Model X configurator published by Jalopnik

Model X configurator published by Jalopnik

I found this yesterday on Jalopnik. Claims to be the Model X configurator and looks pretty authentic.

timf2001 | 2015年11月24日

The screenshots have been posted multiple places. Their commentary on price is terribly inaccurate as they reference 85 kWh options and neglect the fact that the paint, wheels, and interior options aren't reflected in these screenshots. Also, I'd advise staying away from the Comments section.

Pbfoot | 2015年11月24日

Read the comments. What a bunch of misinformed, opinionated pricks.

rossRallen | 2015年11月24日

Yeah, the comments are moronic. I'd like to see all the pages, though. Where?

vandacca | 2015年11月25日

Sounds like they cut & pasted parts of that review from an earlier Model-S article. Otherwise, how else could they make the mistake with the battery pack sizes?