John Broder testing..

John Broder testing..

The latest in John Broders "John Broder testing..." series.

This time; serving tray

Runar | 2013年3月1日

Picture not working properly?
copy-n-paste then.. or perhaps someone can help me out?

Brian H | 2013年3月1日

<img src="URL" width="600">

Vawlkus | 2013年3月1日

Quite accurate given his level of competancy displayed thus far.

Superliner | 2013年3月2日

Clearly that mishap was the fault of the tray.

Cattledog | 2013年3月3日

Superliner +1

noel.smyth | 2013年3月3日

i thnk the chair is at fault. it was too low

teslajolt | 2013年3月4日

Just keep him away from a wood chipper.

Brian H | 2013年3月4日

Or not.

olanmills | 2013年3月5日

lol Brian

also this thread is perfect

TeslaRocks | 2013年3月6日

Oh geez I feel a lawsuits coming against the tray company.

lph | 2013年3月6日

Where were the tray instructions? Obviously he was not told to keep it level.

Brian H | 2013年3月6日

That last lift of the tray, on his left, looked kinda deliberate to me. A staged accident!

negarholger | 2013年3月6日

Did you guys notice that he didn't wet his pants. He is a brodering artist, absolutely staged.