Model X charging at Fremont SC

Model X charging at Fremont SC

Model X charging at Fremont SC

SamO | 2015年10月10日

F'ing locals.


Shesmyne2 | 2015年10月11日


Still Grinning ;-)

vperl | 2015年10月12日

Take"em on trip to desert, tow a back hoe.

jackhub | 2015年10月12日

Sorry that's a model S. The door handles are adjacent on a Model X. Still nice pic!

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年10月12日

@jackhub, take another look. The glint of sun on the handles may have diminished your view of the two handles together. | 2015年10月12日

@Evino strikes again!

Son of a Gunn | 2015年10月12日

@jackhub you're hereby dis-invited from the Model X gathering. Your name is going to a Kia dealership.

jordanrichard | 2015年10月12日

besides the handles, the rear spoiler/wing gives it away as an X.

Mark Z | 2015年10月12日

The plastic trim above the wheels is another unique difference of Model X.

hpjtv | 2015年10月13日

it's also taller than the other vehicles charging...

vperl | 2015年10月13日

Jhub already ordered one. A pink one.

Buy a KIA
Be happy

dmital001 | 2015年10月13日

@vperl there is no pink X - apple has patent on that. Tesla was sued for copying apple so tesla had to withdraw that color.

carlk | 2015年10月13日

Only Apple can make pink cars? Sigh I have to abandon Tesla and buy Apple cars.

CeeTwo | 2015年10月13日

There is a pink Model S in the San Diego area. I saw it on the freeway last week and a couple of years ago I saw it at the Tesla Service Center off Miramar Road. It's an earlier car - 2012.

Apparently, for an outrageous surcharge, you can have your Tesla painted whatever color you want at the factory (or at least you could in the beginning). And, of course, you can always get a wrap.

So you won't have to abandon Tesla for Apple :)

dmital001 | 2015年10月13日

Well the added advantage of apple car will be you will be able to download updates via itunes! The unbeatable - unchanged since 2002 itunes!!

johnse | 2015年10月13日

No, no, no! Pink is reserved by Mary Kay!

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月13日

Barbie: Driving pink electric cars since 1972!

dmital001 | 2015年10月13日

Barbie and Ken talking.

Barbie: Have you seen my pink EV?
Ken: Pink EV? I know Pink V, it has E now?
Barbie: Yeah and the new one is really big too - its doors open by itself when you approach it.
Ken faints on floor.

Sorry could not resist...

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月13日
ir | 2015年10月13日

You wouldn't happen to be talking about Sergei Brin's pink batmobile?

EVino | 2015年10月13日

I know everybody says
Money can’t buy happiness

But it could buy me a boat, it could buy me a truck to pull it
It could buy me a Yeti 110 iced down with some silver bullets
Yeah, and I know what they say,
Money can’t buy everything
Well, maybe so,
But it could buy me a boat

and a pink EV

vperl | 2015年10月14日

Heard, the jhubster was a Mary Kay individual, even wears lavender clothing for total atmospherics.

Goes great with the jhubster's pink eye patches. | 2015年10月14日

Sergei Brin's S was a wrap as a prank. Here is one known painted pink car (by Tesla in 2012):

Tesla painted about 5-10 cars in 2012 as an undocumented very pricy option. They found it so disrupted production they stopped. Since then I'm aware of 3 cars from Tesla with custom paint colors since then. Bright green (unknown owner), orange (paint department manager), purple (George R.R. Martin). I also think Franz von Holzhausen had a bright blue custom paint, but it might have been a wrap.

aesculus | 2015年10月14日

That pink car is not that bad. Not that I would buy it, but I like it better than Martins purple one.

wildcatzoo | 2015年10月15日

The owner of that "pink" car insists you call it "mauve", we met him at the Tesla rally in LA in 2013

stevej119 | 2015年10月15日

Yep, looks mauve to me. Back in 1980 I sold a particular model of bicycle which came in a color called "mauve rose." I immediately thought of it when I saw the photo, before seeing the wildcatzoo's post.

johntothebrogan | 2015年11月8日

@carlk if Apple made a car it wouldn't make it half a block up the street before getting shattered by hitting something softer than a Marshmellow