Maximum charge only 265

Maximum charge only 265

I decided to try and charge up to full capacity on my performance. It reached 265 and said it is fully charged. Am I missing something? Has anyone else had this problem?

Brian H | 2013年2月5日

Did you set it to Max?

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hammy16 | 2013年2月5日

I think you will only see the higher value if you select "ideal" in the units and format tab
under controls and settings. Otherwise I think it is showing what you could expect with
your current driving habits.

jat | 2013年2月5日

+1 hammy16 - the full rated (ie, EPA rated) range is 265 miles. If you change the units to ideal, it will show around 300, but you will have to drive slowly and carefully to achieve that.

BTW, you only need to post your question once.

Margaret.kreeger | 2013年2月5日

Thanks for the info. Sorry about the double posting. I only hit submit once.

DouglasR | 2013年2月5日

One minor correction: the "rated" range is not based on your current driving habits, but on an EPA testing standard that is more realistic than what you would get if you configured with "ideal" range.