Frex (Free X)

Frex (Free X)

I've never spent more than $25k for a car, since high cost for depreciating assets doesn't make sense to me. Found it much easier to let stocks pay the piper. TSLA rising nicely lately, soon my X will be free. Anyone else buying via Tesla stock, and are you close?

aesculus | 2015年6月8日

Mine comes from another stock :-) | 2015年6月8日

@Iowa: Well done. I chickened out when the stock sank after peaking at $291 last year but bought some back when it bottomed. My discount will be only about 30% or so.

DTsea | 2015年6月9日

Not free. You could spend those gains on something else. If >$25k car is too extravagant for you, gains on TSLA dont change that.

Iowa92x | 2015年6月9日

DTsea, okay. (no out of pocket expense). | 2015年6月9日

I can't wait to see the @Iowa post: "Free at last." :-))

DTsea | 2015年6月16日

Your stock is money in your pocket. When you sell it to buy a car you are out of pocket.