How many Tesla S 40kWh are reserved?

How many Tesla S 40kWh are reserved?

Please leave feedback including reservation date.

Longhorn92 | 2013年2月22日

P#5539 reserved 10/27/2011, signed pre-MVPA for 40 kWh on 9/4/2012 with an est. delivery of Dec 2012/Jan 2013.

Chuck Lusin | 2013年2月22日

P#8467 reserved 4/28/2012, signed pre-MVPA for 40 kWh on 11/20/2012 with an est. delivery of Early 2013.

Jennifer Lusin | 2013年2月22日

P#12453 reserved 9/30/2012, signed pre-MVPA for 40 kWh on 12/28/2012 with an est. delivery of Early 2013.

larryh | 2013年2月22日

P6707 reserved Jan 13 2012, signed pre-MVPA in December with est delivery of March.

tshock | 2013年2月22日

P613 reserved April 22, 2009. Signed MVPA August 8, 2012 with estimated delivery Dec 2012 / Jan 2013.

davidslagle | 2013年2月22日

P1020 reserved June 20,2009. Signed MVPA August 1, 2012 with estimated delivery Dec 2012 / Jan 2013.

agiangone | 2013年2月22日

P#14739 reserved NOV 2012, Invited to configure Jan 16 2013 and signed MVPA for 40 kWh on Jan 17 2013 with an est. delivery of May/Jun 2013

kingjohn4 | 2013年2月22日

Res #181xx reserved Jan 10, 2013. Paperwork complete Feb 6, 2013 with estimated delivery: May/June 2013

andrigtmiller | 2013年2月22日

During the Q&A for Tesla's fourth quarter earnings release, Elon Musk made the statement that less than 10% of reservations were for the 40kwh battery option. He said more than 50% were for the 85kwh battery option.

ChasF | 2013年2月22日

P#6396 reserved 12/26/2011, signed pre-MVPA for 40 kWh on 11/14/2012 with an est. delivery of Early 2013.

Brian10 | 2013年2月22日

P1399, reserved on 11/17/2009, signed pre-MVPA on 9/6/2012, est delivery date of 12/2012 to 01/2013.

fluxemag | 2013年2月22日

P#14875 reserved NOV 2012, Invited to configure Jan 16 2013 and signed MVPA for 40 kWh on Feb 11 2013 with an est. delivery of May/Jun 2013.

wonder | 2013年2月22日

Don't quite follow. 40 kWh battery doesn't start production until March 2013 so these estimated delivery dates prior to beginning of production just failure of prediction I guess?

dbalog | 2013年2月22日

P#364 reserved 3/26/2009, signed initial pre-MVPA in 8/2012, modified order signed new pre-MVPA in 11/2012. I changed my mind and added Leather, Tech, and Premium Sound.

ZoomZoom | 2013年2月22日

P13020 signed pre-MVPA 1/8/13 now RN315363 delivery 5-6/2013

georgevet | 2013年2月22日

Reserved - 2/14/2011
Invited to Configure - 8/14/2012
Singed MVPA - 8/20/2012

I can't find the email but I am pretty confident my estimated delivery was to be Nov\Dec 2012

-George V (Atlanta)

DaveR75 | 2013年2月22日

Reserved : 3/26/2009
Singed pre-MVPA : 10/16/12
Expected Delivery : Nov\Dec 2012 - March 2013 - Early 2013 - Later this summer...

solarpowered | 2013年2月23日

P8983 reserved 5/20/12, signed MVPA 11/27/12, est. delivery early 2013.

mbergman | 2013年2月23日

P2748 reserved January 2011, signed mvpa fall 2012 with expected delivery Dec 2012 to January 2013.

Happy to oblige,@davidslagle, but could you tell me what the purpose of this is?

ChasF | 2013年2月23日

@wonder - the pre-March delivery dates were before the first delay. It was after that Tesla provided the March start of production estimate.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月24日

FYI - George Blankenship just posted an updated in the other 40KWh thread

The shareholder letter was wrong. 3-4 week delay not 3-4 month.

