My first test drive.

My first test drive.

Last Saturday Tesla invited roadster owners and model s reservation holders to their Chicago office to see the model s on display.I am a model s reservation holder. The car is beautiful. They had a nice spread of food and it was way more crowded than I thought it would be. They started letting people take the roadster for a test drive. I finally got to drive an all electric vehicle! I must say the car drove fantastic. I was fortunate to get about a 20 minute drive, using performance mode and range mode, on the highway and the city streets of Chicago.

My observations:

1)I read that regenerative braking was fairly noticeable. I did not experience that at all. In fact, I thought it was hardly noticeable. You felt it a little more in range mode but it really is not an issue at all. I currently have a prius and it is way more noticeable in that vehicle.
2)It was just like driving a regular car except that the pickup was better. I had to change lanes on the highway and sped up to do so and the car just rocketed forward when I stepped on the gas. It is a nice feeling to know you have the power instantly when you need it.
3)The indicated range was accurate. It was not like the range was all over the place. It was consistent and seemed accurate.
4)It was a lot of fun and as a model s reservation holder, it makes me even more impatient to get my car!!

In conclusion:

I am in the business world and I feel I can truly say Tesla is a class A company. Their kindness and ingenuity just makes you want to buy their cars. It is really fun to be part of this automobile transformation and I really feel they can make it happen. I am a supporter and I educate a lot of people about the technology. I have also been waiting to buy the stock and am going to pull the trigger and do it this week. Thanks Tesla for making amazing cars and more importantly, for being a company who really cares.

BladeRunnings | 2011年2月22日

You "stepped on the gas"? Ha ha! =) There must be a better way to write this. Perhaps "stepped on the charge"?

Gerry Hunt | 2011年2月22日

Well as a model S reserveee such as you are but in Canada. I am looking forward to test driving a model S. Just wondering if anyone has a time frame when one will arrive in the Toronto Showroom?? Has anyone had the experience of test driving a Model S yet?

dsm363 | 2011年2月22日

Very few people have driven the Model S prototype. The general public (reservation holders included of course) won't get to drive the betas until late summer or fall.

Douglas3 | 2011年2月22日

BladeRunnings, personally I say "gas pedal". "Step on the charge" sounds like you're gonna get electrocuted.

William13 | 2011年2月22日

Accelerator. Why look for a new word.

Timo | 2011年2月22日

Juice? Step on the juice, give it some juice etc.

Brian H | 2011年2月23日

"When I juiced it ..."

Vawlkus | 2011年2月23日

You "step on the juice" when you're making wine from grapes :P

I'm sticking to "the Accelerator Pedal", or "the GO pedal". Much more fun, and VERY apt for a Tesla BEV }B)

Brian H | 2011年2月23日

"The gooser." "When I goosed it ...."


clea | 2011年2月23日

yes, but juice is a common slang for electricity. I think its perfect because you can give it some juice and you can also get it to make some juice during regen ...

Brian H | 2011年2月23日

But I like "the goose pedal" better. "When I stepped on the goose pedal... " ;D

Roblab | 2011年2月23日

On the TM CLUB Forum, this verrry important topic had the recommendation to call it the GAS pedal, like always, only now it means "go, and slow" pedal, since it does both.

BladeRunnings | 2011年2月23日

Great phrase suggestions for putting the pedal to the floor! =)

gagliardilou | 2011年2月23日

Yep, after I posted it, I read it and saw "the gas" note and thought HMMM, that does not seem to be the right word anymore.In the end, everyone knew what I meant but that just goes to show how even our terminology will change with this vehicle! Bring it on!

Brian H | 2011年2月23日

Nope, I've decided. It will be called, "the Goose pedal". "Goose it, George!"