Here is a feature that would be nice to have.

Here is a feature that would be nice to have.

what if the car had a power inverter with a auto transfer switch to feed back to the house in cases of power outages?

I currently have a small (5000 watt inverter) hole house battery (4800 Watt Hour) backup system that is very handy when there are power outages, that combined with a 2.8kwatt natural gas generator. this setup was perfect during Sandy and previous storms that left me with out commercial power for over 5 days each time.

I think if the Tesla car had the ability to be used as a hole house power backup system it would add more value to the car.

what you guys think?

Hi_Tech | 2013年3月6日

I come from a regulatory industry background and sort of cringe when I hear about additional/different "uses" of a product from the original scope... that said, not always a bad idea.

To keep this simple, if something went wrong with someone using their Tesla to generate power for their home, then Tesla as a company would be held liable. I'm not sure that it really adds to the value of the car for the company to recommend this type of functionality for their master-piece.

On the other hand, if smart D-I-Y type buyers find a simple solution for themselves to accomodate, then that's perfectly fine.... errr, I mean upto you! :)

To be practile, my house uses roughly 30-40 kWH of energy per day on average... would love to be able to have my car backup my whole house for upto 2 days... or more if I run just the basics.

TeslaRocks | 2013年3月6日

I think that when they create the suggested pick-up truck, it should have a standard electrical socket, hidden behind a tail-light like the charger on the S maybe, where someone could plug in small to medium appliances. This way, it can be used as back-up for your house or as a substitute for a generator at a construction site. And maybe the pick-up should also be offered in a larger battery size to compensate for the extra power use, which might might be appreciated by big-time contractors and other hands-on people who need lots of power. I think that could offer tremendous value to a lot of people, in particular the true hardcore truck people. Along with super crazy torque and great mileage, this plug feature would make the pick-up absolutely irresistible to most of the truck people and it would be the object of envy. Ford will be left in the dusk.

TeslaRocks | 2013年3月6日

I meant dust but dusk does create a nice image: the dusk of the ICE.

Brian H | 2013年3月6日

The twilight of the Fords?

negarholger | 2013年3月6日

@teslajolt - Solar City already offers a small solution...
...and yes you could integrate the car battery.
We are on our way, but still some patience is needed.

teslajolt | 2013年3月7日

@Kleist Thanks, I'm aware of solar city and I'm looking to add solar panels to my existing battery backup system. The only reason I have not done it yet it is because I have too many trees and my roof is mostly shaded in the summer. it does has its benefits, I rarely use the A.C.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2013年3月7日

Great idea. I have a diesel tractor with a PTO that powers our generator, same idea here except simpler.

JZ13 | 2013年3月7日

A Tesla product specialist actually told me this is a possible feature down the road. In no way did he proclaim that it was coming. However, he merely speculated that it was something we may see down the road. It would be cool.