Model X: Wheels and Tires

Model X: Wheels and Tires

Standard 20" wheel width is 8.5." What's the standard tire size?

Optional 22" wheel has staggered tires. What's the tire size(s)? Are the wheels staggered as well?

$4,500 is a lot to pay for a 22" wheel/tire option.

ian | 2015年12月1日

There is some good info in this thread over at on this topic.

The 22" tires are 265/35R22 front and 285/35R22 rear. Rim widths are 9" front and 10" rear.

The 20" tires are 265/45R20 front and 275/45R20 rear. Rim widths are 9" front and 9.5" rear.


danny | 2015年12月1日

I'm looking at a 265/50R19 for snow tires (tirerack lists two matching models).

I have this spec directly from a Tesla DS, with the stipulation that it is not officially recommended, YET.

I understand that the X will not have a recommended 22" snow tire configuration. Only 19" and 20", at least for now.

Redmiata98 | 2015年12月6日

Anyone know if the model S 21" tires will work with the model X? If so, please provide details/references because I am trying to decide whether or not to keep my mounted 21" snow tires from my S. Thanks.

ian | 2015年12月6日

They should be fine. Elon had 21's on his X at the reveal. Your speedometer will be off by quite a bit though as the overall diameter on the X wheels is larger.

2015P90DI | 2015年12月11日

Would have to change the 21" tires to a different size from the Model S sizes. When searching, check the overall circumference of the Model X tires, then search for tires with the same width (first number), checking different series sizes (middle number) until you come up with one that has the same circumference and the speedo will be fine.

Assuming the lug pattern and wheel offsets are the same, the Model S wheels would look pretty good on the X

pvetesla | 2015年12月11日

Wheels and rims make the car. When you see a BMW or other quasi luxury brands driving on small tires and rims it makes the car look really cheap. I don't want to spend the $4500 on rims and wheels especially with curb rash but I haven't seen any options in person. Need to see the car ....... PLEASE!!

Claudedohrn | 2015年12月11日

Wheels and rims make the car? Maybe, but not for me. I sit on the inside of the car, where I can't even see them. In NJ, with our potholes, not even thinking of anything but standard. Just my 2 cents.

carlk | 2015年12月12日

I have grey 21" on my S. People always tell me my S is the better/best looking one they see. There are plenty of S here in the SF Bay Area you see them everyday. The wheel and that fact that I wash my car often are likely the reasons.

The side wall of 22" X tire is actually a little (~8%) taller than the 21" S even they have the same 35 profile because the X tire is wider. If I can have 24K mile trouble free with my S I don't expect any issue with my X. Not to mention my previous car has the same 35 profile tire that I have relatively good experience with. If the road condition in your area does not allow you to use it then you got not choice.

aewillys | 2015年12月12日

newbie question here but what is the issue about having larger wheels? are there road types that don't work well with larger wheels.

I plan on going with the 22". I live in London. I go skiing in Austria or France, surfing in Portugal.


gfb107 | 2015年12月12日

Larger wheels means larger rims, so a larger inner diameter for the tires, but the same outer diameter for the tires. So there's 2" less tire between the road and the rims. The rims are significantly more likely to hit when you accidentally drive through a pot hole or get too close to a curb.

Farmer Dave | 2015年12月12日


Actually,there's 1" less tire between the road and the rims (half the size difference of the two rims).

Also, the towing ability is reduced with the larger rims.

pvetesla | 2015年12月12日

Politics and tires. Always a good match.

aljjr2 | 2015年12月12日

I have had 21" rims and tires on my Audi Q7 for 8 years. One minor scrape. I have 22" 35% profile tires on my Karma, in 3 years and 34000 miles, not a issue. However, I live in Atlanta. Very few pot holes and not salt on the roads (I don't we even have salt or anything to spread it) so a different scenario.

Model X 35 profile tires aren't supper low -- not a rim and rubber band, but they do require some caution. If you are used to rubbing your tires and hitting pots, then stay away from the 22's. Same for other drivers....

carlk | 2015年12月13日

@Triggerplz, @ian

You are right. Some just have more imagination and creativity than others.

bobby | 2015年12月13日

Wow... No need to make such accusations, people. Let's keep it civil and on-topic.

FWIW, I'm decidedly non-white and I don't see anything racist in what carlk said. At worst, it's an unusual and possibly awkward analogy that is easy to take the wrong way.

Can we extinguish the flame war and just go back to discussing tires? Please....?


bobby | 2015年12月13日

@Triggerplz : I don't want to perpetuate this flame war, but you have truly misunderstood carlk's statements. Please go back and reread it carefully. Again, it's easy to misunderstand his point. I encourage you to reread the whole thing. He's simply pointing out the bias in the media reporting of these horrific events, and how there is unfairly implied blame in the way it is reported. That is all. :)

Claudedohrn | 2015年12月13日

@bobby's suggestion is good; please reread carlk's post. I think the intent was fine, although the example might have been poorly chosen considering how everyone is rightfully on edge.

I disagree with carlk's point about tires, though, and will never again run anything but tires as bulbous as I can get on NJ roads. Avoid potholes in NJ? I would get pulled over for drunk driving since I'd be weaving so much.

Triggerplz | 2015年12月13日

@bobby and @Clauded I appreciate your comments I have nothing else to say to calk..

kittylitter | 2015年12月14日

Wow, guys!

