How We See It - Tesla's Take on its Products and Progress

How We See It - Tesla's Take on its Products and Progress

Recently, some journalists have reported misleading information about Tesla, here’s how we see it:

Company Finances

Tesla’s Initial Public Offering successfully raised $226.1 million. It was the first American Automotive IPO in over 50 years and was a significant step forward in the clean technology sector. We opened with an initial price of $17 and anticipate, like all stocks in the current global financial situation, fluctuation over the next few months.


In addition to funds raised from our IPO, Tesla received a low-interest loan for $465 million from the Department of Energy (as of June 14, 2010, we have drawn $45.4 million) and a recent investment from Toyota for $50 million in connection with our IPO. Roadster sales and our powertrain business provide revenue today. Tesla has agreements with Daimler to supply powertrain components for the Smart fortwo and the Mercedes A-Class and an agreement with Toyota to initiate the development of a powertrain system for the electric RAV4. Revenue from Roadster and powertrain sales help cover a portion of the expenses required to bring the Model S to market in 2012.

Model S Development

Tesla is focused on the development and production of the Model S.

In May 2010, we agreed to purchase a factory in Fremont, CA, the former home of a Toyota/General Motors partnership where, most recently, Toyota Corollas and Tacomas were built. We intend to build both the Model S and our future electric vehicles at the Tesla Factory.


We continue to share the development process of the Model S.

  • Placing the battery pack along the floor of the car helps optimize the cargo space by allowing storage in the front and rear of the car and enables battery swapping.
  • We run an extensive advanced battery testing lab and have since before we began delivering the Roadster in 2008. We are confident in our ability to produce a battery that will provide the Model S a 300-mile range and quick charging solutions are in development.
  • Along with seats for a driver and four passengers, we have designed the Model S to offer rear seating for children. This is a similar concept that station wagons have used, for example the Mercedes e-class wagon.

Commitment to the Roadster

The Roadster is a groundbreaking vehicle that pushes the boundaries of automotive engineering.  It is in Tesla’s DNA.  As a company we owe a great deal to the Roadster and we will remain committed to it.

Over 1,200 Roadsters had been delivered around the world. As of today, these vehicles have driven over 6 million electric miles in 27 countries.

We believe the Roadster’s success is a big reason that both Daimler and Toyota invested in and partnered with us.  At least one other car company has credited the Roadster with catalyzing its electric programs.

Tesla has finalized new agreements with key Roadster suppliers that will enable us to increase Roadster production to meet increased customer demand. We intend to sell Roadsters in 2012.

Our revolutionary approach to service is designed to reach every customer wherever they are around the world. Our mobile service team, the Tesla Rangers, travel to customer locations to provide convenient service. We currently operate 13 stores worldwide and are actively securing additional locations for both sales and service.

Brian H | 2010年8月20日

Reads like you had a laundry list of disinformation to counter. Keep on keepin' on!

In other developments, I noticed a report somewhere that TeslaMotors was working with Freightliner on a delivery van. Are there other similar initatives?

DanAderhold | 2010年8月27日

I read that Tesla acquired the NUMMI Assembly Plant, formerly a Toyota and GM joint venture project. I worked at this facility in the past, consulting with Toyota and GM Engineering Teams. I have an interest in your company and working with you for the plant launch, and assisted many others in the automotive and truck industries.

What are sales projections for the Model S, and have you projected the production capability for this facility? Many production facilities are capable of producing about 50 to 60 vehicles per hour, once production line is filled to capacity. The NUMMI Assembly Plant is one of the largest in the USA, have you established some expectations for production?

Brian H | 2010年8月29日

It's now the 'TeslaMotors Auto Plant', or 'The Plant Formerly Known as NUMMI'. ;)

Brian H | 2010年8月29日

Also, I gather from public info sources that expectations are for 20,000 M-S sales per annum, and Toyota will be getting EV versions of several models out of the plant as soon as next year. So it sounds like quite a complex projection problem!

As I posted elsewhere, your contact point with TM should be, I think.

DanAderhold | 2010年8月29日

That’s a good expectation, having space to produce different model types (multiple lines) at the same location is simply good economics. Body Shop, Paint, General Assembly, and Final Processes are among the basics. Model variations and automation create costly changeovers, in the past many automakers would acquire various plants, and while producing current models, would changeover other plants for future models. This was a costly undertaking, considering the investment for changeovers versus recovery cost, to profit. Body type changeovers (5-year cycle) likely damaged some US automakers in past, considering body shop conversion often required a 400 to 500 million dollar investment. Many foreign manufacturers limited this costly body changeover to 10 year cycles, and focused on quality and components before moving forward.

Brian H | 2010年8月30日

The Bedford Report has begun coverage of Tesla Motors' stock:

rodrigocespedess | 2010年8月31日

Hello, when come to Chile?, I'm really fascinated with your vehicle and I would love to get one of them. He had thought to bring a direct import, but I am concerned about maintenance, did you make it through Toyota?, That would be a great solution, because Toyota Dealership are in practically the whole country

Brian H | 2010年9月7日

No, all service is at your own place, by Service Rangers in their fully equipped trucks.

In your case, you would have to pay air fare from the US for the trucks, too.


Jaffray | 2010年12月29日

@ Mr1974, your post is inappropriate (off topic) for this forum.

What you are posting is a matter between TM and its employees subject to the labour laws of the land...if TM was in violation of said labour laws, we would have read about it in the news...

qwk | 2010年12月29日


Unless you have proof or firsthand experience, it's only "he said, she said" type crap.

nickydale | 2011年9月25日

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nickydale | 2011年9月25日

Now that is off my chest, you guys are awesome, kudos on the namesake for you endeavor, Nickoli's ego would love it.Love that Roadster. The modular concept is also one my old ideas. build the basic platform to last and allow the owner to upgrade affordably years down the road to keep up with tech. Much less wasteful than the standard disposable vehicles that are now the norm.Someone up in there thinks just like me.I only discovered you guys hours ago so I don't really know that much about you, so I'll shut up untill I a bone up on whazzup with you peeps.

nickydale | 2011年9月25日

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