Model X Limo

Model X Limo

Not sure if anyone else has had a similar idea, but I would love to see a MX Limousine made.

Potential hiccups off the top of my head:
structural integrity (aluminum frame, falcon doors), impact on SADAS features or other safety technology, (likely) loss of warranty, (or worse) Tesla refusing to provide any maintenance assistance or repairs in the future, maintaining ability to use supercharging network, battery alteration or addition, costs.

But all that aside, it would be pretty amazing to do. I would really like to see a small level of support from Tesla for such a project without any liability towards the company of course. Custom Battery design, altering software as needed.

Perhaps this idea is reaching a bit, it certainly doesn't make a whole lot of sense from a financial perspective.

Even so, what are your thoughts on this?

Red Sage ca us | 2015年3月7日

More likely there will be a version with the third row, but without the second row.

As far as a limousine class Tesla Motors vehicle, I wouldn't mind seeing a Tesla Model L six passenger pullman style car, with dual motor AWD, Falcon Wing Doors, and a 220 kWh battery pack.

jhoskins | 2015年3月16日

I don't mean Tesla actually producing a limo, I mean a MX being modified specifically for use by a limo company

jordanrichard | 2015年3月16日

Ya, that's not going to happen. All limos start out as sedans that get cut in half and have a new section welded in. They extend the drive shaft, brake lines, fuel lines, etc. Since the entire floor of Teslas consist of a battery pack, where would they cut?

grant10k | 2015年3月16日

They don't just put a car on a large table saw and slice it. If they were to make an X into a limo, they would just cut everything but the battery and extend the power lines to the front/rear motor depending on which side of the car keeps the battery.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年3月17日

Most limos begin life as sedans, but no it all of them...

THRΞΞ | 2015年3月18日

hmm... a stretch Model X limo with a 300kWh battery, and maybe multiple pairs of falcon wing doors? Now that would be a sight to behold. A triple port charging system is in order.

3seeker | 2015年3月18日

Sure, why not? I've seen crazier sh#t... like a cat bus: | 2015年3月19日

Wow! A cat bus with 12 legs and a driver!

@grant10K has the right approach. If the middle section that gets inserted is long enough, you could put two battery packs in tandem for a total of 170 kWh, approaching @Red Sage's market requirement. With appropriately located charging ports, you might be able to plug into two Superchargers at once. With care for drag you could probably get over 450 miles range fully charged and pick up over 300 miles in less than 20 minutes at a Supercharger. You could operate it in "half sleep" mode with one drive unit and battery pack for extra economy while cruising. I see this as having a big play in China and Beverly Hills.

Maybe Elon could spring us a beta MX to start working on the prototype.

hansondavid4 | 2015年6月12日

I was just thinking about that the Model X may be a create platform for a limo/executive car.

I believe all they would need to do is reverse the second row seats and put a divider at the pillar between the driver and passager section *this would not be a stretch limo configuration). I doubt they would need much structural redesign outside of the mounting of the second row seats. Maybe the third row is pushed back a bit if the frunk can provide enough cargo space.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月12日

hansondavid4: Yeah, that is similar to the Tesla Model L six passenger pullman style car I describe above. It may well work without increasing the wheelbase of the Model X. I think most would rather just have fully sliding 180° rotation of dual captains chairs for the second row, rather than two fixed rear facing seats.

jhoskins | 2015年6月12日

I think the idea of cutting it in have and stretching it to fit 2 standard batteries is the way to go. Dual charging ports is a great idea, obviously the entire rear interior would be completely redesigned and a privacy glass installed. There would need to be a practical business application to justify the cost of this.

Sorry Red Sage, but I'd imagine we'd be at least a decade away from the possibility of a production Pullman style vehicle. elon would build a working submergeable car first IMO.

A privately funded model x limo is feasible in as little as a year, and just imagine renting that baby for the night.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月13日

Yeah, have written elsewhere that a Tesla Model L would likely appear after: Model X, Model ≡, Model R, Model Z, and Model P... | 2015年6月13日

No way, Red. I already have some hack saw blades. :-))