New EV Dictionary - broder (verb)

New EV Dictionary - broder (verb)


broder (verb) - to purposely or with willful ignorance run down the battery pack of an electric vehicle to the point that it no longer moves the vehicle. Note: This is an extreme form of turtling an electric vehicle that is either a planned act or involves extreme negligence or outright idiocy to accomplish.


"Tony brodered his Leaf to get the data to make his range chart."

"I can't believe he brodered his Tesla by attempting to drive 60 miles when the car predicted 30 miles of remaining range."

"I reminded my wife to charge the Leaf last night, but she thought there was plenty of charge remaining. Today she ended up brodering the Leaf. Of course, I took responsibility by saying I should have purchased a Gid meter last month."

Michael S | 2013年2月15日

Should it be capitalized? I guess not as a verb? What about a "Mulligan" in golf? Is that capitalized?

July10Models | 2013年2月15日

I drove pass a gas station only to broder my car nine miles down the road and now we have to call AAA. It works for any type of car.

bradslee | 2013年2月15日

Could even mean much broad meaning like "I broder an act" meaning I purposely and willfully ignore the common sense and act on it, for example, I broder the warning of danger jumping into a tiger cage.

Grant910 | 2013年2月15日

This is terrific.

And if we expand it to include any fuel type, we can get the Seinfeld reference:

"Kramer talked the salesman into Brodering the car on a test drive"

jk2014 | 2013年2月15日

This thread is hilarious.

Brian H | 2013年2月15日

And only Leaf drivers say "turtle" as a verb.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月15日

Broder [brohd-er]
to attempt (but fail) to flatten the battery of an electric vehicle: I tried to broder it, but it wouldn't brick.
to deliberately omit certain facts to alter the interpretation of events: If we broder it a little, they'll think it failed.

to make exaggerated claims to make something sound more interesting: [National Inquirer Editor:] "we need to add some more broder to this story.

Stoaty | 2013年2月15日

> And only Leaf drivers say "turtle" as a verb.

True... unless the Leaf owner broders the vehicle.

kilimats | 2013年2月15日

Sometimes I wish brodering was illegal for journalists but other times i'm glad they broder for social media advertising :)

kenliles | 2013年2月15日

Good one

c.bussert67 | 2013年2月15日

Hilarious stoaty! Well played. Finally something to laugh about out of all this.
Was wondering if brodering is related to a munson... LOL

Cattledog | 2013年2月15日
RedShift | 2013年2月15日

Today I met a leaf owner at lunch. He was already brodened and he asked me why is the Tesla battery so susceptible to brodering.

I asked him politely, to check CNN's repeat test. Hope he is more broder minded next time.

I say, my iPad is going crazy correcting these brodersims! ('broader sims' haha)

RedShift | 2013年2月15日

Broderisms, typo there.

Stoaty | 2013年2月15日

> Was wondering if brodering is related to a munson...

My guess is that being a Munson is a sufficient, but not necessary condition to broder your vehicle.

Brian H | 2013年2月15日

Your noun has a verb definition.


to make exaggerated claims to make something sound more interesting".

Try: "exaggerated claim made to make something more interesting".

nickjhowe | 2013年2月15日

@BrianH - yeah; I edited the post when I copied it from another one I did on another thread and tried to clean up the language. Only I didn't. :-S

Robert22 | 2013年2月15日

Urban youth when confronted by law enforcement have recently been heard to say:

"Dude..... don't Broder me"

LK | 2013年2月16日

Someone needs to put this on the urban dictionary asap...

cb9 | 2013年2月16日

Lol - I had the same thought last night driving home :)

Broderous - adj. intentionally falsified, as in "that broderous article was a travesty of journalism."

And since I am new to Tesla and wishing I had thought to buy stock earlier, I wonder if he is actually doing us a "broder favor" - the act of publishing derogatory information on a publicly traded company so that stupid traders succumb to natural selection and smarter ones profit.

Nelson T. | 2013年2月16日

In a future phone conversation between Tesla and New York Times:

NYT Reporter: Hi, I am calling from the NYT and I understand that you have released the Model X to production. We would like to borrow one of them for a test drive.

Tesla: Why broder?


stephen.kamichik | 2013年2月16日

I did a Munson today. I brodered my EV.

jk2014 | 2013年2月16日

Like @nickniketown seems hellbent to Broder every thread he posts on...

mike_f | 2013年2月16日

How about presenting an annual award for the person who drives an EV the longest on a single charge named of course for John Broder, The Broder Prize....

jk2014 | 2013年2月16日

Maybe it could be a single stage of the annual tour de Broder...

portia | 2013年2月16日

@stoaty, I object to your example of the wife bordering the leaf, since broder is a male, there has been no evidence of the female existence (so far) ;)
@nelson T, very funny!

c.bussert67 | 2013年2月16日

Once all the SC are in place across the country, they could name sections like they do on racetracks. The eastern DC leg could be the 'broder corridor'. One of the most feared and treacherous stretches of 200 miles ever to be covered by a car capable of 300...
Maybe if you complete that leg you can earn a broder prize? A little token of bravery from Tesla.

alfafoxtrot1 | 2013年2月16日

Broderhole (noun), a human like creature with uncanny abilities to deceive but limited tolerance for technology, innovation, or common sense.

