Model X Poem to Elon

Model X Poem to Elon

My terrible poem to Elon:

Elon your X is all the hype with fans galore and haters alike.

Not sure where I stand among the chatter, but one things for certain there's something the matter.

Doors that swing up and away are quite cool, its certainly no deal breaker for this lavish fool.

Is it the grill you ask that you've hidden so well? Not my favorite design but only time will tell.

What about that windshield and panoramic view? I trust that the a/c will help keep me cool.

The air filter is not your cup of tea? I live in a cow town, so well just have to see.

Well what is it then your wasting my time! Is there a point to your silly rhyme?

Well Elon if you must ask, you seem like a guy who'd be up to the task of engineering a car that can't be beat, and remembering to include a folding second row seat!

No hard feelings so I guess I'll see ya. Today I start shopping for my new KIA.

Ross1 | 2015年10月13日

Delete the post

Ankit Mishra | 2015年10月13日

You will hurt his feelings @Ross. Atleast he tried.

aesculus | 2015年10月13日

Actually as a poem it is so-so, not terrible.

It has also captured the sentiment of many people who have posted on this forum about issues they have. These are not shared by all but by many.

So while many of you may take offense of the content, its the truth and burying this poem (deleting it) will not change the sentiment of others.

AlMc | 2015年10月13日

:). In the 'investor section' on TMC we have forbidden poetry. A poem is published and TSLA drops.

Not sure why the poem should be deleted or ridiculed for the content as other than 'buying a KIA' it expressed sentiment shared by many.

I have found on this, and other forums, it is better to defend one's position with some information to back up your position versus just ridiculing something/someone you don't agree with.
IMO, it lessens the message and may detract from the messenger's credibility with others joining or currently in the conversation.

Agree that the poet is no Shakespeare but he/she tried. My poetry skills are far inferior to the OP's :)

MrBuffer | 2015年10月13日

I confess the last line is an inside joke from a forum user who always tells people who are unhappy to buy a Kia. That's probably not going to happen. I am not even sure I'm not buying the X. It's not meant to be hateful or mean, I just wanted to express some of my frustration in a light hearted way.

AlMc | 2015年10月13日

@Mr. Buffer: No worries. I think most forum members recognize the 'Kia' joke. However, some don't, so it is good you qualified.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年10月13日

Since you could type and post we all assumed you did not fit the Kia buyer profile. Maybe that is too snarky. The flat fold people must be rubbing off. Oh no snarky again. I give up.

I did just have an interesting personal thought. Everyone in my family circle always drove trucks and big SUV's. Then we bought a Leaf and that taught us we really wanted a Model S. I have to laugh that now we drive three Model S cars and soon two Model X. With delivery of the X's everyone will have gone from big lunking tanks to cars none off us ever thought we would own or drive.

We kept one truck around for hauling things. Never have looked back or regretted dumping the oversized tanks I thought I needed. Once you go electric in a Tesla nothing else measures up.

MrBuffer | 2015年10月13日

@AIMc you've convinced me to quit my day job and right err write poetry; less the jokes of course ;)

@Roamer LOL I went from a Ford F-350 to a NissaI Leaf but had to sell when my commute grew bigger then my battery capacity. I passed on the Model S and chose to wait for the X. Ironically the "green" car I chose to hold me over was a "clean diesel" VW TDI, that was a mistake. It's true you learn to adapt and find friends with those big trucks. I am excited that the X tows I can see myself utilizing that feature often.