Model X Active Rear Spoiler, spotted 7/21

Model X Active Rear Spoiler, spotted 7/21

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EVino | 2015年7月22日

When the Model S gets a design refresh, Tesla could potentially add this. The downforce effect might be beneficial at high speed.

carlk | 2015年7月22日


ken | 2015年7月22日

Very good picture, thanks. | 2015年7月22日

@Evino: convincing photographic evidence of active spoiler. Thanks for posting!

raffael s. | 2015年7月22日

could be just a shadow...

gerardP | 2015年7月23日

I cannot help being a bit worried: the falcon wing door does not fit tight with the top and the rear window, and the rear dooror the rear door also fits with the bottom but not with the side of the car. Hope this will not show anymore in the production version...

ernie | 2015年7月23日

@gerardP...there is no way the finished product will have these problems. Trust me I know a lot about smoking pork butt.

EVino | 2015年7月23日

I'm curious about the transfer of the downforce. The spoiler is on the hatch and the hatch rests on rubberized contact points on the body. Can it handle the transfer of force this way? In other cars, is the spoiler mechanism also incorporated into the hatch?

johnse | 2015年7月23日

A lot of the aerodynamic effect of a spoiler is actually to disrupt the lifting effect of the body more than provide a down force directly. That is separate from the inverted-wing type systems.

This is likely more for reducing overall drag by causing the trailing vortex to be less chaotic--or something like that.

kf93 | 2015年7月23日

connection to the hatch or the body doesn't make that much difference in downforce. Press on the trunk and press on a side fender, the car still moves down some slightly on the springs with negligible difference.

ram1901 | 2015年7月23日

Guessing this will be a feature on the Performance Model only....assuming there will be such a thing.

rossRallen | 2015年7月23日

I wonder why it was deployed at surface street speeds instead of 60+ mph? Certainly has toy value.

Ph03n1x | 2015年7月24日

Is it me or we have yet to spot the Model X mules with gullwin doors open ?

darlin | 2015年7月24日

Since all the photos I have seen have been moving, it is a good thing none of the gull-wings doors were open.

Seriously though, I have not seen a picture of one stopped with a single door open.

ir | 2015年7月24日

It looks more like a fixed spoiler. It doesn't look like it can retract. :(

Remnant | 2015年7月24日

@ ir (July 24, 2015)

<< It doesn't look like it can retract. >>

It only has to be hinged, which it seems to be.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年7月24日

EVino: +42 Thanks for sharing!

raffael s: All these are but shadows... Sinanju is the Sun!

johnse & kf93: +1

ram1901: Elon Musk confirmed that the Performance version of the Model X would likely be able to offer a very slow, relatively lethargic, thoroughly embarrassing 0-60 MPH time of around 3.3 seconds. So, yeah... This is probably for that version of the car. ;-)

Ph03n1x: An employee at a supplier in Michigan snapped a photo of the open rear Falcon Wing Door on the driver's side weeks ago.

ir: Remnant is correct. Think in terms of a hinged lid on a horizontal chest/cabinet.

Ph03n1x | 2015年7月24日

Thanks Red Sage, I didn't saw this one.

raffael s. | 2015年7月24日

@Red, it could also be the angle, or a bird...