

Say what? Nonsense. RU just joking? Feeb.

Remnant | 2015年5月26日

Before I pay for it, I would certainly want to test-drive it.

Hence, each Tesla store/showroom should receive a few fully loaded MX units for test-driving by the people who have MX reservations.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月27日

The first run of Model X demonstrators may have longer terms of duty than was allowed for Model S. Don't expect to pick up an 'inventory' car in under three months with less than 3,000 miles rolled over. Even then, it Weill be so popular, there would be minimal discounts compared to a new order.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月27日

'Weill'...? Where did that come from? It should have been 'will'.

ronmerkord | 2015年5月27日

When I was at opening of the first ever Tesla pop-up store this last Saturday, I was talking to one of the fairly long term employees there about how we might not get to test drive an X before buying it. Her reply was that there would definitely be demo units to test drive first, initially for the Signature reservation people only. Take it with the proverbial grain of salt, but maybe.

SigX #1015

izzy9022 | 2015年5月27日

I recently tested the Model S I loved it, but for me to make a final decision I would like to at least see the X in person, I think it is only fair to allow the consumers to at least see before putting in an order and 5k as a reservation especially with what the Tesla dealer told me that if I ordered my X it would be at least 12 months for me to get it.

Brian H | 2015年5月28日

From Kurt? ♪♫

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月28日

Brian, thanks! That is an acceptable explanation.

vperl | 2015年5月28日

Brian, is great. Ask him.

Believe in the Brian, I do.

vperl | 2015年5月29日

Brian, have you heard the "rumor" that there will be a custom paint option ? Ten additional colors with optional striping ?