So I found some not so electric cars with my Tesla, coming out of Carl's Jr. Thankfully I had parked there before Lunch, but I'd love to start a picture thread about Musking incidents you have encountered / witnessed, or created!

(For Clarification, Musking: Blocking an ICE car in, when parked at an electric charging station.)

frmercado | 2013年5月13日

Have their car toad. Just call the towing company that works that parking lot.

Brian H | 2013年5月13日

You'd need Merlin to turn their car into a toad. But a towing company would get it towed.

frmercado | 2013年5月13日

My phone disagrees with you, he thinks the car should be toad and turned into a toad, rather than having it towed. haha You are sharp this morning my dear Brian.

olanmills | 2013年5月13日

I wish blink could figure out a way to send bills to these guys.

Brian H | 2013年5月13日

Maybe an obvious video surveillance cam focussed on the spots ...

olanmills | 2013年5月14日

Yeah with a sign that says, "You will be sent a bill for using this parking space without charging." It would apply to EVs that use the space without charging too.

It might be cost prohibitive though. With the amount of people abusing the parking space, they could have made a lot of money off of it, but then again, if there's a warning sign, then fewer people would park there and you wouldn't have any violators to issue bills/tickets to.

PorfirioR | 2013年5月14日

Put a regular coin-operated parking meter that always says "expired" unless someone is charging. The meter maids around here in DC would be all over that like a pack of rabid wolves.

Brian H | 2013年5月14日

Expired, no matter how many coins you fed into it. I like it! In fine print along the bottom, "0 minutes per $1".

frmercado | 2013年5月14日

Just put a sign up that says reserved for EV charging only, violators will be towed at owners expense with the name of the company that does the towing right next to it (choose a nasty one that has a reputation that they will tow your car in five seconds, there is always one like that in every city).

I have found that towing is the best deterrent for parking violators. When we first opened our offices, which have an open parking lot for employees only, we had a big problem with people who would come in and park all the time, even though there were signs that made it clear that it was not a public parking lot.

After we started working with a towing company (a very hated and unpopular one LOL)and asked the security guard to immediately report any unauthorized parked vehicle and after about 10 cars towed just on the first week, word got around and since then we have had one single incident in 3 years where someone parked there without authorization; and he got towed...

Mmv3 | 2013年5月15日

I find the same problem with handicap parking spaces

ericlin | 2013年7月10日

I have seen many EV parking spots painted entirely green around my neighborhood. That is usually a good enough deterrence for ICE cars. I know it is a logistical and maintenance pain but I wish they are all painted to point out the purpose.

I would totally do the musking but just don't want the car to get keyed....