iPhone / Android App

iPhone / Android App

A group of developers over at teslamotorsclub have been working on adding support for an iPhone / Android App to the Tesla Roadster. We've come up with a solution known as OVMS.

The system gives you monitoring of the car from Android and/or iPhone (and iPad, iPod Touch) Apps, including SMS or PUSH notifications of charge interruption. You can even set the charge mode and current. And, it is available **today**.

You can find details at

A summary of the project is that the Open Vehicle Monitoring System (OVMS) is three things:

1] A low-cost module that fits in the car. It is powered by the car, talks to the car on the CAN bus, and uses the GSM cellular network to talk to its user.

2] A server. The car module can be configured to either talk to the server (via UDP/IP or TCP/IP over the Internet) or the user directly (via SMS).

3] A cellphone App. This talks to the server (via TCP/IP HTTP protocol) to retrieve messages from the car and issue instructions.

Part [1] is all that is required. You can use a cellphone and SMS messages to talk to the App. It requires a SMS messaging plan on the SIM card in the GSM modem in the car.

Parts [2] and [3] provide a much more seamless and powerful experience, but are optional. They requires a small data plan on the SIM card in the GSM modem in the car.

Even if you choose [2]+[3], you can still use [1] as well (for initial setup as well as ongoing on-demand).

The entire project is open source - from the hardware schematics to the APIs to the car and server firmware. Everything is published on github. The purpose of this project is to get the community of Tesla, and other, tinkerers to be able to expand the project. We can't do it all, and there is so much to do. What we are doing is providing an affordable and flexible base that the community can work on and extend.

Everything is open, and APIs are public. Other car modules can talk to the server, and other Apps can show the status and control the car. This will be a foundation that will hope others will interface to and and build upon.

If you have any interest in participating in this project, please contact us at

DallasTxModelS | 2012年5月5日

OVMS is an odd acronyn that sounds too much like "ovum" which is an egg. "Ovums" is grammatically incorrect as "ova" is the plural of ovum. Since eggs have nothing to do with cars or car monitoring it would make more sense to be called Monitoring Open Vehicle System (MOVS) or "moves" for car monitoring.

Brian H | 2012年5月6日

And, of course, it's 100% hackproof.


markwj | 2012年5月13日

Ovum, or Ohms?

LouisHicks | 2012年12月17日

Interesting one but the one thing which i did not understood is what do you mean by SMS messaging plan on the SIM card is it type of any special plan or a normal message plan , please can you specify it.

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SMOP | 2012年12月17日

I wonder when the official version is coming out. Our Roadsters have GSM built in and Tesla has promised an App for our cars for several months (perhaps almost a year by now). So tired of waiting for the official release :(

markwj | 2012年12月26日

Louis: You can control/monitor via either SMS or smartphone apps. SMS is used for initial setup. Just a normal message plan is fine - once the system is setup, you can even turn it off and just use a data plan.

SMOP: I don't think Tesla have officially promised an App for the Roadster. For the Model S, yes - and that is due our in the next month 'or so' - but the roadster App is just a rumor.

SMOP | 2012年12月27日


I believe many people have seen the Roadster app being demo'd and it was promised to make its way to owners sometime in summer 2012. It looks like Tesla has abandoned Roadster owners. None of these promised options have been released.

toddscott | 2013年1月9日

Very Cool Teck!

What functions of the car will be monitored? Is it a passive system or will the app be able to actually control functions in the car? How long till a beta test version is available?

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markwj | 2013年2月28日

toddscott: Functions include SOC, range, charge status, location (gps), speed, heading, tpms. It can alert you for things like alarm sounding, trunk opened while in valet mode, and charge interrupted. You can get the Apps for free (Android, iPhone) and try the demo version. The system is configurable to work in either passive or active modes. In active mode, it can control lock/unlock, valet on/off, charge stop/start, and charge mode + current.

agdcons | 2013年3月2日

Can someone help, please? I downloaded the Model S iPhone app, but I can't get past the password. I've tried all passwords I've used with Tesla, but no joy..."message email/password incorrect". Does anyone know how to set up the mobile app?

Vawlkus | 2013年3月6日

Check your browser's stored passwords to be sure the one you used on the app matches the one you used to post here.

If it matches, you'll either have to redownload the app (corrupted maybe?) or get Tesla to clear it up for you.