Mom's Amusing Assessment of the Model S

Mom's Amusing Assessment of the Model S

My Model S had been on order for a month. My mother had been on the website, had seen videos but wanted to know more about the car I was buying. So we went to the Tesla store. She walked around and looked in the back and the frunk. She sat in it, adjusted the seat, looked around the interior, used the touchscreen. Without even driving it her impressions were:

This car just feels good. It feels solid.
The seat fits. I don't feel like I'm sitting in a hole.
I can see out!
It's not covered with two hundred (expletive) buttons!
Information in front of me is relevant to driving.
I like the way the sunroof opens.
The look is luxurious without looking like an antique furniture store threw up in a whorehouse.
It's, it LOOKS like the future.
This car inspires confidence.

Her final summary was: "For what this car is, it's a bargain. I may have to get one of these too. Glad you didn't buy another (expletive) Mercedes."

For the record, she's 83. Her first car had a rumble seat. She once terrorized the village in a hopped up '57 Chevy. She has driven the Autobahns of Germany. She's unique but knows a good car when she sees one.

NKYTA | 2014年6月18日

...and clearly she can swear like a sailor! I like her already. :-)

Thanks for sharing. | 2014年6月18日

Great comments! My best laugh for the day: "The look is luxurious without looking like an antique furniture store threw up in a whorehouse."

KenN | 2014年6月18日

Is Betty White your mother? She can swear up a storm!

jjs | 2014年6月18日

Thanks for posting. The second Tesla Forum smile of the day.

Agree with the whorehouse furniture store comment is classic.

johncrab | 2014年6月18日

Mom had a 50+ year career as a middle school teacher. She's a tough old bird and calls it the way she sees it. :)

Roamer@AZ USA | 2014年6月18日

My mom at 86 wants an X. Great post. Enjoyed it.

SamO | 2014年6月18日

My mom wants an X and my dad bought the S.

Webcrawler | 2014年6月18日

Great story. Thanks for sharing....

Captain_Zap | 2014年6月18日

I tried to describe my take on the latest sports/luxury cars and I came up with it looking like my grandma's overstuffed couch surrounded by nicknacks.

My sincere apologies to grandmothers. I'm borrowing what your mom said...permanently! I'll give her credit.

Captain_Zap | 2014年6月18日

I saw this in the financial news. It made me think of this thread

"The takeaway is that the market for absurdly sized furniture with an absurd brand name seems to be shrinking. In fact, La-Z-Boy also admitted that the company will shockingly close its plants for a whole week this quarter, not because they're lazy, but because summer is such a slow season for them."

Red Sage ca us | 2014年6月19日

johncrab: Your Mom must have worked the same docks as mine. ;-) Alas, my Mom has apparently forgotten how much of a speed demon she was when I was a kid. As a passenger, she doesn't even want me to drive as fast as the speed limit now.

Brian H | 2014年6月21日

Back then the speed limit was 35mph on paved roads, IIRC.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年6月21日

My Mom has been perpetually late here entire life. Her Sisters tell her to be somewhere at 3:00 pm in the vain hope that she will arrive by 5:00... or 6:00.

So once she finally got in the car, she drove the wheels off. Speed limit? HA! She considered those a mild suggestion.

Now she drives so slowly you'd think she were a little old lady or something.

Captain_Zap | 2014年6月24日

A review worth revisiting.

Tesla-David | 2014年6月24日

@johncrab +1000, thanks for sharing, priceless assessment by your very astute Mom!