How many "editions" are there currently of the model X?

How many "editions" are there currently of the model X?

Okay, so we know there is the "Base" which probably has one for each of the current batteries. Then there is the "Signature" edition with the white seats and signature red paint. Are there 3 of those versions, one for each battery? Then I have heard of a "Founders" edition or is that just another name for the "Signature" edition?

JayInJapan | 2015年10月2日

You might want to ask over on the Model X forum.

ir | 2015年10月2日

This is the Model X forum.

Signature & Founders only have 90kWh batteries. I believe they are the same, except only special investors / friends of Tesla get the Founders.

The normal one will have 90kWh and 70kWh. Elon tweeted 70s will be available over 1 year from now. That's probably when they clear the pent-up demand for 90s.

Tâm | 2015年10月2日


1) Founders Edition is for Board members & Founders

2) Signature Series are for a limited number of general public (about 1,400 or so) who first deposited $40,000 and are willing to pay higher price than General Production's for expensive options.

3) General Production are for general public who deposit $5,000.00 and have an option of buying cheapest barebone option all the way to most expensive option of "Ludicrous."

Usually, highest capacity battery is the only option you can choose to start with. Then you'll get lower capacity battery options later, perhaps 1 year from now.

Redmiata98 | 2015年10月3日

Ir, I posted this first on the S forum and JJ was nice enough to suggest posting here.

Thanks for the replies. I am trying to get more information on the "Founders" edition as Elon said the following for participants in the Model S referral program:

"Those who make ten referrals will get the right to purchase a fully loaded Founder Series Model X, which is not available to the public, for the price of a base-level Model X—roughly a $25,000 saving."

The difference between the Signature (~$135K) and the Elon twweeted Base (~$85K) is more like $55K difference so there must be a bunch of options missing from the Founders edition if it is going to list for $110K.

Welcome any input on the discrepency.

timf2001 | 2015年10月3日

The "base" model Elon was referring to is likely the base P90D because that's what the Founder series is based on. There will certainly be more than a $25,000 price difference between a fully loaded Ludicrous P90D and a base 90D Model X since the pricing structure is supposed to be comparable to Model S. The difference in 90D -> P90D alone is $20,000 on Model S.

NumberOne | 2015年10月3日

The founders edition does not normally have a list price, since it is not available to the general public. The only difference between the Founder's Edition and the Signature Edition is Ludicrous mode, which is available as a $10k option for Signature holders, and of course the labeling in the software and the badge on the side that says Founder. Also, the Signature does not include anything except unique trim options. The cost of a P90D will be close to $117k with all of the options selected including premium audio. While I am one of the best guessers I know, I am not always correct.

I am not sure if the Founders are just paying for a fully loaded P90D, or also have to pay a premium. My guess is that they are not paying the premium, therefore there is no discrepancy. The difference between the cost between the Base (which is a 90D) and a fully loaded P90D at this time, is roughly $25k.

Tâm | 2015年10月3日


Those are only "rough" figures.

$25,000 saving compares the comparable kinds.

When you compare high price Signature to barebone "Base," it's usually a purposefully mismatch to highlight the vast difference in price between the two.

Just like in Model S "base", it was quoted that you could get a Tesla for $59,900 (the now discontinued 40 kWh model.)

NumberOne | 2015年10月3日

I think @timf2001 is also correct. It is hard to compare, because the base Model S is $85k and the fully loaded P90D is $135k That is a $50k difference. I do not think there are any options missing from the Founder's, and the base he is referring to is likely the $93k (90D) So he essentially understated the savings. The only option I did not select for my comp are the rear facing seats, since the third row is not optional in the X.