Model S extended test drive.

Model S extended test drive.

I am in love with the model S. After seeing it and sitting in it at the store I can't imagine buying any other car. However not everyone in my family agrees that it is worth the cost. I want to show my family how amazing this innovation in transportation really is.

Does anyone know weather I might be able to take a model S for an extended test drive or maybe even rent one for a few days so that everyone can see just how great this car is?

frankviaje | 2014年8月13日

They are rented in California. I can't recall the city or company. Not much help, I realize.

rb2 | 2014年8月13日

I think Hertz will rent you a Tesla in California

Hertz Dream Cars

J.T. | 2014年8月13日

And you can enter one regardless of weather the whether is favorable. Or vice versa.

J.T. | 2014年8月13日


jordanrichard | 2014年8月13日

I test drove one 5 times. Added together it worked out to be an extended test drive.

Where are you located?

Mystery Lab | 2014年8月13日

I got my wife and daughter to test drive it on separate times. I also test drove it 4 times.

Now I have one on order (mid November).

Quantum volt | 2014年8月13日

While those did look pretty good, I live in Pennsylvania, south eastern portion of the state to be exact.
I'll try to get my wife in while I test drive and see if that helps nudge her opinion in the right direction.

jordanrichard | 2014年8月13日

What aspects of her or your car does she not like? Does not having to stand out in 5 below zero degree weather to gas up a car appeal to her? Does free fuel roads trips appeal to her?

The list goes on and on, but you know your wife better than anyone. What is her hesitation?

The car is the future, plain and simple. Just about every car manufacturer now has a hybrid, to included McLaren, Porsche, and soon Bentley. Hybrids are really EVs up to the point that their respective batteries run low. The fact that Hybrids exist tells you and your wife that electrical power is obviously the primary power for cars now and that the gas engine has been reduced to being a back up power source.

With the MS's range, it doesn't need a back gas engine/generator.

sweetmanpe | 2014年8月13日

The store manager in Portland says they're more than willing to bring one to your home or a favorite road instead of the mall. If you're a serious customer I'd not be surprised if you could have it for the day. | 2014年8月13日

Talk to the store manager and seem if they will let you borrow one of the demo cars or service loaners overnight. If you are game, put down the $2,500 refundable deposit to show you are serious.


Quantum volt | 2014年8月13日

Jordanrichard: her main hesitation is the price. I just need to show her that it's worth it.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. You've all been very helpful. I'll try to stop in and update y'all on the situation. | 2014年8月13日

My wife was also dubious on the price--the MS was twice what we would ever consider spending on a car, and, to be honest, I would not spend this kind of money on an ICE car.

With her, it was helpful to go over cost of ownership, so you balance the new payment against things like no gas, lower maintenance, etc. In my case, this was impactful in that I was spending $700-900 a month on gas and the Tesla calculator showed electricity would be less than $100.

You might also want to highlight the superior safety of the MS.

Good luck!

Tracy_Moody | 2014年8月13日

I was very interested and Tesla arranged for an extended drive for me while on a business trip. I flew from Nashville, TN to Portland, OR where a representative from the Portland store picked me up at the airport. I drove from Portland, north to Centralia, WA to the supercharger for a top off. From there I drove the Snowqualmie pass to Ellensburg, WA to the Holiday Inn where I stayed the night. The next morning I drove down to Yakima and Toppenish for meetings and then returned to Portland. I got to experience the drive of the Tesla, the range and experience of the Superchargers. While the availability of the Supercharger stations are not yet as prevalent in the Southeast, it was enough of an experience to make the decision to sell my 991 and make the transition to the Model S. Worked with Tesla, found an inventory vehicle, and am thoroughly enjoying the car, 1k miles and growing.

Hkinkade | 2014年8月13日

If it's price, maybe this will help. My MSRP $85k. I'll get $10,000 tax break, $5,000 savings on Fastrak ( five year cost for me), over $20,000 in gas savings over five years ( likely this number is conservative) then there's $180 per year in synthetic oil change, no smog. . . So that's about a $50k car. Ok I get taxed on $85k not $50k, but there are a lot of other costs an ICE will add on that I have not factored in. Now if your wife has an appetite for a car around $50k then you have a chance. Good luck finding a better car at $50k. This argument didn't work on my wife, she was already sold on the sustainability aspect of the vehicle, but it did help me. I have absolutely no regrets. Everyday I enjoy driving the car as much, actually more than the first day I drove it. Hope this helps.

Brian H | 2014年8月14日

Her question was "Is it worth it to me?" None of the data points can answer that question, in the end. Driving it may.

J.T. | 2014年8月14日

@Quantum volt Jordanrichard: her main hesitation is the price. I just need to show her that it's worth it.

You might mention that jewelry can hardly ever be justified if pragmatic considerations are involved. :-) How's your couch?

LuchoFC | 2014年8月14日

I tested drive one model S in December 2013, I fell in love with it, I then tried to convince my wife about buying one, she was totally opposed because she thought the car was too expensive, I finally told her that she could drive it anytime she wanted instead of using the Honda CRV, we finally got the car in March 2014, since then she only drives the Model S, the Honda is just parked, we have filled the tank two times in 6 months, in other words she loves the car, the only problem I found with it is that I don't see how I could by another ICE car in the future.

Grinnin'.VA | 2014年8月14日

@J.T. | AUGUST 14, 2014

"You might mention that jewelry can hardly ever be justified if pragmatic considerations are involved. :-) How's your couch?"

I guess I'm lucky.
I'm retired and my wife wasn't thrilled about me getting an MS.
But, thank my lucky stars, I can afford it! (Did a few things right in my career)
So she passively accepts me driving my dream car.

Ron :)

carlk | 2014年8月14日

@Quantum volt Perhaps this can help.

Long term cost of ownership of this amazing car actually compares favarably to some of the cars with much lower list price whe you take the gas and maintenance costs into consideration.

J.T. | 2014年8月14日

@Grinnin' For me, my wife was very supportive. She does like to chide me about how much time I spend here.

Kimscar | 2014年8月14日

I was at the Las Vegas Supercharger on the 29th and met a guy that started a Tesla Rental company there. He bought 8 demo cars if I remember correctly. You needed to be at least 25 and carry your own insurance. I have his card at home. So anyone in Vegas that wants time with a Tesla can rent one there.

LEvans | 2014年8月14日

If you do rent a Tesla, be sure to read the fine print of the insurance coverage.

I had to dig around quite a bit to get it but with GetAround you have to pay a $2,000 mandatory deductible even if you are not responsible for any damage to the car. You could be at a stop light waiting for it to turn green, someone could rear end you, and you are on the hook for $2,000. I was thinking about renting a Tesla with GetAround during my trip to CA but decided not to based on the crazy high deducible as you could park your car and someone could hit it while parallel parking and you would be out of $2K.

When I drive a car that is not my own I usually pay for the supplement damage insurance for the peace of mind but this option does not seem to be available with car sharing services.

Captain_Zap | 2014年8月14日

Never having to pump gas again... Priceless!

Get her one for Christmas and borrow it. I think that is what happened to me on Valentine's Day. It's red...