Brian H | 2013年2月16日

Will no one rid me of this brodersome journalist?

Mark K | 2013年2月16日

This is thread is epic.

I sincerely hope Mr. Broder reads all of it, and fully appreciates the shame he has earned.

These are not mere rants from EV nerds. This is something much deeper. We are witnessing the moral indignation of folks who actually know their facts, and who best recognize his deception.

The urban dictionary idea is great, and Broder's infamy will rise in measure with the generality of the term. It should transcend the specifics of EVs.

To that end, I humbly offer up some refinements upon what Soaty, Nick, and others have so brilliantly created.

Broder [brohd-er]


1. To deliberately omit or misstate facts to reverse a conclusion.

2. To willfully provoke failure where it would not normally occur, in order to malign.


An exaggeration or misrepresentation crafted to sensationalize.

Congratulations Mr. Broder. You are famous.

Zelaza | 2013年2月16日

The eager participants in this revolting dictionary game revel themselves to be mega sized a-holes and an indelible stain on the Tesla community. Shame on all of you.

I grew up in the fifties and, in grade school, practiced duck-and-cover. I expect to be amused.

Mark K | 2013年2月16日

Well Zelaza, you are entitled to your opinion. I for one, don't wish to provide the flack you seem to taunt.

It is self-evident that incendiary insults are not the way to enlighten people if you truly feel they are misguided.

Personally, I would not want to be in the position of defending Mr. Broder's integrity.

c.bussert67 | 2013年2月17日

Congrats Stoaty! Regardless what some people may think, due to a recent engadget article about Teslaroadtrip, your word is now immortalized in print! Check it out..

Brian H | 2013年2月17日

They have a wrong definition for it. "Human error". S/b DELIBERATE human error (to create a false impression).

mikeadams | 2013年2月18日

I believe it was also deliberate, but if it just turns out that he was just really not thinking it would give us more opportunities to use the word. For example: I left a CPU intensive Navigation app up on my smartphone overnight and forgot to charge it. I am at work now and my phone is brodered. But maybe it could have a double meaning by deliberatly misuse/misreport a disruptive new technology in order to help preserve the status quo.

Tiebreaker | 2013年2月18日

Broder-cam: A device used to record journalists behaving badly. Can also be a data-log.

wonder | 2013年2月19日

This link is especially entertaining with the stock climbing like crazy today!!

wonder | 2013年2月19日

I've got to wonder how much the guy was paid or how much he or his friends made by manipulating the stock like that!!

Carl Barlev | 2013年2月19日

How ever much he made, it won't be enough to make up for the fact that his name has inspired a less-than-flatering new definition on Urban Dictionary.

I just looked up "broder" and saw that it already has 96 thumbs up (including mine) and none down so far (by which I presume he hasn't read it yet).

Somebody should forward the link to NYT.

Haha.. :)

Carl Barlev | 2013年2月19日
mikeadams | 2013年2月19日

Would this be proper usage according to the urban dictionary? My wife still drags me to the grocery store to 'help' despite my Brodering.

Brian H | 2013年2月19日

You've failed to convince her of your klutzitude, huh?

Mark K | 2013年2月19日

Awesome reversal of fortune! A name that will now live in infamy, all of it earned.

Cheers to all the honest folks who helped out this lowbrow deception!

Timo | 2013年2月19日

I almost feel sorry for Broder. Almost.

Brian H | 2013年2月20日

Yeah, just for doing what all the other jeernalists do!

Vawlkus | 2013年2月23日

You know you're famous when:

You get skewered in a cartoon:

bradslee | 2013年2月23日


Thanks for your post and link. Broder's fame continues entertaining MS owners.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月25日

The Joy of Tech have their own take on the test drive:

Brian H | 2013年2月26日

Clearly, the Maximum Improbability Drive has been engaged.

CSFTN | 2016年4月22日

Bringing back this thread, as I believe it is time to shame the NYT further. Really, because I am debating about subscribing to the online version of the NYT, but I don't want to support the NYT until they admit their collective guilt, and their lack of any association with journalistic integrity, as far as this event shows. So, anyone know if the NYT ever disciplined Broder or his editor, or did anything else honorable?