Fan blade style rims in 19"

Fan blade style rims in 19"

Currently the design studio only has 2 options for the rims on the models S. The 21" blade style rim with low profile tires and another boring 19" rim will all season tires, I do not want the 21" rim because it can only be used with low profile tires. I like the fan blade style rim but I want the ability to be able to use that style rim with an all season tire. I hope that the fan blade rim will be offered in a 19" size.

gianni.terragni | 2011年12月10日


CPM | 2011年12月10日

I am 100% on board with this option.

Waymond | 2011年12月10日

I want the Aero wheel(either the 21" or 19") with the engraving of the fan blade design outline for styling.

~Waymond from Palmdale,

dborn | 2011年12月10日

Would prefer a 19inch wheel with turbine appearance, mainly because low profile tyres are madly expensive compared to more mundane regular ones.

Mycroft | 2011年12月10日

Tires for the 19" and 21" are pretty much the same price. The huge advantage for the 19" variety is the availability of all-season tires. I can't find any A/S tires to fit the 21" wheels, and this means I'd need to rotate out to 19" winter wheels in Oct/Nov.

Mycroft | 2011年12月10日

The tire sizes are:

19" - 245/45R19
21" - 245/35ZR21

My favorite tires are the Continental ExtremeContact and they run $197 for the DW Summer 21" wheel and the A/S DWS version is $194 for the 19".

dborn | 2011年12月10日

Mycroft, the problem is a different market. Australia is hugely expensive. The roadster here runs to well over $200000.00! And our dollar buys 1.02 of yours!

Robert.Boston | 2011年12月11日

@dborn: you're just using the wrong conversion rate -- if you require "Roadster Purchase Pricing Parity", then there's only 0.6 AUD to the USD.

(There's a relatively serious study like this on world pricing of a McDonald's Big Mac, which can provide an indicator of over- and under-valued currencies: that suggests that the AUD is about 14% overvalued.)

ncn | 2011年12月18日

Mycroft, the 21" tires will have worse treadwear rates than the 19" ones. Even the best ones have really, really bad treadwear ratings.

I just researched this, and put a long post in another topic. So if you care about how often you have to buy tires, you want the 19".

I don't care what the rims look like, but I really want rims that don't stick out too far, so I don't scrape them on anything and everything (like I do in certain other cars).

drbradfo | 2011年12月19日

The Lorinser RS8 wheels are available aftermarket in 19", 20", & 21" sizes.

Teslamodels4me | 2012年1月8日

Drbradfo - thanks for the info on the lorsiner rs8, I hope to not need that info, I hope that TM uses its supplier to get turbine style rim in 19", it would be nice to get everything from TM on delivery.

steven.maes | 2012年3月13日

I was wondering if I should take the 19" or the 21". The 21" gives the car a better look. But driving on low profile tires will probably give less comfort then the 19". Is there any knowledge if the air suspension will compensate ? I don't want the comfort of a go-kart rather the comfort of a sedan.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年3月13日
gagliardilou | 2012年3月13日

I too would prefer the 19 in wheels with the fan blade. Tesla, please just offer that!

Maestrokneer | 2012年3月13日

+1...agreed. Very disappointed about the upcharge on size/price to get the aero rims. Let's see 19" aero rims! (I know slim chance, but a guy can dream right?)

I'll likely buy aftermarkets if Tesla doesn't provide an alternative. Let me give my money to you instead Tesla! :-)

Jason S | 2012年3月13日

Fan blade isn't aerodynamic rim. But does look nice.

Vawlkus | 2012年3月14日

Check your local tire provider: you may find something of a price gap between tires in 19 and 21" side ;)

Brian H | 2012年3月14日

The Karma review linked elsewhere ( ) mentions the effect of its 22" wheels as smoothing the ride, as they simply pass over small bumps and gaps. It's about a half ton heavier, too, of course.

steven.maes | 2012年3月15日

Brian, thx for that info. I guess we have to feel it when we take it for a ride.

dborn | 2012年3月15日

Different markets, but 21 inch tires are significantly more expensive and made of softer compound for greater grip but shorter life span. Also they are not low rolling resistance. I suspect a much harder ride and less durable to knocks against sharp objects like potholes and keres. Less sidewall height! Price difference in Australia can be as much as $200 per tire!! So, they are great for high speed driving on expressways and safer, but at what cost? Lower overall life and good looks? I prefer 19 inch and probably aero wheels with a harder compound low rolling resistance tire which will give long life at lower cost and better range on batteries and probably more comfort (although air suspension may smooth that) and generally far more practical, and sacrifice appearance. How often are most of us on an expressway needing high speed rated tires? The vast majority of trips are commuter crawling through grid lock traffic, even on intractable expressways.

dborn | 2012年3月15日

I meant intracity expressways. Also the word kerbs. NO EDITING FACILITY!