Elon Where are You? Damage control needed!

Elon Where are You? Damage control needed!

Anybody else think Tesla needs to get out and start promoting the product to the masses?

The stores are great but can only educate a few thousand people per month and with all this negative publicity (by a certain misinformed presidential candidate) I think we need Elon and/or George to get out there and show the public what the company and the car are all about.

Tesla needs some good old fashioned Madison Ave PR.....How about a TV commercial fellas? Where's Don Draper when you need him?

Please before the stock goes any lower!

Comments anyone????

Jossies | 2012年10月24日

Just build, build, build. The car advertises itself every review is excellent!

Otherwise ship them to europe ;)

BYT | 2012年10月24日

"Please before the stock goes any lower!"

FYI, I bought about 200 shares today... :) It's all perspective, buy on the dips!!! I am in it for the long haul!!

mrspaghetti | 2012年10月24日

Right now there are waaayyyy more orders for the car than they can keep up with. Why pay for advertising?

Volker.Berlin | 2012年10月24日
petero | 2012年10月24日

lightly. You are over reacting. Mr. Musk should spend his time getting the Dragon home safely and helping speed up deliveries.

TM doesn't need advertisements. Virtually every newspaper and magazine that has driven the "S" raves about it. Mr. Musk was very smart, by giving Motor Trend virtual carte blanche he is assured Motor Trend's Car of the Year. It deserves it. To date Tesla has delivered approx. 400 cars. By the end of the year when 3,000 of these puppies are on the street, public awareness will greatly increase, as will reservations.

There is one more thing Mr. Musk should consider. Your Signature owners are your ambassadors and will sell a lot of reservations for you. They will be spending hundreds of hours chatting up all things Tesla. You might consider doing something extra special for them.

P.S. I am a "P" reservation holder waiting for a February delivery (hopefully sooner).

jbunn | 2012年10月24日

Too early. No reason to advertise if you can't sell a car. I think you'll see media, but not until the production rate begins to approach the reservation rate.

I noted on one of the other threads that one of us got on a national radio program today about 10:50 Pacific on the Ed Schultz Radio Show, and got about 2 minutes of airtime to talk up Tesla. He (Rob) identified himself as a Roadster owner, and S reservation holder and set the record straight about Tesla being mentioned twice in the Presidental debates.

Good job, Rob!

lightly | 2012年10月24日

All good points and I too believe that once the cars are on the road people will be talking. However good reviews (even Car & Driver's Car of the Year) only impact a small audience.

So very specifically my point is that the average American who is not a car enthusiast and knows nothing about Tesla has just heard a presidential candidate call them out by name (twice)and say he is against them.... I know he didn't say that exactly but I believe that's what most of the 59.2 Million people who watched will hear.

So I feel Tesla should take the time promote/educate the company & product to the average American.

This is just one reservation/stockholder's opinion.....

wtrask4 | 2012年10月24日

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GoTeslaChicago | 2012年10月24日

to paraphrase Jossies post earlier:

Build Baby Build!

Once the cars are out on the road in volume, the sales will pick up, the cash will roll in and the stock will break out of its months long trading range.

However if you are worried about every little dip, you are either buying on margin debt, or have too short a time horizon.

Liz G | 2012年10月24日


What is a "put" and a "call"?

weeandthewads | 2012年10月24日

The best thing he can do is build cars and not say a word. Tesla is still not cash flow positive and has yet to hit a production forecast.

sandman | 2012年10月24日

just for those not familiar with Stock Options called puts and calls...

Naked options are those in which the seller does not hold the stock to sell in case a Call is exercised, or does not have the funds to purchase the shares of an exercised Put. Links to that stuff above.

Brad Holt | 2012年10月24日

I'm a filmmaker/producer in Dallas. My car is supposed to come in Nov/Dec (hopefully that sticks), at which time I plan to create a sexy, properly branded "commercial" for Tesla using my personal model. Right now I'm just doing it for fun, and it'll likely end up floating around YouTube when it's finished.

Tesla, I'd be more than happy to take your guidance if feel like getting any specific factoids or talking points out there. And of course, I will gladly accept any discounts you may want to provide. ;)

Seriously though, I've seen some great videos already coming out of folks who have already taken delivery. The more of them that go viral, the less Tesla even has to think about paying for advertising!

jinglehyme | 2012年10月24日

Who's afraid of an Escalade Driving Republican anyway? If the Model X had a pet carrier on the roof, I'm sure Romney would have a different point of view.

TikiMan | 2012年10月24日

Damage control? Really? At this point, they can't build the Model S fast enough! I have NEVER seen so many people clamor for a car (not even a Porsche).

But seriously, ICE dealerships want to sue Tesla, whole web-blogs devoted to trying to say Tesla is not green, haters galore spending um-teen hours a day trying to write negative BS about the Model S. To me, all this says... TESLA is a SERIOUS threat to the status quo!

Even the Republican Presidential contender is stating Tesla BY NAME in the debates, the threat is SO HUGE to his biggest donors! You can't buy free publicity like this, not even for tens of millions $$$$$$$$$$$$!

If Tesla was not considered viable, they wouldn't get one tiny blip of a mention in anything.

BTW, I didn't even know what Solyndra was until they went BR. Tesla is NO Solyndra, they very well might be the next Toyota!

Brian H | 2012年10月25日

"As long as they spell your name right ..."

sergiyz | 2012年10月25日

well, there's several lawsuits pending.
these on top of delays don't help the stock

hopefully they can still ramp up fast enough since it's almost the end of Oct, and I don't think they've made even half of Sigs yet.

steven.maes | 2012年10月25日

Otherwise ship them to europe ;) (Jossies)

I totally agree !!! Do it ASAP ! :-)

Volker.Berlin | 2012年10月25日

+1 for EUROPE! :-)

stealth_mode | 2012年10月25日

+1 for EUROPE + Superchargers
Yeah build IT !!

Ad van der Meer | 2012年10月25日

Oct 29th Jay Leno will put his review online on Jay's garage. That may prove to be the cheapest commercial money can buy.
Why try and move people to put money down on a car that they have to wait for for probably 10 months. Nobody in their right mind would do that (wait a minute, what the hell did I do 2.5 years ago?). It would be a waste of money. Let the first 5000 owners be the ambassadors and start worrying about commercial once the waiting list gets down to 3-5 months.

BYT | 2012年10月25日

@Ad van der Meer, thank you for sharing that. I don't know why but I'm really excited to see what Jay Leno say's about the Model S on his web show "Jay's Garage"

Todd R. Lockwood | 2012年10月25日

Advertising? Unnecessary. The news media is doing a fine job (as long as they get the facts right) and when they don't, leagues of enthusiasts come to the rescue to correct them. When the factory reaches its target volume of 400 cars/week and the cash flow goes positive, the naysayers will be few and far between.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年10月26日

Advertising? Unnecessary. The news media is doing a fine job (Todd R. Lockwood)

+1, looks like there is a boatload of reviews coming down the pipe in Europe...

Volker.Berlin | 2012年10月26日

"VP George Blankenship is speaking @GigaOM #RoadMap Nov 5. Find out how he created one of the most successful retail growth plans in history!"

At least they pretend to be not entirely clueless about what they are doing... ;-)

Michael Emrich | 2012年10月26日


Thank you for the nice set of options you suggested.

But I don't understand your sentence: (the other is $28 Call is naked and can be covered later for more premium).

Why is this Call naked? I thought only if you Sell a Call without owning the underlying stock, it's considered naked.

Please explain. Could you also describe the outcome of your options if the stock is at $35 in January 2014?

Thank you.


BYT | 2012年10月26日

More buying opportunity!