Naked Tesla side by side with naked ICE automobile.

Naked Tesla side by side with naked ICE automobile.

In most Tesla show rooms one can find a naked Tesla, i.e., one devoid of it superstructure. It is used to demonstrate its simplicity and to locate the motor, etc. for visitors. Why not place next to it, a similarly defrocked ICE auto, showing its monstrous complexity, i.e.,. Its motor, pollution control systems, exhaust system, transmission, oil pan, etc. The conclusion will be obvious. And, if this is not feasible, how about some other appropriate visual comparison.

olanmills | 2013年8月20日

Good idea, but in order to make it a fair comparison, the ICE vehicle really should only be the drive train and the suspension, or else the Model S skeleton needs more added on to it.

The skateboard thing you see at the store is oversimplified for that kind of comparison because there are still a lot of internal components not shown, such as the fans and pumps for the cabin climate control and the battery thermal control. There is also a lot of electronics.

If you open of the frunk of the Model S, notice that the usable cargo space is only a portion of the volume under the hood. There's more stuff there.

Neech | 2013年8月21日

The ICE should also include the engine, muffler, gas tank, pumps, transmission, and whatever else it needs in order to move. The stripped down Model S shows the parts it needs to move (battery pack, electric motor/drive train, wheels & suspension). That is a huge difference that could be exposed. As the saying goes, Pictures say more than words.

David N | 2013年8月21日

It would be interesting to create a list of components absent from a Model S.
Perhaps here is a start:
ICE itself
Water pump
Fuel pump
Oil pump
Muffler (and associated pipes)
Catalytic converter (and associated pipes)
Radiator (w associated hoses)
Heater core
Transmission w/ U joints
Exhaust manifold
Spark plugs/wires
Oil filter
Air filter
Fuel injection components
All belts and pulleys
Gas caps
Fuel line
Gas tank
Gas gauge
Oil temp gauge
Transmission fluid
Emissions control components

Well, that's a start, feel free to correct, add, delete.

David N | 2013年8月21日

we can add gasoline to the above list

Timo | 2013年8月21日

Radiator (w associated hoses)

That's something BEV has too.

lghf | 2013年8月22日

DPF/GPF, SCR system or NOx trap

bonaire | 2013年8月22日

One thing that Tesla missed is having a show-room video room to show things like this and other informative movies to prospective buyers. The showroom at my mall feels devoid of warmth and all people seem to want to do there is go in, sit in the car, poke at the screens, take a picture or two and walk off to the Apple store to stroke their products as well.