I want a desktop widget that gives a running count of Tesla cars made.

I want a desktop widget that gives a running count of Tesla cars made.

I just want a simple widget that is customizable and I can modify it as the production changes.
Last I heard Tesla was pumping out 77 Model S sedans a week, so I want to be able to punch those numbers in and it show me a counter "how many cars made this week/day/month whatever, and then a TOTAL number of Tesla cars made.
Perhaps, it could show number of supercharger stations online (maybe even a little map of where they are if we want to get fancy).

Talking about fancy, how about the counter give an audible sound which I can set, everytime a car is made.
perhaps a little pic of which model car was just made. This will come in handy next year when they are making more than one model.

You want to get really really fancy? Have a running total of interesting statistics, like amount of gas saved, amount driven by owners, and anything else Tesla Motors decides is an interesting stat.

I am a big tesla fan, and if I can not afford one, then at least I should be able to cheer at the running total that is the symbol of a changing world.

Hey! Perhaps, the counter could be expanded upon and count other electric cars being made, Maybe even a comparison, gas cars being made vs. electric.


It would be a fun little app and if there is any coders with some spare time, please hook me up!
If I knew how to code I would hammer it out myself.

Something like this, but for Tesla cars, and on my Desktop. :)

pointmanzero | 2012年10月24日

woops, I did not mean to post this 3 times to the forum, I was just trying to edit some spelling and such.

BYT | 2012年10月24日

@pointmanzero, can you please delete the other two posts so we have just the one? You can do it from the Tesla logo at the top left of your screen.


pointmanzero | 2012年10月24日

@BYT Think I got it! :)

BYT | 2012年10月24日

Thanks, you did! :)

Captain_Zap | 2012年10月24日

I think the stock market players want one of those too.

ArieK | 2012年10月24日

Maybe someone can grab the first running numbers from the Tesla site ( ) which shows the number of roadsters delivered (obviously static by now), delivered to how many countries and number of electric miles driven. Not sure if miles driven are just Roadster miles or if the Model S miles are added. That should result in a nice uptake in miles driven.

TINO F | 2012年10月24日

I was in VIN 1228. White P85. It is at Scottsdale Fashion Square loaction.

TINO F | 2012年10月24日

It did have the cubby btw. The Cubby was black.