My 40kWh (60kWh) has a production date. May 13.

My 40kWh (60kWh) has a production date. May 13.

Been talking with my delivery specialist. My 40 (60kWh) goes into production May 13.
Air, 19", leather, tech.
Reserved Aug 2010. Hope this helps other 40kWh folks.

BarryQ | 2013年4月26日

It does thank you.

Chuck Lusin | 2013年4月27日
BarryQ | 2013年4月27日

Thanks Chuck - but I do not have access to the private forums. I requested access with my "HQ product specialist", but he had no idea what I was talking about. I asked him to forward my request to I.T., (or whomever could grant access), but got nowhere after about 6 emails. So I gave up.

herkimer | 2013年4月27日

@Barryfinn: Are you a reservation holder? If you log in as a reservation holder, you are automatically able to access private forums. Do you see your car in My Garage? If so then when you go into the forums from there, you will see both public and private threads.

BarryQ | 2013年4月27日

Imherkimer - Yes I am a reservation holder. I do see a car in my garage, with a reservation #. But when I click on Chuck's links above I get this:

Sorry, you don't have permission to view the page you've just tried to access.

If you feel that you have received this message in error, please contact us with specific details so that we may review your access to this web site.


Chuck Lusin | 2013年4月27日

Hi Berry,

My wife had the same issue, we had to call a few times until the person knew what to change.

You also should see the "Clubs" form also, it is at the root level.

BarryQ | 2013年4月27日

"You also should see the "Clubs" form also, it is at the root level"

I don't understand this - could you explain a little more?


Chuck Lusin | 2013年4月27日

If you click on this link:
You should see:
Inside Tesla (Tesla Bulletin Board)
Discussions (General, Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model x)
Clubs (Lots of different locations, like SoCal, etc.)

Then you are seeing everything.

BarryQ | 2013年4月27日

Thanks Chuck,

The link works, but I do not see Clubs anywhere.

But I did get my delivery button today!

ramtaz | 2013年4月27日

I saw delivery button today, 40kWh (60kWh), may 27-June 10