"Elon Musk's Space Dream Almost Killed Tesla"

"Elon Musk's Space Dream Almost Killed Tesla"

There is an article running on Bloomberg News that everyone in the Tesla community should read. Don't let the title put you off, it's not a negative story in any respect. Google the subject title to read it.

I'm not at all prone to hero worship -- too old and too jaded -- but Elon comes darn close to being worthy of it. Many of us work hard; many of us dream big; but precious few of us are so committed to working hard, dreaming big and betting everything we have on the outcome that we would be capable of changing the world.

I love my car, for the great vehicle it is.

I love Tesla for being more than a car company.

The latter is greater than the former. Thank you Elon.

jjs | 2015年5月14日

Such steadfast commitment to such goals/ideals sometimes comes at considerable personal cost. I am a great admirer, but I do not envy him.

carlk | 2015年5月14日

No need to feel bad for him. It may be different for ordinary people but he got what it takes to achieve his dream he should not waste it.

NomoDinos | 2015年5月14日

The man has ICE... er, electrons in his veins.

heartbeat | 2015年5月14日

Read the whole article and it certainly made me appreciate Elon even more. The details provided were very interesting. The book should be a best seller.

2050project | 2015年5月16日

Fantastic article, long but full of excellent insights... and Bloomberg Businessweek actually just put Elon on the cover with this image from his youth:

carlk | 2015年5月16日

In case you guys have not heard it the book "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future" where the excerpts are from is to be released on May 19.

Nantang | 2015年5月16日

The "books of the future" I read as a kid are his checklist--he's going over everything missing and filling them in. For bloody sake, he's even figured out high speed trains going through transparent tubes!!!

Brian H | 2015年5月16日

Who said "transparent"?

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月16日

It has to be transparent aluminum, or plasteel, or it just won't look right.

shop | 2015年5月16日

I for one, will be lining up at midnight online to download my copy of the book. carlk, do you have an advance copy?