Model S Android App

Model S Android App

Just downloaded the Tesla mobile app for Android. All I need now is my S.

sandman | 2013年1月31日

seriously? from the public google app store?

kickgas | 2013年1月31日


tork | 2013年1月31日

Description from the Google Play Store:

The Tesla Model S Beta app puts Model S owners in direct communication with their cars anytime, anywhere. With this app, owners can:

- Check charging progress in real time and start or stop charge
- Heat or cool Model S before driving — even if it's in a garage
- Locate Model S with directions or track its movement across a map
- Flash lights or honk the horn to find Model S when parked
- Vent or close the panoramic roof
- Lock or unlock from afar
Known issues with the Tesla Model S Beta app include occasional UI glitches.
For more information about Model S, visit

sandman | 2013年1月31日

awesome, getting it now...

aa012a | 2013年1月31日

WOW! Its here! and it works!

nickjhowe | 2013年1月31日

Nothing on iOS App Store yet...

jbunn | 2013年1月31日

Found one under Tesla Model S Beta. Testing now. Score jcoles!!!

Just got my S last night. I'll let everyone know.

sandman | 2013年1月31日

SICK!!! Like the car wasn't enough. Everyone who sees this to is going to wonder why they are still in the stone age...

And thanks to Tesla for matching my tesla account to my correct VIN number. I'd certainly make sure that your account is pointing to the right VIN. Otherwise you may be controlling someone else's S.

Oh, and time to get a real password on my account.

sandman | 2013年1月31日

tried all of the features listed and posting from car. seems to work well but approaching car with key did not auto-present the handles. maybe just a one time issue as that feature has always been variable on timing.

tranhv68 | 2013年1月31日

downloaded app. works very well. weird that android would be out before ios.

EVTripPlanner | 2013年1月31日

Very cool...let's see whose car gets hacked first!

SD Supercharger | 2013年1月31日

"Track its movement across a map"---Can you track the speed of the car?--- or its energy use in real time?

Timo | 2013年1月31日

@sandman, I concur, I really do wonder why am I still in the stone age. Model S with all the tech it has seems out of place, like some oddity fallen thru time portal from the future.

sandman | 2013年1月31日

Don't think it will show speed but it def shows position just not sure about refresh rate. Does not show energy use, just charge info.

IOS app approval process takes longer. If they submitted both apps at the same time, Android would show first because Apple takes a bit more time to protect its users from crappy SW. I don't think it has anything to do with phone/OS religious debates.

riceuguy | 2013年1月31日 shows speed, based on the screenshots! :-) Happy day.

sandman | 2013年1月31日

no way!

future467 | 2013年1月31日

thanks. I just installed it and it is working seamlessly

kashiraja | 2013年1月31日

You do need a VIN associated with the account to run the app! I don't have one yet... If I did, I would tell it to drive home from the factory! :)

Chuck Lusin | 2013年1月31日

Downloaded, it will be fun to check out once the car is here!

jat | 2013年1月31日

@tranhvh - aside from Android having much higher market share, the Apple approval process is much more cumbersome.

SD Supercharger | 2013年1月31日

Stupid question: Is this Tesla's official approved mobile app? If so, why is it called a Beta?

jbunn | 2013年1月31日

It is a Tesla official application. Beta is a software engineering term meaning "Pre-release". Typicaly there is versioning - Alpha, Beta, RC1, RC2 (Release Candidate). Tesla used the same designation for their cars. The origional prototypes were Alphas, the ones many of us saw in the stores prior to July 2012 were the Betas and RC's.

Beta versions of anything work, but may be buggy, and not have full functionality under all circumstances. That's why some folks refer to owners of the current cars (like me) "Beta Testers"... LOL.

Hope that helps.

bshortell | 2013年1月31日

Greatest car on the planet!

sandman | 2013年1月31日

Labeling the App "Beta" is Telsa's way of telling you not to expect perfection. I certainly hope they remove the Beta status at some point. Some apps keep it forever.

Oliver in Seattle | 2013年1月31日

@jat: in the US (where pretty much all the Model S cars are right now, the market is split (iOS actually has an advantage). Globally, android does still have a 2:1 advantage.

DFibRL8R | 2013年2月1日

What is the security of this? Can you just plug in a vin and control someone's car? The vins are located on the dash and legible from the outside so there must be some additional security right?

mbcaffe | 2013年2月1日

thanks for posting! this is fantastic!
for security i suggest periodically changing your log in password and make it complex if you can (caps, alpha-numeric, special characters)

mkh1437 | 2013年2月1日

@DFibRL8R based on previous comments here, it looks like you have to login to the app with your Tesla account credentials, which are associated with your VIN. So no, you don't plug a VIN into the app. Rather, you login with your (hopefully secure) Tesla user credentials (presumably the same credentials you use to login here), and as long as your account has an associated VIN, you should be good to go.

ViewAskew | 2013年2月1日

I don't believe the app showing up in the Android marketplace has anything to do with market share. I agree it has more to do with Apple's app approval process. I wouldn't be surprised if it arrived by the end of the week.

riceuguy | 2013年2月1日

@DFibRL8R, your VIN is tied to your MyTesla account, which is what you use to login. You can't associate someone else's VIN with your account!

mkh1437 | 2013年2月1日

That is, assuming they have submitted it to Apple for approval and release. Apple traditionally doesn't allow "beta" apps in the store, so if Tesla considers it still in beta phase, they may not be ready to release it to the iOS app store.

jat | 2013年2月1日

In addition to knowing your My Tesla credentials, you have to grant remote access in the car itself (Controls / Settings / Vehicle).

mikeadams | 2013年2月1日

I am expecting my VIN any day now. If I have my VIN along with my tesla account credentials, would I be able to track my cars location as it is being delivered to me? Or would I have to receive the car first and enable that remote operation setting in the car console? Anyone else try to track their car when it is being delivered?

mkh1437 | 2013年2月1日

@write.mikeadams It probably depends on whether the setting in the car for Allow Remote Access is enabled by default. I don't recall what mine was set to when I took delivery. I guess I would assume that if it is enabled prior to delivery, then you should be able to track it assuming you have the VIN attached to your account.