Brian H | 2013年2月25日

That page is now gone!

Brian H | 2013年2月25日

1:45 a.m PST Feb 25/13

davidslagle | 2013年2月25日

Dear George Blankenship, If the delay is 3-4 weeks not 3-4 months, that means the shareholder letter may be full of misleading information. As a share holder I feel misinformed about Tesla's real position. I also didn't get or see an apology by Tesla for yet - another delay. Has Tesla ever heard of communication with their customers to make sure they could feel good about their long term, interest free, high risk deposit? Lessons in leadership and honesty may be in order. We are people with feelings just like you. Treat us like it! David Slagle

nickjhowe | 2013年2月25日

My bad. Broken link. Try this: 40 KWh Pack

Brian H | 2013年2月25日

"Full" my fanny. An ambiguous phrase whose potential for misunderstanding one exec overlooked. Take a pill.

davidslagle | 2013年2月25日

Brian H,
BS is BS! I don't care how high a rank it comes from. You must be on pills if you believe his attempted save. You can only cry wolf, wolf so many times. PS; it said later this summer which has nothing to with months or weeks. His answer has no validity.

Brian H | 2013年2月25日

Your efforts to "see through" others are pathetic. And repulsive.

davidslagle | 2013年2月25日

Brian H,
Go to school and get a higher education and you wont be fooled as easy.

cmeyers | 2013年2月25日

P6831 and you can extrapolate the rest.

Not sure there is a point to this thread. I don't think you can compute the percentage of 40 reservations because it seems that only a small portion of Tesla buyers participate in the forum.

None of the people I work with do (that are buying a Tesla) but one of them just picks up the phone and talks to Elon directly so I guess that doesn't count.


davidslagle | 2013年2月26日

Your right! Ask your friend for Elon's phone number and share it with us so we can all ask.

cloroxbb | 2013年2月26日

Good lord david... Isnt this like the 3rd or 4th thread you posted that same exact paragraph in?

Brian H | 2013年2月26日

Don't let the door ...

cmeyers | 2013年2月26日

@davidslagle To remain friends I can't do that but I did some serious car shopping since the last delay being made public. There are a lot of cool cars for $60k on the market and they all available now.

For my health I think I have to stop reading the forum, it is like a bad habit.

rebeccap88 | 2013年2月27日

40kwh std white/black/piano/19”/tech/air
reserved 2/22, signed pre-MVPA 2/22
RN#328420. Est delivery May/Jun.

Where is everyone getting their "P#" from?

vincent1001 | 2013年2月27日

@rebeccap88, P# can be seen in My GARAGE, just next to your Reservation # "originally". I say "originally" is because my P# was removed since yesterday. I don't know why. I always can see it but it's gone now.

georgevet | 2013年2月28日

My P# disappeared too from My Garage.

It is etched in my brain though, I'm p3056

-George V

davidslagle | 2013年3月24日

Will Tesla X reservation holders start canceling their reservations now that I read (kink below)those vehicles have been pushed back a year?
From experience I can promise that is the just the first of several broken promises.
My cancellation for a Tesla 40kWh Model S has been completed.

Alex K | 2013年3月24日

@davidslagle | MARCH 24, 2013 : Will Tesla X reservation holders start canceling their reservations now[...]

I haven't canceled mine. The delay just helps in reducing the anticipation anxiety.

jjaeger | 2013年3月24日

Alex K - right you are. And if X reservation holders follow the boards, they'll 'enjoy' the wait as all the S owners have, knowing what's in store when they take delivery. Injustice or not, the ride is fantastic when it comes...

DTsea | 2013年3月24日

Why does DavidSlagle keep posting if he cancelled?

lolachampcar | 2013年3月24日

You have made your decision now stop crying like a baby and move on.

I could not stand the wait either (I’m a bigger baby) so P85 with active air for me. The car is great.

foyt | 2013年8月8日

was just ready to get a 40 kWh