Model S adaptor for Roadster charger

Model S adaptor for Roadster charger

I just received an email from Tesla saying the S cannot use the 70A 240V designed for the roadster without an adaptor. He said they are working on an adaptor. This is good. However, he said they were looking at a price of $650. I think that is excessive. Maybe they are trying to phase out these chargers in favor of their super chargers.

Rod and Barbara | 2012年10月17日

@ cejor - You are correct, you cannot charge the Model S using the Roadster HPC without an adaptor. Tesla has already developed the adaptor. We paid $650 for our adaptor. The adaptor was not delivered with our car. It was shipped to us a couple weeks later. We received the adaptor the beginning of August and have used it ever since to charge our Model S. I don't know if there currently is a backlog to get an adaptor.

DouglasR | 2012年10月17日

I was told today that they initially are limiting sale of the adapter to those who own a Roadster. The reason is not because they want to be exclusive, but because they are essentially hand building these adapters rather than mass producing them. That is also why they are so expensive.

I was inquiring about the adapter in connection with a possible late configuration change to add the twin chargers. In Washington State, there are a number of private Roadster HPCs in places where they are not likely to have superchargers for a few years, if ever. Getting twin chargers + adapter would improve flexibility in driving to places I want to reach.

I was also told, however, that many of the public HPCs will likely be modified in the future to add compatibility with the Model S.

mrspaghetti | 2012年10月17日

The chargers at the Houston Galleria (in the reserved parking spaces for the Tesla store) are Roadster chargers. I wonder if the chargers at the other store locations are the same? If so, it would make sense to make the adapter more widely available as the Model S becomes more numerous than the Roadster. Or convert the chargers to J1772 or something so that all flavors of Tesla can use them.

mrspaghetti | 2012年10月17日

I suppose they could put an adapter at each Roadster HPC that's cable-locked to prevent theft.

DouglasR | 2012年10月17日

He did not specify how they would do it, but yes, he clearly implied that these chargers would be upgraded so that both Roadsters and Model Ss could use them. Of course this was not a promise and he may have been talking through his hat, but he did check with his supervisor in connection with this information.

jerry3 | 2012年10月20日


The price for the Model S UMC is reported to be $500 and it's certainly mass produced. At $650 the HPC adaptor isn't really all that much more expensive.

Brian H | 2012年10月20日

Yes, making it easy for Roadsters and Ses to use each others' chargers makes all kinda sense. Right now, the built-up Roadster units would be very convenient for the early S owners. Within a year, the # of Ses will overwhelm the Roadster #s, and the SuperCharger n/w will be much more built out, so making it available for Roadster use will "compensate".

DouglasR | 2012年10月20日


The config specialist who gave me this information was mainly trying to explain why he couldn't sell me an adapter: TM built enough of them for the Roadster owners, but doesn't intend to make them generally available. I just inferred that the cost was higher because they were not mass produced.

Brian H | 2012年10月21日

What use would a Roadster have for an S→HPC adapter?

Teoatawki | 2012年10月21日

Obviously, it's for Roadster owners who also bought a Model S.

DouglasR | 2012年10月21日


Correct. They may have made enough for SSL+R, but not more than that. I guess I could get one if one of those owners decided not to buy it.

SSL161 | 2012年10月21日

Interesting news! And disconcerting. I'd asked some time this summer if there was one and was told that they were not compatible.

--- Cherif

Docrob | 2012年10月21日

There are many roadster HPC's installed as public chargers around the place, they are not only in Roadster owners garages, restricting these adapters to roadster owners only would be very short sighted, in the end if they can have them made and put a small profit margin on them why not sell them to anyone who wants one?

Ron_S | 2012年11月17日

I'm planning a trip with my Model S on the I-5 thru Oregon and Northern California in the next month or so. Using the existing public network Roadster HPC would shorten the charging time considerably and make the trip much more enjoyable. I have not checked with TM as yet but I certainly hope the adapter will be available. Two or three less overnight hotel stops will easily pay for the adapter.

DouglasR | 2012年11月17日

I did try, but was unable to purchase one. I was going to upgrade to twin chargers, which would have enabled the HPCs to charge at a faster rate. It is certainly possible that they will change their policy in the future, but as of a couple of weeks ago, they would only sell to Roadster owners. I decided not to get the twin chargers for that reason, and I suspect it is too late to upgrade now (#P983).

Brian H | 2012年11月18日

No, you can add the second charger; but it's probably a retro-fit, costing extra.

Ron_S | 2012年11月18日

I'm looking for the adapter for the Sig Performance.
Same one they use with the Roadster HPC at the Fashion Island store to charge the Model S

DouglasR | 2012年11月18日

@Brian H,

Right. I was talking about modifying my configuration so that the car would be delivered with twin chargers. That was possible a couple of weeks ago, but I suspect it is not possible now. At least I hope it's not possible now. ;)

Brian H | 2012年11月18日

So, you'd rather have the incomplete car sooner than the complete unit later? Tsk. A grasshopper indeed!

Vawlkus | 2012年11月19日

Ask. Worst they can say is no

cerjor | 2012年12月26日

I take delivery tomorrow and leave the Seattle area on Jan 1 or 2 and drive it to Phoenix. Does anyone have a Model S-roadster charger adaptor I could rent or borrow? I will mail/UPS it back overnight delivery on Friday, Jan 4. That should get me to the supercharger network and get it back to you on Saturday. I am more than willing to cover any charges.


Thanks to anyone who can help.