GoTeslaChicago | 2013年2月1日

Regarding why Android is first?

Previous posters on other threads stated they were to be released at the same time. Maybe Apple said they would release today so Tesla released Android today too, but for some reason, Apple didn't follow through, or maybe when they said today, they meant sometime today before midnight.

IOS users, keep your fingers crossed!

Getting Amped Again | 2013年2月1日

Can someone please describe the car preconditioning feature in detail? Is there a Ready Time? Is there a Timeout if you forget or get held up in a meeting, etc.? Can you pre-warm the battery and cabin both?


kalel65 | 2013年2月1日

Yes!!! It works!

nickjhowe | 2013年2月1日

@G.A.S - currently limited to just setting the cabin temperature. No timing. Check out the TMC thread - there are screen hots.

Don't have Android so installed BlueStacks on my Mac and then the android app. Works like a charm (except the map function, as reported on TMC).

Waiting for the iOS version...

shop | 2013年2月1日

Nickjhowe - that's a great idea for those iPhone users for now, just download bluestack to run it on your desktop.

Theresa | 2013年2月1日

Since I am not a huge user of apps I am wondering if there is a manual or help file for the app. I am not a big fan of icons as if you don't know what one does the image doesn't always help. And even then sometimes you think it does one thing and it really does something else. If anyone knows what the icon on the location page that is on the far left next to the car icon does I would like to know.

Thomas E | 2013年2月1日

Just downloaded mine (android) works perfect!!!

mkh1437 | 2013年2月1日

If you mean the icon at the top which looks like a circle with tick marks in it, that is the icon to center the display on your current location. It is the same icon you see on the Nav in the car.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月1日

@Theresa - check out Cinergi's video over at TMC that walks you through the app...

Albert B | 2013年2月1日

Darn. My car isn't here yet, but I was hoping I could set up the app ahead of time. It just tells me that no cars are linked to my account.

Of course, it would be funny to honk the horn while it's still at the factory. :-)

bobinfla | 2013年2月1日

@Jat: You burst my bubble. I've got my VIN but not my car yet, was wondering if I could track it on it's way to Florida.

mkh1437 | 2013年2月1日

Tried installing the Tesla app using Bluestacks on Windows. The app launches, but appears to only run in portrait mode on the device, so it appears sideways on the monitor screen. Also, I can't seem to click the fields/buttons to enter my Tesla account information.

Schlumpf | 2013年2月1日

Talk about an unconventional way to find out that your car has been assigned a VIN. Downloaded the app just to have it for when I get the car and was surprised to see the last four digits of the VIN. Delivery window is 2/19 to 3/5.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月1日

@mkh1437 - posted this on TMC for the Mac app, but might apply to Windows too...

To summarize the BlueStack situation:

First thing to do in BlueStack is to log in to your Google Account through settings.
That should update the AppMarketplace to Google Play
Then search for Tesla Model S and it should install OK.
You won't be able to log into the app!!!
Go back into BlueStack settings, select manage apps and change the Tesla App to tablet instead of default.
Now you can log in, but after logging in the display is messed up
Go back to settings and switch back to default from tablet.
Now you should be good to go.

Do NOT press on the location icon unless you want to crash the app.

mkh1437 | 2013年2月1日

Ah! I spoke too soon. I killed Bluestacks and re-launched the Tesla app (via the Apps icon that Bluestacks installed on the Windows desktop). Now it launched and I was able to enter my Tesla credentials. (Although, it is still in landscape mode and sideways on the screen.) After a couple tries, and toggling the Allow Remote Connection setting in the car, I was able to connect.

The app appears to have the following functions:

Home: shows the current battery level and rated range

Controls: Has several options: Vent Roof, Lock/Unlock, Honk Horn, Flash Lights.

Charge: shows the current battery level and rated range. Allows you to start/stop charging. Also lets you change between Standard and Max Range charge. I don't see any options for setting a charge schedule.

Climate: Shows the interior temperature and lets you set the desired temperature and toggle the climate control.

Location: Displays a nav map with the car's current location and your current location. I could not figure out how to zoom the map using bluestacks, so it just displays a world map with an arrow where your car is located. There are options to switch to Map/Satellite view or get Directions to your car from your current location. Bluestacks doesn't appear to be able to determine my location, and shows my current location as 0,0 (somewhere off the coast of Africa).

Pungoteague_Dave | 2013年2月1日

this is SO COOL! Our delivery specialist called this morning (Jamee Hawn at the DC location) to say they can deliver our car tommorrow instead of next Wednesday. Of course we said YES!

Then I saw this thread and downloaded the app and logged in.

Wow - There was MY CAR (Standard 85, pano roof, pearl white, 19's) driving down New York Ave, turning the corner, parking, etc. We could even see car go into Park, the drivers' door open, the plug go into the charging port, etc. I have never been so amped up about ANYTHING except our kids birth! And this is more fun!

What a car and what an experience and company. I am more than blown away, can't wait 'til tomorrow!