Why don't you meet after school on the playground and duke it out?

Triggerplz | 2015年12月14日

@kittylitter I would pay ITS airfare to come meet me..

ian | 2015年12月14日

All the back and forth between you two has been flagged as inappropriate because that's what it is.

Wheels and tires folks. Can we please keep it on topic? Thanks.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月14日


I purchased a preowned '14 Cayenne diesel with Air suspension and factory premium 22in wheels. The ride was so rough I purchased compatible 18in wheels and some Michelins to match...What a difference in the ride and haven't noticed any handling deficit, but I am not one to really evaluate for that.

Since I really don't care what the wheels will look like (besides, nobody will even pay attention to the wheels), I am happy to save the money and get the standard 19in wheels.

Remember, it's an SUV...albeit the coolest one out there...even without fancy wheels

Triggerplz | 2015年12月14日


AlMc | 2015年12月14日

So....How about those X wheels and tires?

If I ever get an X I will probably go with the 20s. Need to be able to pull a trailer near (or just over) 5K#

I like the 'look' of the 22s better but the X is suppose to be my utility vehicle.

Ah, first world problems.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月14日

By the Way, excuse my not being up to speed on acronyms, but I was not aware what FUD stood for...So I Googled it...

The Urban Dictionary returned the best definition...but I am not comfortable pasting it here, so click if you are so bold...

Those Scots know how to have a good time...

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*

rossRallen | 2015年12月14日

I'd say the Urban Dictionary returned the worst-possible (eye-popping) definition. Ruined it for me. I can't unsee it, and for the curious, don't bother.

FUD is a common term used in business, and has until now no association with the UD/Scottish usage.

Makes me wonder if now I'll get a harassment suit for using FUD in mixed company.

Let's just get back to tires and wheels, please.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年12月14日


This definition works better and does not hurt my eyes.,_uncertainty_and_doubt#Definition

MyXinTx | 2015年12月15日

I suppose I should apologize, but it really was the first return on the search.

At least I made the right decision not to cut,paste, and post.

Of all the acronyms I learned after 20 yrs in medicine, that ain't one of them...yet there is much FUD in healthcare....

Right, back to tires and wheels...

Is there one tire manufacturer that Tesla is aligned with, or does it vary with the size of the wheel and level of performance of drive power?

bobby | 2015年12月15日

Elon's X had Yokohama Parada tires.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月15日

Well I admit not to be a tire expert, but I have not considered Yokohama tires to be high-end compared to Michelin, Pirelli, etc. A little research supports my perspective, but the Parada does appear to rank higher than others.

For All Tire Experts a few questions...

Is Yokohama a well-matched tire for the X?

If yours came with these, would you be quick to replace?

How much does the wheel size affect the choice of tire manufacturer?

ian | 2015年12月15日

All pictures of Elon's X since the reveal event have been with the standard spec 22" wheels. I haven't seen any close ups of the tires but one would assume they were specced with the same Pirelli's as the others.

More important than brand is what environmental condition the tire is designed for. Bottom line is that all season tires are, by definition, a compromise in all seasons. If you want the best grip for the conditions, and your conditions change throughout the year, buy and use multiple sets of tires designed to perform their best in those conditions.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月16日

Good thought, but far too impractical for my lazy butt...except perhaps for snow tire +/- studs where needed...

ian | 2015年12月16日

All you teally need are 2. Summer performance tires are the best choice down to about 40 - 45 degrees. Even in the rain. Then a winter set, if you live in, or travel to, areas with real winter.

ian | 2015年12月16日

Ugh, teally should be really.

Triggerplz | 2015年12月17日

And then should be than

mikeah007 | 2015年12月17日

Can someone post pictures of choices of the 20inch from the configure page.

ian | 2015年12月17日

Nope, my then is what I intended. Thanks for your help though.

Triggerplz | 2015年12月17日

Write THEN as u please but it's incorrect English ... You are very welcome

AlMc | 2015年12月17日

Where is our real English language expert, 'Brian H', when we need him?

Ian is using it correctly...

Then is commonly used to express a sense of time or what comes next or used to be.

Than is used to form comparisons between two things.

No 'thank yous' or 'your welcomes' needed.

NameBrand | 2015年12月17日

I have been thinking of 21" wheels. I found some options that work but have not pulled the trigger yet.

ian | 2015年12月17日

If you say so Trigger.

Thanks AlMc. You got my meaning.

kittylitter | 2015年12月17日

So did I, but decided to stay out of it this time. (Whoops)

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年12月18日

Why does the tire thread seem to bring out so much negativity?

Oh well. Then after the period works for me. Not that it matters. I am world famous for not being very careful on silly forum posts.

carlk | 2015年12月18日

Just listen to Bubba.

AlMc | 2015年12月18日

@CarlK: If you are trying to get the negativity restarted your last post may do so.

Why don"t we all work to keep things civil?

carlk | 2015年12月18日

@AlMc Get a life I was not talking to you.

AlMc | 2015年12月18日

CarlK: I have a life and am happy. Be well.

carlk | 2015年12月18日

Thanks for the clarification I feel much better now.

AlMc | 2015年12月18日

You are welcome. Now, let us all try to be kind and civil as we discuss all things TM. :)

Triggerplz | 2015年12月18日

The RACIST Miss carlk just wont shut up, I sure wish we could TALK in person..Wimps have a lot to say behind a computer