I love you Tesla, but.........

I love you Tesla, but.........

So, recently I drove my friend's newly acquired Tesla Model S, the performance to be exact, and I've come to a realization. I know I'll get flak for this, but Tesla is a great company, clean energy, great cars, however there's one thing missing in this puzzle.

I feel that the Tesla Model S doesn't have as much passion behind it as a car from a car manufacturer like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, or BMW. I just don't get that same joy in driving the Tesla as opposed to something close to the price of performance, like the S7 or the E63 AMG.

Don't get me wrong, they are revolutionizing electric cars, but I've vented my complaints and that's all.

danielccc | 2013年5月4日

There is tremendous passion. It's just expressed differently.

Cattledog | 2013年5月4日

PPPhD - I'm sorry, I'll have to check your pulse. Every single person who has ridden in my car - dozens, probably hundreds - is awed. I appreciate your contrarianism but you are in a serious minority. Not just of forum fanatics but of the general population.

We don't get you wrong, but unfortunately I think you have it wrong. They are revolutionizing cars, drop 'electric'.

Purpose? Check.
Performance? Check.
Picturesque? Check.

Passion? I think you know where this is going...

negarholger | 2013年5月4日

Check the BMW passion when it became a car company many years ago... Just look at their first car, no more words needed.

Among Tesla owners there is endless passion.

lph | 2013年5月4日

I think it is the lack of noise.
All that rumbling, growling can delude some in to thinking that it is cool.
For those who miss this, you can attach a cardboard so that it bangs against the spokes of the premium wheels.
It worked when I was a kid when it was on spokes of a bicycle.. hmmm ;-D

Dwdnjck@ca | 2013年5月4日

Noise does not equal passion.

danielccc | 2013年5月4日, no, it doesn't. But it plays like it on TV.

Mark22 | 2013年5月5日

Perhaps, to those that simply like noise, or rough shifting of gears, you won't find them in a Tesla.
The problem with BMWs is they lack flarbble.
The Audio lacks greemec.
And of course, the Mercedes has absolutely no tradlick what so ever.

Now, if you care to define what you mean by passion, I bet we can have a great discussion.

Mark22 | 2013年5月5日

Doh! Audio = Audi

Brian H | 2013年5月6日

Misspelling Audi is the least of your verbal crimes!


John Bryant Phillips | 2013年5月6日

Perhaps it is the outrageous commercials for the ICE vehicles. They certainly strive to evoke passion, but let's look at where that is coming from. The automobile dealers and ICE manufacturers must think that this artificially induced pseudo-passion is necessary in order to sell their product. After all, they often seem like cookie-cutter imitations of the next guy's offering. On the other hand, Tesla, with its unique, prize-winning, performance packed, smooth, quiet, high-tech appointments doesn't have this sort of blatant, in-your-face, mind-numbing, epinephrine injecting, truth-bending, snake-oil commercialism, because... it doesn't need it. That is why the sales model for Tesla is so radically different, because the natural, realistic, passion for the Model S far outweighs anything that the ICE people have attempted to create.

DonS | 2013年5月6日

I like the stealthy Tesla, and don't need the extra noise to feel the passion.

However, some people just need the sound to feel like they are actually moving. Hence, Mustangs have a tube to pipe intake manifold noise into the cabin, while VW and BMW play prerecorded engine noises through speakers. I guess if Tesla drivers want to go old school, they just have to yell "Vroom Vroom" as they step on the accelerator.

lph | 2013年5月6日

Nothing like silence and Power together. Noise is so old school and is a turn off these days.

FLsportscarenth... | 2013年5月6日


Did your friend only let you drive it in a parking lot. Please punch it on the freeway and then let us know what you think!

frmercado | 2013年5月7日

Don S Loved the comment! My feelings exactly.

Panoz | 2013年5月15日

Noise does not = passion <- best comment ever!

dr_gko | 2013年5月15日

Typewriters also make a lot of noise when you use it. Somehow I don't miss that noise on my MacBook Pro...

Low CG | 2013年5月16日

How about this. I own a BMW and a Telsa Model S. Here's how I feel about each:
BMW: ugggh

Passionate enough?

shop | 2013年5月16日

Lots of passion, but comparatively fewer people know about it yet. Believe me, all current Model S owners are going to be looking at Tesla FIRST the next time they need to buy a car/truck/vehicle.

DarrellH | 2013年5月16日

As stated above, noise does not equal passion. Noise also doesn't equal performance. Noise just equals noise.

When I get together with fellow Tesla owners, there is passion AND performance in abundance. Also positive noise in abundance about our vehicles

I know my wife and I wouldn't trade our Teslas (yes, 2) for any other car on the road or coming down the pike. 4 years with a Roadster and 8+ months with a Model S and we're not going back!

cloroxbb | 2013年5月16日

Noise is overrated. All it really does is annoy people. Some people just need that noise to replace their (cliché alert) "lack" of penis size sometimes :)

Brian H | 2013年5月16日

Your kids could be in college a long, long time.

J.T. | 2013年5月16日

@icohen +1

TFMethane | 2013年5月17日


Awesome comment.You perfectly identified the complete lack of substance in poncho's statement, and your silly analogies drove it home in a classy way. IIt's like when a woman says she didn't feel "chemistry" with a guy... All she's really saying is that she doesn't possess the vocabulary to properly express herself, and that she neither understands her own emotions OR chemistry.


bsmytti | 2013年5月17日

There are thing Tesla has not lived up to, remember the revolutionary service, a new way blah blah blah, still had to go pick up the car was charged for delivery, and then to have the dealer (tesla) charge a $12 subagent fee? really i could have gotten that from any other car company. there is a slight rattle in the dash and the tire management system seems to have a glitch, nothing out of the ordinary.

with that said.

The car is incredible picked our up 2 weeks ago, the only thing anyone can say that is not praise is the charging requirements the point very few will ever drive more than 274 miles a day does not seem logical to them and it will never make sense to some.

To put this in perspective I have a Super gas Olds Cutlas 8.50 sec 165mph in the 1/4 miles 1000hp 955ftlbs torque, I have mufflers and exhaust and it is still plenty loud, the Model S is the most exciting car I have driven. my race car will do wheelies. just saying.

Brian H | 2013年5月17日

How many GPM does the Olds use? Less an an Abrams?