First Model X on TV?

First Model X on TV?

Looks like a Model X made it's first TV debut tonight! The new show Extant had a very brief cameo about 10 minutes in where it appears as a self driving car. You can see the Tesla display and the Falcon door opens. All the shots were inside the car so we never see the outside.

gfb107 | 2014年7月10日

Yes, it was definitely a Model X! Will be keeping an eye out to see if it makes more appearances in future episodes. | 2014年7月10日

Steven Spielberg (the producer and Model S owner) must have some major pull to get Tesla to let them use the prototype Model X. Tesla doesn't normally loan cards for TV/Movie productions. I suspect the MX wasn't on location, but was filmed in green screen. | 2014年7月10日

... loan cars....

runonmd1 | 2014年7月10日


Loan be a noun. Lend be a verb.

True dat!

Brian H | 2014年7月11日

False, dat!

loan (third-person singular simple present loans, present participle loaning, simple past and past participle loaned)
1.(usually double transitive, US, dated in UK, informal) To lend (something) to (someone).  
Usage notes[edit]
This usage, once widespread in the UK, is now confined to the US (or perhaps parts thereof).
It is often considered preferable to use lend when the object being loaned or lent is something other than money.

NumberOne | 2014年7月11日

It may even be a mock up., but it is still a Model X or at least based on the prototype.

Lubdub | 2014年7月11日

wow more syntax cops at work

Red Sage ca us | 2014年7月11日

The Sony Studios aren't really that far from the Hawthorne Design Center. Across the 105 FWY, up the 405 FWY a bit. Pretty easy.

runonmd1 | 2014年7月11日

Brian H...Like Wlllie Shakespeare has Julie Caesar go, "Yo! Do me a solid and loan me your ears."

Sorry, is a noun and to lend is a verb. Anything can be justified or excused by citing a rare exception, but when push gets down to shove, I got your third person transgender pluperfect subjunctive right here!

vandacca | 2014年7月11日

Can someone please create a new thread for English syntax, so we can keep the discussions in one place? I'm finding it hard to keep up with the syntax discussion across multiple threads.


Lubdub | 2014年7月11日


Tâm | 2014年7月12日

To escape from Syntax Cops, May I suggest to start writing in Chinese in this forum :)

jjs | 2014年7月12日

Writing in Chinese would throw quite a wrench in things. :)

Tâm | 2014年7月12日

CAUTION: Anti-Syntax-Cop mode applied:




Lubdub | 2014年7月12日

so I guess there must be a good syntax cop and a bad one too. the good one, just holds it in and doesnt get off track and answer just to correct syntax. the good one keeps the thread going.

runonmd1 | 2014年7月13日

Chinese syntax...

A financial levy on illicit behavior, perhaps?

wayne | 2014年7月17日
NumberOne | 2014年7月17日

Yesterday's episode did not feature any Model X sightings, In episode 2 Berry's character did drive a i3, but her Dr./friend seemed to be driving a Model S, and there seems to have been several Model S's in the background too. Nice that the Model X got was featured in the recap pics for episode 1(Wayne's link), although general viewers will not know it.

GLO | 2014年7月17日

Yesterday's episode did have a white Model X to the left of the picture facing toward the camera. It was when Berry's husband got into a Prius of all things. We played it back twice to confirm. There were quite a few Model S's.

AlMc | 2014年7月17日

Now. We wait to see if by the end of the season we see a prototype Model 3 somewhere. Would be a great way for TM to perk interest/create a buzz.

NumberOne | 2014年7月17日

OK GLO, now I will have to watch it again. I hope you feel bad about the time I am about to waste:-) I already deleted it, but hopefully I can restore it.

Tâm | 2014年7月17日

Thanks @GLO:

I thought I watched every frame and I still missed it!

You are AMAZING! Your hints got me back on track.

It was when Berry took off her electronic tracker from her mouth in the bathroom and ran down the stairs for the exit.

There! The parked Model X was on our left.

The very dirty silver/gray Prius was on our right, approaching and told her to get in:

Alex K | 2014年7月18日

This show takes place in the future (or an alternate reality), so I think cars would not have any side mirrors by then.

NumberOne | 2014年7月18日

Other than the toy that the child plays with everything seems quite contemporary.

J.T. | 2014年7月23日

@LeonardD Other than the toy that the child plays with everything seems quite contemporary.

Sure, if a kid modeled after Data is contemporary.

NumberOne | 2014年7月23日

@J.T. I was really not referring to the kid himself, as that part of the story is pure fiction at this time. I was referring to things like décor, clothing and cars.

NumberOne | 2014年7月23日

Tonight the Model X was up again at about 16 minutes when Berry's character went outside the house. This time the view was from the side.

NumberOne | 2014年7月23日

My DVR was not displaying the correct time. It was actually about 32 minutes in.

philiparnason | 2014年7月24日

In the picture left by Tam it would appear that the drivers seat is swiveled around a full 180 degrees to face the back seats. Is this true? Will this be like that in production?

NumberOne | 2014年7月24日

Since the car will not be driving itself, it will not be possible to turn the seat around in a working car. For TV nothing is impossible, but in real life however, at the moment...

Tâm | 2014年7月24日



I am glad you can read Chinese!

Elon only promises "AutoPilot" option, not Autonomous Driving option.

Just like airplane, you will still need a pilot, or in this case a driver.

elizabeth.gottfried | 2014年7月25日

OMG i hope the X looks this cool when it comes out... and NOT like a prius AT all, from ANY angle...

Brian H | 2014年7月26日

No. Some high-end mod co is claiming to have the option.

grega | 2014年8月8日

Wednesdays Extant (6 Aug) had a long shot of the Model X about 2/3 through.

Has anyone seen a scene with the doors raised? The way the show hints at upcoming technology I would expect them to show that.

NumberOne | 2014年8月8日

Yes, it was at about 49 minutes, ads included. The only scene with the doors raised was in the pilot episode, and it was shot from the inside. In every episode, including the Aug 6 one, the front seats were facing the rear. I also expect a more thorough view eventually, but there is probably some sort of arrangement with Tesla to wait until the actual public release.

grega | 2014年8月9日

There was also a little bulb on the windscreen (middle top) - potential camera location for auto drive? I wonder if that's the producer's idea of what every car will need, or a reflection of actual Tesla design.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年10月17日

After the Tesla Motors 'D' Event last week, it seems that the future of self-driving cars is a bit closer than we may have hoped.

ian | 2014年10月17日

Bumping many threads lately Red?

Red Sage ca us | 2014年10月18日

A few... Yes.