Live in a Brownstone in Brooklyn how can a charge

Live in a Brownstone in Brooklyn how can a charge

I own a Brownstone in Brooklyn how can a charge a tesla can a run a cable on the side walk. Any suggestions?

Brian H | 2013年1月2日

Get the city to run a metered cable underground along the route?

Joshua Burstyn | 2013年1月2日

This is a common problem for urbanites. Some other folks on this forum have made arrangements with their buildings though. Perhaps your landlord can assist you?

ticcthesoulrebel | 2013年1月2日

i am the landlord LOL i would like to figure out how to do it. what would be the safest way. its a brownstone with no garage

Brian H | 2013年1月2日

Buried cable to the property edge, then a post plug-in?

Joshua Burstyn | 2013年1月3日

"i am the landlord LOL"

Shoot, sorry. I should be more careful reading the OP's info.

Hope you get your charging station sorted.


Joyrider | 2013年1月3日

I think you are stuck if you park on the street. Perhaps there is a garage in the area that you could be make an arrangement with...public or private.

FLsportscarenth... | 2013年1月4日

As a former New Yorker I understand your problem... People think I am weird when I tell them how much I love having a private driveway...

Here is an idea... Sell your brownstone and move to Florida... With the proceeds of the sale can buy you three houses with driveways here in South Florida, you will never need to shovel snow or pay state income tax again! What a deal...